Reactions are Perceptions

Ego is naturally afraid of its own reactions, like an innocent and fearful child. But YOU are the one who knows both reactions and ego. 
Reactions are perceptions, and there is no choice in what's being perceived on the screen…

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Enjoy Ego Function

As soon as the lips speak the words "I'm not attached" with belief that un-attachment is the desired state, the concept of being someone who suffers is consecrated in the mind. 
Attachment and un-attachment are equal happenings that occur spontaneously…

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Ego is No Problem

Ego is not a problem for me. But ego that runs me without the overview of my love can sure make illusions of problems seem real.


Gift of Listening

I don't particularly like ruffling anyone's ego or embarrassing myself. But this powerful allegiance to truth burns in me and makes me wiling to expose the illusions that play in the mind, just as spirit beckons me to do so.…

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Real Love

Egoic mind needs proof of love because it can only conceive of love that is the opposite of fear, and when the world doesn't conform to the ego's idea of love, fear takes over.

Real Love cannot be proven. It…

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Fighting for Love

Love is not something to fight for.  Love is simple and free - You always receive Love to the extent you offer Love.


Fighting for love is a tool of ego (energy of fear) – it may result in what appear to be short term ‘wins’ – but in the long run it’s a recipe for intense personal suffering.

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Ego is not Against Spirit

Ego is not against Spirit as in a battle between good and evil. Ego is the fictional creation of Spirit which allows for the perception of distinct forms - the foundation of experience in this material dimension.

Only through buying…

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Divine Adjustment

Accident, mishap and physical illness are energetic adjustments, intended to guide energy of awareness toward alignment with the essence of infinite, all-encompassing Love (Truth).

The need for these forms of adjustment can be largely circumvented by the one who heeds…

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Your Will is The Will of God

Your will is the will of God, indeed your consciousness is God. While you can only know egoic will while entranced within the mind, you can intuit the Will of God through conscious overview of thinking and feeling.

The ego…

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Love Message: God

What's egocentric is not knowing that you are God, it's the idea that you could possibly be separate from God.