Pure Light

Your self (body/mind) is created out of Pure Light. YOU are the Bearer of that Light.

Shadow/Darkness/Evil represent lack of Light; AND your Belief that Shadow/Darkness/Evil have any power over self or others – is the only thing that shades…

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You – The Only Perceiver

You are the only perceiver in your world. You alone give meaning to all that you perceive, which forms and re-forms your beliefs.

Your world is constantly evolving based on the evolution of your own beliefs. Thus, believing that ‘evil’…

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'The Devil' is Fear

In ignorance to their true identity, 'The Devil' is given life and sustenance by the unconscious (habitual) thought projection of ordinary and even well-meaning people. 'The Devil' can even consume awareness to the point that malevolence becomes one's only available expression.

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Channeled Message: Evil

It’s only belief in the idea that ‘evil’ really exists that makes perception of ‘evil’ possible and even necessary for the human experience.

A Christian Experience

Most religious followers believe that some of their fellow humans are going to a "hell" that is separate from this world. This creates major conflict in their minds which manifests in their lives and in the world.

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God is Love

Many of us look outside ourselves for that which is pure and holy while continuing to condition our mind identified beliefs that we are powerless and sinful. Indeed, the mind’s propensity to separate self from Love has even induced the human mind to create gods who are separate from us.

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Everything is God

Religious references to God can be taken as metaphors for the combined universal consciousness; and references to the devil or evil as the workings of the human mind.

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