Emotions in Perspective

When I speak of love, compassion and appreciation, I’m not speaking of emotions.

These are words that describe the perspective from which the full range of emotions is meant to be experienced.

From said perspective, it’s impossible to act out of emotional ignorance, and therefore peace and harmony (God’s love) prevails in every circumstance.

And if ever I find myself taken by emotion, I can and do choose to return to the benevolent perspective whereby all matters of ignorance immediately resolved.

Much love!

Who is “Me”?

The unconscious mind thinks of Me as a person who has emotions, but I know that I have always been the observer of both. I also know that I am the same silent witness who’s observing all persons from every possible perspective.

For instance, I am observing myself from the perspective as myself while I’m also observing myself from the perspective of every other individual who observes me in this form. Many different perspectives, but the same silent witness…the same God who moves and breathes every being in creation.

The game is over! In this awareness, stress, fear and personal conflict have no sway over me. They come up, and are fully welcome here, but nothing moves me from love, compassion and appreciation for everything exactly as it is.

May every heart dwell in this Peace. Aloha!

Codependent Relationships

I’m aware of many people in romantic relationships, especially women, who are willing to settle for a partner who is incapable of treating them well.

Most often said willingness is justified by the idea that it’s their purpose to help their partner learn how to get better at being in relationship.

This idea itself is one of self importance and is clearly egocentric from my point of view…and I can see that people who operate under such an idea can’t help but attract partner after partner who act as an energy drain due to their physical, emotional and spiritual baggage.

There is another way…it involves giving up self importance and involvement with anyone who isn’t prepared to treat their partner like royalty.

In love!

Experience and Practice

My thoughts, words and actions are not who I am…they are experiences. That’s why even in my apparent shame, I can remain shameless.

Likewise, I’m aware that everyone in this world is equally untarnished by their experiences. But more importantly, I’m willing to feel what it’s like to believe in shame whenever I have the experience of believing in shame.

I no longer value analyzing it, fixing it, or asking why I’m having this “problem” (heck! I don’t even think it’s a problem anymore). As with every emotion, I allow my experience of it…even if it means I’m experiencing myself blindly acting out of that emotion.

I’ve discovered through experience and practice that willingness to go through emotion is the way for the mind to receive spontaneous, transformational bursts of clarity, insight and compassion.

In this way, it’s been revealed to my mind beyond a shadow of a doubt that shame is nothing but an erroneous perception. Yes! It’s inexplicably blissful to witness you and me in this light.


Perfect World

This Sandalwood from East India (Mysore), has been used for centuries along with the intent to stay devoted to Love/God. For many it has served and does serve as a powerful tool to keep one re-minded of the Truth that awareness is before thought. A few drops at the third eye is a favorite practice with this oil. It's also one of the best oils for skincare, and therefore it can be included in any daily beauty regimen. The aroma is mild, a bit woody and feels very calming.

There is nothing wrong in the world. The world is a perfect reflection of the mind. That which has been imagined and practiced in thought is being presented now to the degree that mental attention has been given to it.

You are the One you’ve been waiting  for – the steward of your world/perception in this moment.  You are the alchemist – the one holding all the power to transform the energy that creates your reality.

Remaining devoted to All Encompassing Love (your true essence) can feel difficult when faced with emotional temptation. Mental fabrications are made out to feel so real through the emotions upon which they arise, that it can be uncomfortable –  even painful to look beyond their illusion.

But beneath the discomfort and pain is your true home – the source of your beingness, where the warm embrace of Compassion stands ready to relieve you of who you think you are.

Divine Adjustment

Accident, mishap and physical illness are energetic adjustments, intended to guide energy of awareness toward alignment with the essence of infinite, all-encompassing Love (Truth).

The need for these forms of adjustment can be largely circumvented by the one who heeds their more subtle forms of inner guidance. (Note: Some extreme forms of adjustment may have been chosen by you as part of your life plan)

Specifically, guidance into alignment with Truth is always being offered in the form of feeling. However, mental conditioning is such that ego leads awareness to avoid uncomfortable or painful feeling with layers of mental occupation, until more extreme forms of guidance (accident, mishap, illness) are made inevitable.

Mental occupation is marked by activity that distracts your awareness from the feeling at hand. It could be in the form of thoughts about how things will be better when you are through what’s happening now, or the compulsion to engage in activity for the purpose of passing time.

When mental occupation is noticed, you can stop doing, and start breathing deeply, just being with the feeling and noticing the thoughts that come with that feeling.

In this way, you become aware of what thoughts the feeling is bringing up. From that awareness, you can decide whether uncomfortable or painful feeling thoughts are still necessary according to what meaning you give to them.

Do this with devotion to the Truth that every thought is born in delusion, and no meaning will be given to the thoughts as they come up. In this way, you dismantle the structure of fear that gives credence to the underlying belief, and that belief loses it’s magnetic affixation to your energy of awareness.

As more thoughts that provide structure for fearful belief move out of the way, you can see more and more clearly the direction in which your energy of awareness is being ‘asked’ to shift; and to the degree that you follow that subtle voice, there is no need for more extreme forms of guidance.

Of course, if you experience extreme suffering, it serves you to remember that you have received a Divine adjustment, and that there is a purpose for that suffering.  Continue to breathe through the thoughts about pain, victimhood, blame and resentment (forms of fear) in the same manner, and seize this opportunity for deep healing to occur.

Fearless Love

The love that you feel for anyone in your perception is emotional – energy that is constantly in flux between polar opposites of conditional love and fear. Emotion is the feeling response to what’s being imagined, and every feeling is entirely dependent upon the imagined comparison to its polar opposite.


In this way, the more you believe your emotional love to be real, the more you are magnetizing fear for your experience.


Specifically, by believing in the truth of feeling, the belief that ‘separation is truth’ is also activated on a subtle level. Belief in separation creates a tension in the mind that makes love feel extreme (anxious), and extreme feeling is an indication that its opposite polarity has been activated, and is now being attracted for your experience.


Your true identity is Love that transcends imagination – it remains consistent irrespective of what is perceived. Simply by remembering, during moments of extreme emotion, that you create your own feeling, and that your ability to create is not dependent upon the ‘other’ – you allow beliefs in separation to be dissolved.


As beliefs are dissolved, fragments of self also dissolve, and a state of wholeness arises from within. From the perspective of wholeness, emotional love (and all feeling) is still experienced, but now with a depth that knows no fear.

You Are Never Wrong

You have never been wrong, and there is no reality to what you call a mistake. You may be aware that there are some things in your memory that you would like to have done differently, but judging your self as wrong for having done them can only create suffering for you.

Because the subconscious mind is programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain, what you have deemed wrong about your self must be repressed in order for you to feel happy. Specifically, in response to an impression of judgment that causes you emotional pain, the mind creates a division using calculation and reason to protect you from feeling the emotion associated with that judgment.

In this regard, it benefits you to be present within every emotion, and to notice the thoughts associated with your emotions. Doing this with the remembrance that your thoughts are not your own (and that you choose whether to believe them) will allow you to transcend the trappings of victimhood and experience more pleasurable states of mind (“realities”).

You actually have no control over your behavior as it is compulsive based on all thought that has gone before. If you would like to behave differently than you did in memory, you have only to Be different by shifting your energy of awareness to a lighter (less judgmental) vibration.

Judging and then trying to control your self only creates internal struggle and further frustration every time the repressed aspect of self re-emerges.  But appreciation for all things exactly as they have been created (including all that you have ever done) allows your self to easily learn necessary lessons of Love, and enjoy this lifetime more deeply.

You are never wrong, and you are never right either – You are simply Divine.

* Note: Ego is the master of illusion – it can hold many of your judgments and beliefs hidden beneath emotional layers that can divert your from the truth even as you are sincerely seeking it. If you are inspired to dissolve the trappings of mind, I encourage you to find someone willing and able to be your mirror for the purpose presenting you with what you are not seeing on your own. If you are interested in engaging my service for this purpose, please contact me via email.

Experienced yet Innocent

Your story is unique to you, but like you, everyone in the world has judged themselves as being a victim at some point in their life. That self judgment, created through your perception of your experience, formed a belief that you need to be in control – which attached to your awareness through emotion (energy in motion).

Unpleasant emotional energy consumes a portion of your limited awareness as egoic mind endeavors to protect you from the feeling by controlling the specifics of your life. However, ego only knows your own beliefs, thus it consumes much of your precious energy trying to figure Life out from a very limited resource of information.

Every time you perceive that something went “wrong”, which causes you to experience uncomfortable or painful emotion, more judgments are created about the egoic “need” to protect you from people, circumstances and even yourself. In this way, it’s natural to feel a greater need for control as you continue to accumulate life experience.

Just imagine if you could return to the innocence you were born with while still having the benefit of your experience for the adjustment of your perception. You can! And it starts with awareness of your perceived need to control anything, deep breath – and letting it go.

As you look for them, you will begin to see the self judgments that caused you to develop the perception that you “need” anything or that things “should” be different – and as you see, you are healed.

* Note: Ego is the master of illusion – it can hold many of your judgments and beliefs hidden beneath emotional layers that can divert your from the truth even as you are sincerely seeking it. If you are inspired to dissolve the trappings of mind, I encourage you to find someone willing and able to be your mirror for the purpose presenting you with what you are not seeing on your own. If you are interested in engaging my service for this purpose, please contact me via email.

Emotion Exposes Limiting Beliefs

Whether we are focused on the present moment or any other point in time or space, we are commanding creation through the energetic vibration of every conscious and subconscious thought that we project.

Emotion allows us to determine whether our current point of focus is projecting for anything that we want to manifest. Our present feeling indicates how our projected manifestation will feel based on the beliefs we currently follow.

Our present manifestation and corresponding emotion is always perfect based on all thought that has come before. Most of that thought has been involuntary as we have simply believed the thoughts presented by the mind, and they became our truth.

To create new momentum requires new beliefs, which can be created through consistent attention to our feelings and deliberate redirection of our thought patterns. If we are feeling anything other than blissful, we are attuned to self limiting beliefs in the mind.

With attention, we can identify those beliefs and offer thoughts that feel better. There is no limit to how good our thoughts can feel because whatever we sincerely believe is our truth.

When we follow our thoughts into a feeling place we don’t like, the point where we redirect our thoughts sets a precedent for our emotional low point with respect to the subject point of focus. This makes it easier to turn the tide the next time we find ourselves riding the same or similar thought wave.

As we continue this practice, we can create new belief patterns and then release them as we systematically raise our emotional set point higher.

Every moment is a new beginning, and we can only begin from our current feeling place by offering thoughts that we can believe in the present moment. How far we progress in this lifetime depends on how patient and compassionate we are with ourselves.

Specifically, belief patterns are hard wired biologically, and breaking free from them requires cooperation from our ego. If we judge or condemn ourselves for not attaining what we think we should, we create resistance which impedes our progress.

The feelings we project are the same feelings we are attracting. Everything in our experience is a lesson, and depending on how we perceive what has already been created, we project for what comes next.

When in an uncomfortable or painful emotion, breathe deeply and remember that you are not limited to the limitations of mind. Simply appreciate the lesson and allow it to guide your progression toward the experience of your Divine essence.