Reactions are Perceptions

Ego is naturally afraid of its own reactions, like an innocent and fearful child. But YOU are the one who knows both reactions and ego. 
Reactions are perceptions, and there is no choice in what’s being perceived on the screen of consciousness. 
But you DO choose in every instance to know your true position or to pretend that feelings and reactions are happening to you. 
If you choose truth, ego naturally learns to trust you, but if you choose pretense, ego gets more and more disturbed…like a neglected child. 
Thank you for having the power to choose Truth over illusion! I love you!

Enjoy Ego Function

As soon as the lips speak the words “I’m not attached” with belief that un-attachment is the desired state, the concept of being someone who suffers is consecrated in the mind. 
Attachment and un-attachment are equal happenings that occur spontaneously for egos. 
But YOU are not an ego and you’ve never been in a position to get attached or lose attachments. 
Know your Self, and the function of ego can be enjoyed without making illusions of suffering. 
Thank you for being before the play of concepts! I love you!!

Gift of Listening

I don’t particularly like ruffling anyone’s ego or embarrassing myself. But this powerful allegiance to truth burns in me and makes me wiling to expose the illusions that play in the mind, just as spirit beckons me to do so.

It takes a lot of trust to live out my calling in the manner I’m guided to do so, but I continue to keep faith in God and let go of all outcomes.

One of the gifts I receive from this way of Listening is a deepening sense of contentment within myself….and I wouldn’t trade this gift for any illusion, no matter how grand it may appear to my senses.

In Joy!

Real Love

Egoic mind needs proof of love because it can only conceive of love that is the opposite of fear, and when the world doesn’t conform to the ego’s idea of love, fear takes over.

Real Love cannot be proven. It can only be experienced by the one who has given up searching for proof.

Ego is not Against Spirit

Ego is not against Spirit as in a battle between good and evil. Ego is the fictional creation of Spirit which allows for the perception of distinct forms – the foundation of experience in this material dimension.

Only through buying into Ego’s assertion that thoughts are true does one resist Spirit’s directive to uplift and expand energy of awareness. This ‘buying in’ is ignorance – not right nor wrong – just a mindset that generates the experience of struggle.

There is nothing to do but remember the Truth that there is no truth to any thought. From there, Spirit is allowed to uplift energy of awareness to lighter frequencies of mind – and infinitely more expansive Joy/Peace/Love/Pleasure may be experienced thereby.

Divine Adjustment

Accident, mishap and physical illness are energetic adjustments, intended to guide energy of awareness toward alignment with the essence of infinite, all-encompassing Love (Truth).

The need for these forms of adjustment can be largely circumvented by the one who heeds their more subtle forms of inner guidance. (Note: Some extreme forms of adjustment may have been chosen by you as part of your life plan)

Specifically, guidance into alignment with Truth is always being offered in the form of feeling. However, mental conditioning is such that ego leads awareness to avoid uncomfortable or painful feeling with layers of mental occupation, until more extreme forms of guidance (accident, mishap, illness) are made inevitable.

Mental occupation is marked by activity that distracts your awareness from the feeling at hand. It could be in the form of thoughts about how things will be better when you are through what’s happening now, or the compulsion to engage in activity for the purpose of passing time.

When mental occupation is noticed, you can stop doing, and start breathing deeply, just being with the feeling and noticing the thoughts that come with that feeling.

In this way, you become aware of what thoughts the feeling is bringing up. From that awareness, you can decide whether uncomfortable or painful feeling thoughts are still necessary according to what meaning you give to them.

Do this with devotion to the Truth that every thought is born in delusion, and no meaning will be given to the thoughts as they come up. In this way, you dismantle the structure of fear that gives credence to the underlying belief, and that belief loses it’s magnetic affixation to your energy of awareness.

As more thoughts that provide structure for fearful belief move out of the way, you can see more and more clearly the direction in which your energy of awareness is being ‘asked’ to shift; and to the degree that you follow that subtle voice, there is no need for more extreme forms of guidance.

Of course, if you experience extreme suffering, it serves you to remember that you have received a Divine adjustment, and that there is a purpose for that suffering.  Continue to breathe through the thoughts about pain, victimhood, blame and resentment (forms of fear) in the same manner, and seize this opportunity for deep healing to occur.

Your Will is The Will of God

Your will is the will of God, indeed your consciousness is God. While you can only know egoic will while entranced within the mind, you can intuit the Will of God through conscious overview of thinking and feeling.

The ego (energy of fear) is asserting authority of mind over your energy of awareness whenever you think or speak the words ‘I have to’, ‘I need to’, or ‘I must’.

There’s no-thing that needs to be done. Really! The breath of life sustains your being, and the movement of thought determines your state of being – out of which action emerges.

It’s up to you and only You to allow your energy of awareness to be attuned to your will (God’s will) by staying focused on the Truth of who you are, no matter what you think is expected of you.

You are invited to recognize the words of egoic will, along with the associated feeling response, let go of the idea that anything needs to be done, and notice the shift in feeling.
That shift is your energy of awareness being lifted out of mental construct.

From this lighter, more sensory perspective, you can perceive which movement serves you (God) instead of egoic mind.  Even if you do nothing physically, you are always directing the movement of thought, and with conscious attention to that movement, much progress can be made whether or not any physical movement is involved.

Movement that is true to the One who knows what glorifies All is a pleasurable experience, totally detached from any outcome or personal attainment. This delivers your energy of awareness to the flow of abundance and grace, where you may remain focused as long as you stay alert and keep choosing the direction of thought that’s ‘right’ for you.