Earth Cannot be Owned

Earth cannot really be owned. Property title may create a very convincing illusion of ownership, but that illusion can only continue for as long as there is division in the mind. 

Moreover, the only kind of security that comes from personal ownership of property is a false sense of security in worldly things. 
In reality, all struggle comes from thinking that separation is real, and no matter how much is done to get security and avoid struggle, life will continue to being whatever is necessary to reveal that separation is an illusion. 
The more there is willingness to have everything come and go exactly as it does, the more ease and grace is allowed to be experienced and shared with all beings. 
Love and abundant blessings!


Earth Day

I’ve been intuitively aware this whole lifetime that Mother Earth does not need my concern. Now I’m experientially aware that while all material forms, including human bodies are born out of Earth elements….every material form, including Earth herself is only a temporary reflection of the mind.

In this awareness it’s become plainly obvious that to demand clean air, clean water and/or clean food is to project discontent with what is…which causes Earth to reflect more dis-ease back to all of her inhabitants.

I realize that everything is changing according to what’s being received and offered in the mind, and that through my offering of contentment with what is, my natural preference for the best possible air/water/food quality is being offered without desire or resistance.

Because I know this deeply, I can’t help but be content with whatever form of air/water/food I’m presently receiving, while offering only compassion both for those who seek to rape the earth for profit, and for those who protest against them. For I can see that these are two sides of the same thread of misery.

May everyone come out of the sleep induced by self important fear, and realize that there is only Heaven here now.

Loving Earth


Just like every expression of Life, Earth thrives in response to appreciation. True appreciation is not holding one thing in higher regard than everything else (as in worship), it’s the offering of attention toward whatever one finds pleasing from their individual point of view.


The mind may go on presenting thoughts about Earth being detrimentally unhealthy, how ‘other’ people are doing things to harm or destroy Earth, how Earth cannot sustain all resident life forms, etc. ¬†However, these thoughts are all forms of fear that disconnect your energy of awareness from the greater Truth, lead to counterproductive action, and carry no meaning except that which you give them.


There is no-thing in your world more powerful than your attention. To promote a healthy and sustainable Earth, simply look for what you can appreciate in nature and allow your senses to be enlivened thereby.


From this perspective your perception is infused with Love – the infinite creator and sustainer of all things deemed virtuous by you.

Please Don't Tax Me Green

Over the past several years I, like most people, have been consciously making efforts to improve the physical environment of our planet. Some of us do a lot, some of us do a little, and still some of us do nothing.

Unless you have been living in a cave with no access to media or human interaction, you have undoubtedly witnessed the massive “green” movement which is gaining momentum as I write this.

Some of us, in our loving efforts to improve the health of our planet, are proposing to tax products that are not considered “green”. The purpose of this type of tax is to control people’s behavior in order to improve the environment.

I am 100% opposed to a tax on non-green products, and I believe these taxes would actually slow the momentum of the green movement for the following reasons:

  • Each of us deserves the freedom to choose which products make the most sense for our particular situation.
  • Punishing people with a tax gives them a reason to resent the green movement and thereby resist it.
  • Taxes fund bureaucracies which tend to regulate in favor of business interests which are the most resistant to the green movement.
  • The government already collects waaaay too much money.

Finally, we are conscious beings who hold within us the power to create the change we would like to see – just by living that change and being a positive example. Turning that power over to the government is a far less effective alternative.