Complete Forever

It’s a common misperception the thought that something needs to be healed before ultimate peace and freedom is revealed. 
Perception of healing spiritual wounds is never-ending so long as there is worshipping of the idea that there is a someone who needs healing. 
Look! I don’t care if you think you have a childhood wound, a present sexual wound, or ancestral wounds that need healing. 
Whatever seems to be preventing completion for you is only an idea, which is nothing at all unless you insist that it is something.
Even if you insist, the something you make out of nothing is only a temporary dream of self…not reality. 
In light of the Truth, all wounds are immediately “healed”. It’s not the other way around…as if healing wounds leads to the Truth of who you are. 
Healing of wounds takes mental strategies, which only leads to perception of more “stuff” to be healed. 
Feed the mind with concepts of healing itself and it becomes hungry for more. That’s the way mind works. 
But detachment from ideas of a someone who can be healed leads straight to knowledge of Self, and in that Light, perceived wounds are immediately seen as having been only a dream.
Thank you for being whole and complete forever! I love you!!

Spiritual Work

Spiritual work is an expression of belief in separate identity. 
There is nothing to work towards and the “worker” itself is merely a concept enslaved by self concepts. 
Enlightenment is not anyone’s choice and it doesn’t come to the one who works the hardest, does their best or gets it right. 
Enlightenment is the spontaneous detachment from self concepts, while spiritual “work” is aimed as building the self up to become an enlightened person. 
In fact, enlightenment is the natural state…Identification as an autonomous individual only a temporary dis-ease. 
Thank you! I love you!

Who is “Me”?

The unconscious mind thinks of Me as a person who has emotions, but I know that I have always been the observer of both. I also know that I am the same silent witness who’s observing all persons from every possible perspective.

For instance, I am observing myself from the perspective as myself while I’m also observing myself from the perspective of every other individual who observes me in this form. Many different perspectives, but the same silent witness…the same God who moves and breathes every being in creation.

The game is over! In this awareness, stress, fear and personal conflict have no sway over me. They come up, and are fully welcome here, but nothing moves me from love, compassion and appreciation for everything exactly as it is.

May every heart dwell in this Peace. Aloha!

Heart Centered

Physically, the enti10616501_10201675380245211_6629618540848116166_nre human body is an extension of the heart, so to be fully in the heart is synonymous with being fully embodied. But before full embodiment can happen, one must be willing to experience every sensation exactly as it is….without desire to change it, deny it, blame something for it, or create a different sensation.

At the Awakening Retreat coming up in October, we will cultivate this willingness and practice techniques to expand awareness of subtle physical sensations….which is the way to full embodiment, purposeful living and the end of suffering. Please visit for details.

Teachings of Jesus

Jesus the Christ gave his whole life to helping others accept the Christ within themselves. For this he was crucified, and still so many of his so called followers continue to crucify his teachings.

Anyone who lives the teachings of the gospel is an immediate threat to the fearful mind. And those who take Jesus as their savior with a fearful mind can only speak the gospel while being a living testament to misery…and in many cases physical violence as well.

But notwithstanding his many wayward followers, I have found that the gospel of Jesus the Christ provides valuable insights to becoming a living testament of God’s love.

There are many other paths that lead to the same result, and they all require one thing…embodiment of the teachings.

What do I mean by embodiment? To take the teachings inside, and work sincerely with the sensations in the body.

This is starkly different from the common way one walks a spiritual path…which is to try to convert other people to their belief systems, while condemning the unbelievers.

Whatever path or paths you choose, you have my blessing and I accept you into the Kingdom of Heaven exactly as you are…even if your path is one of judgment and misery for the time being.

Indeed, I’m aware that you have never left this place of Peace…And if you are not aware of this, it only means you have been led astray by the intrigues of the mind.

Are you ready to return? If so, all you have to do is 1: take in the teachings that resonate with you…2: pay close attention to the sensations in your body…3: see if you can allow yourself, everybody else and all things of this world to be as they are.

Be willing to fail in all three of these areas many times as your mind returns Home. Just be encouraged to keep going. I promise you, the reward is well worth the effort.

With much Aloha!

The Way to Peace

wisdom, retreat, peace, enlightenment“For he that hath, to him shall be given: and he that hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he hath.” ~ Jesus, the Christ

Everyone can be one who “has”, and I know the way because I’ve lived it. If you are ready to receive this wisdom, come retreat with me for a week…it’s not only a blissful and rejuvenating experience in and of itself, but those who show up with an open heart will realize expanded peace and happiness…plus they’ll discover the way to keep expanding peace and happiness over time until they are fully liberated from all misery.

I’ve never been clearer about the path to total enlightenment, and my whole being is ready to share with you. If this resonates, please go to to reserve you spot, or contact me directly at