Opposed in Thought, Created in Form

It’s all made of thought.  Nothing can manifest without having been repeatedly represented in thought.

For or against makes no difference.  It’s what one thinks ABOUT that has creative power in this time-space reality. In this way, the most fervent opponent of war supports war just as much or more than the most fervent proponent of war.

All thought is projected through the thinking process known as Ego, ‘whose’ existential foundation is the energy of separation aka fear. Everything perceived contains its opposite, and Ego uses mental calculations to position the self on whatever side least contradicts one’s own held judgment.

As such, egoic mind constantly grips to thought that says the perceiver must mentally choose one side over the other to validate their identity, and the emotion attached to those thoughts can make the perceived need to choose very convincing.

However, because the foundation of ego is belief in separation (which is illusion), ego cannot calculate the truth that no matter what position is taken, it’s opposite is also resisted. In that resistance, one unwittingly gives their energy of awareness to create more of what they do not want.

Nevertheless, one can only be convinced to take up sides while they are believing in duality – which is ignorance because in reality nothing is separate. Fortunately, even the most profound ignorance is immediately transformed to infinite wisdom in the moment one allows stillness of thought – not because anything was done, but because all sides have been recognized as equally Divine expressions, and thus the perceived need to choose one over the other becomes irrelevant.

Peace is HereNow! Have a taste for yourself in the silence between thought, and infuse your heart, mind, life and world with the Peaceful presence that knows no adversary.



Invocation of Presence

For the purpose of this article, “Presence” means conscious overview of the thoughts and feelings being entertained within your awareness. Your physical body can only be focused into a single location at any point in time, and when your Presence is focused there too, experiences are seamlessly digested and your perspective is advanced for the evolution of your world.

The only thing that prevents you from being fully Present is internal conflict which manifests as emotion. Emotion makes your thought based perceptions feel real, and the emotion you are feeling is an indication of how much Presence you are allowing around and between your thoughts.

Specifically, all thought is a patterned mental/emotional response, which leads deeper into unconsciousness in the absence of conscious overview (Presence). Presence directs your awareness toward those thought patterns that feel more closely attuned with your non-emotional yet eternally Joyful essence. In this regard, the closer your thoughts feel to contentment, the more presence you are allowing around thought – while less contentment means you are allowing less presence.

So the question then becomes “how can I feel contentment when I really hate what’s happening?” The answer to that question is Acceptance and Appreciation – which “happens” within the remembrance that everything happens for you.  That remembrance can be invoked by slow, deep breathing and the consistent allowance of silent space between thoughts.

It’s futile to resist thoughts that you think you should not be having, because it’s the having of those thoughts that inspires your creativity. Simply allowing Presence around and between thoughts leads your awareness to thought patterns that feel better, while resistance to your thoughts leads in the opposite direction.

Contentment is not a goal that you have to achieve, but the emotional direction in which Presence leads your thinking irrespective of circumstance.

All that you perceive is only a reflection of the feelings that you have allowed to take form through the focus of your thought, and your conscious aspect (Presence) feels like the ultimate bliss/pleasure/joy/comfort – transcending all emotion. Just by looking for things in your perception that please you, and/or imagining what would please you more, you are invoking Presence for the creation of more pleasure in your world.

Conversely, to the degree you are focused on things in your perception that evoke anger, worry, sorrow, desperation, etc. – you are resisting presence and relying instead upon Ego aka fear – which is only capable of offering thoughts that evoke more fearful feelings which are then reflected in your world.

The temptation to be driven by unconscious thought comes in the form of things and people (including yourself) that you don’t like, or want to change. Your perception of such things immediately decreases your happy feeling because it shifts more of your awareness away from the moment and into the fear-based Egoic mind.

This is not to say the Egoic mind is a bad thing, or that feeling uncomfortable emotion should be avoided. This is about being aware of how much Presence is being allowed at any given time so that you can navigate your awareness back into alignment with ‘who you are’ when you’re ready.

The more you practice allowing Presence, the easier it will come to you, and your world will evolve in a way that is ever more pleasing from your perspective. Amaze yourself by giving your awareness over to the only aspect of yourself that is capable of creating a world you might describe as “heaven”, and exalt your material aspect in this very moment in time.

Experienced yet Innocent

Your story is unique to you, but like you, everyone in the world has judged themselves as being a victim at some point in their life. That self judgment, created through your perception of your experience, formed a belief that you need to be in control – which attached to your awareness through emotion (energy in motion).

Unpleasant emotional energy consumes a portion of your limited awareness as egoic mind endeavors to protect you from the feeling by controlling the specifics of your life. However, ego only knows your own beliefs, thus it consumes much of your precious energy trying to figure Life out from a very limited resource of information.

Every time you perceive that something went “wrong”, which causes you to experience uncomfortable or painful emotion, more judgments are created about the egoic “need” to protect you from people, circumstances and even yourself. In this way, it’s natural to feel a greater need for control as you continue to accumulate life experience.

Just imagine if you could return to the innocence you were born with while still having the benefit of your experience for the adjustment of your perception. You can! And it starts with awareness of your perceived need to control anything, deep breath – and letting it go.

As you look for them, you will begin to see the self judgments that caused you to develop the perception that you “need” anything or that things “should” be different – and as you see, you are healed.

* Note: Ego is the master of illusion – it can hold many of your judgments and beliefs hidden beneath emotional layers that can divert your from the truth even as you are sincerely seeking it. If you are inspired to dissolve the trappings of mind, I encourage you to find someone willing and able to be your mirror for the purpose presenting you with what you are not seeing on your own. If you are interested in engaging my service for this purpose, please contact me via email.

The Mirror

Ego is a thinking process that’s programmed to maintain your individual sense of self by creating illusion of the judgments you hold about you and projecting them into your outer world. In this way, your world is a presentation composed of people, things, circumstances and events that mirror what ego keeps hidden from awareness.

According to the feeling that you created for your self at the time you judged that you were subject to limitation, that feeling is triggered in you every time the essence of your held judgment manifests in your perception. What you perceive is only a demonstration of your beliefs, and when your awareness is absorbed by your dissonant feelings (instead of in observance of them), self pity prevents you from seeing the message being presented to you – by you – and for your own evolution.

Moreover, every time your judgment is made manifest and you believe the manifestation to be real, you are tempted by mind to create more belief that’s logically associated with the underlying judgment – thus compounding your judgment’s power of attraction.

Every feeling has meaning, and whatever you feel is a form of the emotion that binds your judgment to your self image for this life experience. When one exercises sufficient presence of mind to experience the feelings evoked by perception while observing the thoughts associated with those feelings, they allow the Light of Awareness/God/Source to burn through layers of delusion until the underlying judgment is also exposed and dissolved.

There is nothing else to do! All limitation is a phantom that dwells in darkness, and once exposed to the Light of your Awareness – it simply dissolves.

* Note: The ego is the master of illusion – it can hold many of judgments and beliefs hidden beneath mental and emotional layers that can divert one from the truth even as they are sincerely seeking it. If you are inspired to dissolve the trappings of mind, I encourage you to find someone willing and able to be your ‘mirror’ for the purpose presenting you with what you are not seeing on your own. If you are interested in engaging my service for this purpose, please contact me via email.

Beyond Illusion

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Jesus is a being in existence who had a life experience, while God is existence itself. Just like all people, Jesus was both human and being. Our human aspect is created and sustained by God, while our being aspect is God’s presence. Without both aspects, there could be no life experience.

God is the same one who creates, sustains and observes the experience of everything in creation. Everything that is not human is perfectly comfortable being unified with existence, but the human ego is so attached to the physical/material self that as soon as our minds develop beyond infancy, we have great difficulty seeing ourselves as anything but separate from God, each other and everything else.

The entire material world exists in our perception. Our material self aka ego determines which experiences we will have based upon the thought energy we project, while our spiritual aspect observes and orchestrates the events and circumstances of our life for the highest and best interest of our being (which is not separate from existence).

Notice that according to the Christian belief system, Jesus is God. Thus seeing Jesus in anyone would be the same as seeing God in them. Even this belief makes it plain that our inner essence is God – but the manipulative mind keeps us so bound to delusion that we cannot see the true reality even when it is in plain sight.

It is this delusion that is the cause of all conflict amongst humans and between humans and other aspects of nature.

Jesus was a human who allowed his inner essence to be expressed more fully than most humans allow, because he developed his inner vision to see beyond mental illusion. In order for Jesus followers to get beyond mental illusion, they must go beyond what they know of Jesus and access their inner essence.  I’m sure Jesus was a great guy, but to follow him is really only following a mental concept of him – which is illusion, and we remain bound to illusion as long as we limit ourselves in this manner.

As long as we keep ourselves bound to the illusion of separation, our egos continue to project for what we consider “punishment” for our shared reality – while our spiritual aspect Joyfully creates the manifestation of whatever the ego projects. However, when we achieve the level of awareness whereby the ego recognizes our spiritual aspect (aka Godliness aka God essence) as our guiding Light, we are able to see and understand the mental patterns that create blessings – and send our thought energy there to create Heaven.

Until such time, religious believers and non-believers alike will continue to hate what the ego has created while projecting for more hateful manifestations in the world.

It takes great courage to be who we really are, but the benefits speak for themselves and they become readily apparent in our lives. Allow the real You to have presence in your life, and command creation accordingly.

Self Compassion Heals Suffering

The level of intelligence of any living being dictates how specifically they are able to create for themselves and for the world. Human beings aren’t victims or villains. We are the most powerful creators to ever walk this planet, and just like everything else, we are created and sustained by the energy of pure Love.

When we notice anyone suffering, the ego naturally seeks to protect the self image by ignoring the pain of another person, judging them for having created their circumstance or projecting thoughts that feel like victimization. All of these create an energy of disempowerment and reinforce the pattern of pain which manifests in our lives time and time again.

Everything in our experience is a reflection of ourselves. It’s human nature to lay blame on “others” for creating things that disturb us, but the truth is that each and every one of us is responsible because everything in our world is created by consciousness, and we are that consciousness.

Likewise, when we feel defeated for ourselves or for anyone else, we add our energy to the current that has created and sustains the thing that we do not like. Surrender instead to the way things are, and gently shift your perspective toward feeling more Joyful about the possibilities.

Anything is always possible but we cannot be receptive to possibilities for the change we seek while we are focused on what we perceive as “problems”.

Compassion is the key to creating new momentum for the one suffering and for everything else. This means allowing the pain to be what it is without judgment, and consistently returning our thoughts to focus on that which brings us Joy in the present moment.

This is not lying to ourselves because the authentic Self aka The Observer orchestrates all life circumstances for the benefit of the being, and is Joyful no matter what.  Have compassion for yourself first for creating something that disturbs you, shift your thought-based energy to project your Joyful perspective, and heal the world with your presence.

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Independent Thought Shifts Collective Consciousness

Collective consciousness is the belief patterns projected by all people in a shared environment .  From within our homes, neighborhoods and places of work to our cities, countries and even the entire world – individual human thought is largely dictated by the mental habits that prevail within that environment.

Like always attracts like, and onto itself it is drawn. This is a fundamental law of the Universe. Even though opposite poles attract, they must have a resonant vibration, otherwise they will repel each other.

The thought patterns that each individual has projected from this and all previous lifetimes determines the environment in which they find themselves now. This is because humans are attracted to other humans by virtue of mental energy – the coalescence of which determines collective consciousness for a particular environment – and collective consciousness dictates our default perception of shared environments.

Most of us do not yet realize the power we have to affect our shared environments because we are conditioned to believe that the reality we know is created by “others”, and that change must be preceded by undue suffering, struggle or even war. Whether there are arguments in our homes, gossip in our workplace, dishonesty in our government, or hunger in our world – the human ego seeks to lay blame on something, someone, or some group of people that appears to be outside of the Self.

But no one is separate from the whole, and each individual is the same energy that has contributed to the creation of all belief patterns in the shared mind that manifest in our individual and shared reality. If we find ourselves or anyone else suffering, it’s because we have believed in our own limitation and/or we have judged those we perceive as “others”.

This does not mean that anything is our fault. The human mind is born in limitation because limitation is the basis of a material reality, and we are not held liable or judged by anyone but ourselves.

However, everything is our responsibility in that the ego commands the creative force to manifest according what we have projected, and we have the ability to project that which can create the change we seek. Only by accepting responsibility, embracing our uncomfortable feelings, and forgiving ourselves for projecting the thought patterns that have created conflict, can we effectively shift (instead of reinforce) the beliefs being projected by collective consciousness.

Applying the Practice

When we notice anything we do not like, we can transmute our uncomfortable emotional energy to calm deliberate energy – and create new momentum for ourselves with the following process:

  1. Take a moment to realize that what we are perceiving is a reflection of what we have projected
  2. Direct our awareness to the feeling that realization creates in the body
  3. Breathe deeply into the uncomfortable feeling while forgiving ourselves for having projected it
  4. Once we feel the uncomfortable feeling shift to calm excitement, offer thoughts that match what we want to create

Similarly, when we notice anything we do like, we can use the resultant happy emotion to focus our creative energy to attract more of what we prefer with the following process:

  1. Take a moment to realize that what we are perceiving is a reflection of what we have projected
  2. Direct our awareness to the feeling that realization creates in the body
  3. Breathe deeply into that feeling while thanking the creative force (which is the broader aspect of ourselves) for the manifestation
  4. Offer thoughts of appreciation for what we are receiving instead of worry or dread over the experience coming to an end in a future that does not exist

Perhaps the best place to test and develop this practice is within the home or workplace because we can easily evaluate and refine our ability on a smaller scale. For example, if we perceive a family member, boss, client or coworker as angry – for the final step of this process we can offer thoughts that change our perception of them to being jovial, kind, romantic or whatever we most prefer.

What to Expect

As we consistently and deliberately shift our mental energy, we will begin to notice that the people and behavior we are attracting starts to shift.  On a subconscious level, our new perspective invites everyone who experiences our energy to shift their thought patterns into alignment with what we are projecting.

As our new perspective becomes more believable in our perception, our energy is becoming very different. Thus, the people we have previously associated with can only continue to be attracted to us if their energy continues to resonate with ours by virtue of the belief patterns they are choosing to follow.

In this way, unhappy relationships and situations will easily fall away in favor of those that resonate with our new perspective. During these transitions, fear can permeate our thoughts, and it can be very tempting to return to our old belief patterns in order to maintain the status quo. This is because the ego is programmed to fear what it does not know.

However, if we persevere we will reap all the benefits of our efforts by creating a more Joyful reality for ourselves, while contributing to the creation of a more Joyful reality for the entire world. While our own energy is a small contribution to global consciousness, every person who experiences us is also changed on an energetic level, and as the new patterns of belief are supported by more individuals, our once unorthodox perception of reality will become a mental habit that Earth’s present inhabitants and future generations are drawn toward.

Celebrate your independence by making a commitment to offer independent thought no matter what else is happening, and be the one to start a new momentum for yourself and for our shared reality.

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Awareness is the Key to Heaven

Human awareness is the key that unlocks the heavenly reality that is our shared destiny. Through our individual sense of self (personal ego), we determine the extent to which we allow the true essence of our Divine nature to be expressed through our material forms.

The ego is always on the “outside” because it cannot know the inner workings of the Universe through the limitations of mind.  But the “window” to the “inside” world is our experience in the present moment – which is a direct reflection of the belief patterns that are creating our reality.

Everything in existence is created and sustained by the Life Force Energy that is existence itself. Existence takes no sides – it simply creates according to all thought that has come before. All thought for the specific creation of our shared reality here on Earth is projected through the ego – which is the thinking process that transcends all time and is shared by all of humanity.

Because the ego does not know the real Self, it is afraid of being “wrong”. Thus the ego projects a false sense of fear that prevents us from questioning our deeply held beliefs.  In this way, the majority of humans unconsciously follow the same habitual mental patterns that have been created by those who have come before.

The mind is very convincing, but the true Self is infinitely more powerful than its creation.  Through our awareness in the present moment, we can give ourselves the ability to see and understand which thought patterns are resisting the heavenly world that is our shared destiny – and redirect them.

Specifically, when we notice anything we do not like, the one to forgive is ego for creating and repeating disturbing thought patterns. Total responsibility and self forgiveness releases resistance to what has already been created – thereby allowing us to create something new.

As we forgive our dissonant thought patterns, we can project new thoughts that are independent of those we have been habitually following. Through regular attention and practice, we can develop new habits of thought that serve our shared purpose.

Every one of us can make a difference for this and future lifetimes.  Let’s direct the Light of our awareness to dissolve our limitations and create a peaceful reality Now.

Thought Creates all Punishment and Blessings

The Being that transcends the human level of awareness includes all human consciousness, is not limited by any concept of mind, and it certainly does not punish any part of itself.   While there are many levels of consciousness in existence, every level is intricately connected to all others, and every conscious being is an integral part of the single Self that is existence.

In the same way that humans rely on cellular awareness for sensory feedback, the part of Self that is “above” human awareness, and even the great Being that is the whole of existence relies on the sensory feedback that humans transmit via our brain wave vibration.  Because humans sense the material world through the workings of mind, we apply thought to everything that we sense in our material reality.

Every human thought causes the brain to emanate specific vibratory patterns that inform the transcendent part of Self as to what is being asked for our material experience.  Whatever we focus upon is created for us by the part of our consciousness which cannot be experienced through our thought-based awareness.

Specifically, with every thought there is a focal point, and that point of focus is what we are requesting to experience more – whether we really want it or not.  Because our brains are programmed to receive information from the mind (see Mind: The False Master), we tend to unconsciously focus in a manner that requests the transcendent realm of Self to deliver what we might consider “punishment”.

Through our conditioning over many lifetimes, we have come to believe that by using the cleverness of the human mind we can avoid punishment.  In fact, we have come up with rules and laws that are based on the belief that if we follow a certain code of conduct, we will not be punished.

But in reality, we create our own punishment, not through our acts, but through our thoughts.  Only our thoughts, through brain wave vibration, have the power to command creation and draw like circumstances, people and events into our experience.

Fortunately we humans are able to receive messages from our non-human Self via emotion.  While we communicate messages with the unseen part of us via thought vibration, we receive messages from our higher consciousness in the form of emotion which can be felt in the body.

This makes it quite simple to determine whether our thoughts are asking for something pleasing because if we would not like what we are creating, we receive a message of discomfort in the form of feeling.  Because we continue having thoughts that evoke extreme emotion over time, we develop a “shadow self” which is the cause of physical and mental tension, discomfort, pain and disease.

The individual human shadow consists of memorized sensory stimuli which has a vibratory link to specific thought patterns in the mind.  Since every thought pattern evokes a specific emotional response, even if the present circumstance is in no way related, we may find ourselves in an emotional state.

The shadow causes our emotions to remain hidden within the layers of mind because we are not willing to look upon any part of Self that is viewed by the ego as detrimental to the self image.  Since we are largely identified with the mind, we tend to believe the validity of this egocentric fear, and we protect the self image instead of facing the feelings that keep creating our punishment.

But our self image is only the false sense of Self that has been created for presentation of Self, as it is individually focused, in the material world.  Emotions are in no way a representation of the true Self.  Unresolved emotion is simply baggage that the human aspect of Self accumulates from having a life experience, and by becoming aware of them – we can release them from our psyche.

In order to turn punishment into blessings, we must be alert to the messages being received via feeling, and to the simultaneous thought pattern that we are transmitting.  Once any feeling and associated thoughts have been identified, the emotion loses some or all of its vibratory charge in the present moment.

From there, we can redirect the thoughts around the subject point of focus to something that is more pleasing or less tense.  This is not lying to yourself because your reality is only a manifestation of what you believe, and changing your beliefs to create a Joyful feeling is the whole purpose of the human experience.

Provided that we practice awareness without judgment or any other thought that would evoke more uncomfortable emotion, over time we will expose and release more of the emotions that are hidden in our psyche.  Not only does this practice get easier with repetition, but over time the emotions become less powerful.

Make it a point to relax and be aware of yourself, breathe deeply and turn fear into inspiration so that you can keep releasing accumulated emotions and be the beneficiary of blessings today and every day.