Destroyer of Dreams

States of health and disease occur to individuals living in a dream world.
Yet the dreamer itself is not an individual, but mind operating under a concept of fear. 
States of physical health and disease alike occur to apparent people being made to play out delusional states of mind.  
No one is responsible for any state of mind, and no cure for the changing states will ever be available within the dream. 
But no matter what happens to and through individuals in the dream, the fact remains that nothing of the dream, including the individuals themselves are real. 
Individual characters in the dream are driven to want health and to avoid disease….which is perfectly natural and intelligent in its design to drive mental energies toward survival…even though individual death is inevitable. 
Indeed, it is only through individual experience that apperception of truth within a dream world can happen.  
Once said apperception happens, feeling sensations such as anger, frustration, pride, fear, hope, love etc. are no longer resisted or pursued with self aggrandizing thought….
…and thus illusions of a suffering world are released by the frequency of pure Love as it’s projected through the individual mind-body.
Through grace and presence to the truth, the dream world is to be destroyed…basically erasing the need for illusions that deny eternal life. 
Thank you for being the destroyer of dreams! I love you!!

As you Measure the World

Watch how you measure other people. This is how you are causing your own self to be measured in the mind of God.

When you’re ready to surrender the burden of self concepts to God’s holy judgment, you will have to go through the suffering you have made for yourself…but the gift of Eternal Life is well worth the sacrifice.


Christ is a Level of Awareness

Jesus was a human who became a Christ because he attained unification with the center (aka God), and therefore he was a knower of all information. This level of awareness is attainable by every human – no one is more special than another.

To live in eternity means to experience life without limits. When we are fully present in the moment of now, without attachment to the past or future, we are living in eternity.

Our individual beings are personalities of the one we call God, and through our experience of eternal life, we create “heaven”.

There is no limit to the Universe or to what we can create. Be true to You and be the conduit for Divine grace.

Love and Divine Blessings to All!