Animal Consciousness Supports Human Creativity

The Earth itself and everything manifested on Earth is projecting consciousness; and consciousness is the creator of our shared reality.  Every expression of consciousness in our world has evolved and is evolving for the creation and evolution of more intelligent life.

This is because existence is the infinite expansion of consciousness, and in our world, intelligence fuels that expansion by driving the creative force toward greater leaps in creativity. Every human expression is the culmination of every thought that has come before, as the individual being has evolved over many lifetimes as many different species.

At present, humans are the only species endowed with the level of intelligence that commands the creative force with specificity.  As such, human thought is on the leading edge of creativity.

Whatever possibilities we humans create for ourselves, we are also creating for everything else. Indeed, beings currently expressing themselves as animals, trees, etc., are all evolving toward the human experience.

Animals do not perceive the world as humans do – they live more from a vibrational perspective and summon the creative force for manifestations that support life on Earth.

Unlike humans, animals express their preferences from an instinctual rather than a material perspective.

Through their thought-based projections, animals contribute greatly to the sustenance of the environment on Earth as being conducive to human life.   They do so effortlessly, simply by living in rhythm with their environment, and following the flow of life through the perception of Unconditional Love.

However, humans are the judges of the world. Thus it is we who are responsible for everything in the reality shared by every creature on Earth.

It is our thought-based projections that create the vibratory environment that everything else projects back to us.  While all other forms of consciousness are supporting our survival, humans are creating well beyond this basic instinct.

To be human is a gift that the soul has done nothing special to receive, and every Earth-bound being is on its journey to becoming human. However, humanity is not the end of our journey. Once our being is expressed through the human mind, we continue to evolve toward more conscious expression in the progression of the creative manifestation that is our world.

The more we allow consciousness to prevail in our lives, the more we come to appreciate animals and every other expression of consciousness that supports us. The more we appreciate everything in our environment, the more our world represents our perception of harmony.

Humans can learn a lot about allowing from animals, and when we develop our ability to couple allowing with creativity, our thought-energy manifests blessings for ourselves and everything else.

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Purposeful Change

Existence is energy in motion, constantly transmuting between form and formless. Change is the Universal constant that keeps expanding existence toward infinity.

Consciousness is the creative force that makes change possible. For without creative consciousness, there could be no perspective for change.

All living things are the extension of creative consciousness made manifest to benefit existence through individually focused perspectives in an environment of contrast. Planet Earth and all of its inhabitant life forms are vehicles for experiences that inspire the creativity that leads to the continual expansion of the Universe.

As individuals, we sense what is in our reality, and that causes us to project our preferences for change into the Universe. Those preferences are immediately created as energetic possibilities for our soul – which changes and expands the Universe.

While every preference confers a benefit to the Universe that is immediate and eternal, a preference only manifests in our individual experience when the energy of our beliefs becomes a vibratory match to it. By changing our beliefs accordingly, our material self expands toward the new possibilities we have created.

If our beliefs do not change, we energetically bind ourselves to the situations and circumstances that have already been created in our experience. In this way, we resist becoming unified with the possibilities we have created for what we would perceive as improvement.

Resistance to change doesn’t prevent us from being a benefit to existence because we continue projecting preferences for change until physical death.  But resistance does cause us to experience less Joy because our lives exist in a constant flow of energy, and when our energy is stagnant dis-ease becomes our experience.

Because it is the nature of the human ego to resist change within ourselves, we naturally seek happiness by changing and/or condemning the outside world. As we follow the nature of ego, we develop greater fear of true change because ego perceives inward change as death to itself.

Through resistance to change, we develop an egocentric sense of self importance and false pride, from which we employ hard work and dedication to manage worldly changes. In doing so, we manipulate people and situations to benefit our individual self (or our cause) as if we were disconnected from the balance of creation.

But outward changes in and of themselves only validate our egocentric fear of death, which causes us to worship the cleverness of mind as the creative master of our lives.  Since we are truly spiritual beings, we can never be fulfilled by outward achievements, and chasing them only leads to feelings of desperation and despair.

However, through inner focus coupled with the courage to harmonize with our preferences despite all external circumstances, outward change happens as the effortless manifestation of what we are becoming.  Moreover, when those changes are received with appreciation and humility, they glorify the core of our Being – which is the only part of ourselves that endures forever.

We are only capable of creating our reality from a self-centered perspective, and when we allow the energy of our beliefs to change with the constant development of our preferences, we cultivate our own peace of mind.  As we experience inner peace, we heal conflict and dis-ease in ourselves and in the world to which we are intricately connected.

That which we practice being is what we are becoming. When we practice being unified with our preferences, in appreciation of all that is, the things we achieve are simply the Joyful expression of what we are becoming.

There is nothing to do but relax into being the real You. Be the change you wish for the world and keep becoming toward the purpose of your inner Truth.

Darkness in Balance

Darkness only exists where light is not present. Light illuminates everything that it touches, and eliminates darkness by its very presence – without fight or struggle.

With respect to hidden emotions, darkness is anything that has not been observed by individual awareness. But since emotions are what inspire expansion and guide us toward it, just having life experiences creates more dark shadows to be illuminated by our presence.

In the perspective of Yin Yang (balance), when we are not present in our lives, the shadows of darkness proliferate and create imbalance. But there is no danger of too much Light because new shadows are constantly being created as a necessary component of the ever-expansive nature of the Universe.

Enjoy the darkness. It gives meaning to the Light.

Desireless Effort

The idea that we have to “work hard” to attain nice things, fine food or future security is a conditioned belief that keeps us from experiencing the subtle richness that gives true meaning to life. The work we do now can never guarantee anything for the future, and if we’re not enjoying life Now, we’re wasting the only time that ever really exists.

Burying ourselves in work or a career gives credence to the ego self which seeks to create stability by controlling the future through our efforts.  However, our desires in the material world have NO purpose except to serve the desires of our Being – which seeks expansion of conscious experience.

The purpose of worldly desires is not to compel human effort chasing and achieving them, but to provide creative inspiration to our higher consciousness.  While material desires can lead to fulfillment of our higher purpose, we have only to honor those desires without attachment or resistance to them.

Efforts that are NOT attached to the achievement of any physical or material desires are a reward of themselves because they serve the One that endures forever.  In this way, our material desires are effortlessly manifested to the extent that they serve our Beingness, and our awareness in the present is not wasted through our attempts to achieve for a future that never exists.

The ego has a strong will and the ability to drive our physical efforts in the direction of any desires we choose.  But in order to move in the direction of our true desires, the ego self must be trained to serve the conscious One.

This training is not easy, but it’s magnificent, and our efforts in this regard continue to pay dividends in this lifetime and beyond.

Here’s the process:

  • Practice being aware of all thoughts running through the mind
  • Notice which thoughts attach you to any desire in the material world
  • Appreciate your desires (it means you are alive!), but honor your higher Self by releasing the intent to control any manifestation of them
  • Stay present and alert to your emotional state to determine which efforts in the Now moment honor the true You.  If your efforts feel rewarding in and of themselves, you are moving in the intended direction.  However, if your efforts feel agitated, stressful or worthless without some future reward, you are acting from ignorance.
  • There is no need to immediately stop what you are doing or make sudden changes.  Just become conscious of what you are doing and what purpose you are serving. Change will come as an obvious next step through this practice.
  • Through awareness, recognize and release all thoughts of fear, worry, stress or anything that leads to an uncomfortable feeling because wallowing in these thoughts strengthens the ego’s need for control and can never serve the real You.  Any time you notice a feeling of discomfort or pain, practice Long Deep Breathing for as long as it takes to feel calm.
  • As you continue releasing self limiting thoughts and the ego’s tendency to control the future, you will be more open to new information and you will come to notice more clues in your environment that lead you in the direction of higher achievement.
  • Remember to remember that You are eternal, and not the self image that you have created for this life experience.

Yoga with meditation is an essential tool for this process because it trains the mind to be in the present moment and both body and mind to follow your higher purpose.  It also works on all systems to ensure that you are receptive to the guidance always being given by your higher Self.

I also recommend including raw food with plenty of raw fat in your diet to facilitate the elimination of toxic substances that may impede your efforts.

I am the Infinite I AM

I AM is nothing and everything. It does not exist, and it is existence itself.  It has no beginning and no end.  It is the balance from which all extremes are born, and it is also the extremes.

Everything in existence is I AM – the infinite consciousness – the all-knowing awareness that witnesses everything, including every human life experience through our individual senses. Separation from one another and from I AM is the great illusion that makes the human experience possible.

I AM creates and sustains separate human forms and egos to experience the contrast of life through infinitely diverse fields of awareness.  And for all the diversity of awareness, the silent witness of every human experience is the infinitely evolving and expansive, I AM.

While the world we know as our reality is constantly being created by I AM, every creation also merges with I AM.  As the created and the creator are seamlessly unified, everything already created continues to create as I AM – as each one draws from its source of pure Love that transcends mind.

Humans command the creative aspect of I AM with every thought

All human creativity also originates in the all-knowing aspect of I AM that is pure Love, and humans command the creative aspect of I AM through the filters of memory, mind and separate ego.  As such, the Divine creative energy of I AM is converted according to each individual perspective.

In this way, humans have the unique ability to specifically create through individual points of view.  The extent to which each human creation represents its source of pure Love depends on the resonance of our thoughts to the part of us that is the all-knowing aspect of I AM.

In other words, the less our thoughts are filtered through the memory of separation, the more we will manifest the reality that we really want.  This is where most of us are misled by organized religion, politics, parents and/or society in general.

Humans create struggle and suffering when we perpetuate thoughts that we are detached from or unworthy of I AM. For the most part, we are conditioned to believe we are somehow bad, sinful or shameful – and for those of us who buy into these beliefs, our perspective is very dissonant to the all-knowing aspect of I AM, and we create conflict in our minds just as we project conflict into the world.

The more we shift our thoughts toward the reality that each of us, like everything else, is the embodiment of I AM, the more our life experiences will reflect this truth.  When we mind our minds and choose our thoughts in alignment with the infinite aspect of I AM, we command the creation of Love, Joy and Peace through us and for us into the life of the world.

Let’s remember I AM and begin creating that now.

Life Keeps Improving

Life is Good

Every manifestation in the physical begins with thought born from experience.  Life on planet Earth keeps getting better because our perspective for improvement is constantly becoming more and more refined with each human experience.

The existence of circumstances and situations which we regard as negative will always exist to varying degrees because without them there could be no distinction from which a perspective for improvement could be developed.  Likewise, out of each improvement, more contrast is born from which we can focus a new perspective for even more improvement.

For these reasons, expansion is infinite.  We will never be finished creating and since we are natural creators, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We always have the option of staying focused on the negatives and thereby creating and attracting more negative circumstances, or we can choose to focus upon our perspective for improvement.  If we choose the latter, and then take action according to any inspiration that arises from our positive focus, we can shift our experience toward the improvements we seek.

Even if we do not take action directly, our perspective (whether positive or negative) is expressed by vibration into the universe.  Through our thoughts, we have the power to either strengthen the flow of energy in the direction of improvement or degradation.  Since our vibration attracts matching events, circumstances and people, we are effectively creating and promoting that which we primarily focus upon.

While deliberately focusing our awareness creates positive change more rapidly, human beings always naturally return to creating the improvement we want, and eventually everything either makes positive transformation or fades away.

For example – even as government is engaging in war, raising taxes, and regulating our freedoms, we are gaining a clearer perspective for the improved government that we seek.  When we choose to believe that our perspective for improvement is possible and allow our predominant thoughts to reside in the improved reality, we will effectively shift our experience.

Indeed, we have realized that we don’t like death that results from war, and even though world peace is not yet a manifested reality, we have created and continue to refine technology that results in drastically fewer casualties of war.  Also, since human innovation has made the world more accessible for trade, travel, and communication – there are more peaceful negotiations between the nations of the world.

When the majority of us also believe that we are capable of creating our own lives, and we no longer look for something outside of ourselves to produce health, happiness and abundance – we will create all of these things, plus government that regulates hardly at all.

Another example of improvement comes from our noticing how medical and farming technology has contributed to “incurable” diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Because we have noticed this, more people are researching and discovering that energetic healing and proper nutrition are superior treatments in most instances, and our experience is gradually shifting back toward natural healing – only this time with the added benefit of the life enhancing medical miracles which we have created.

These are only a few examples of how life on Earth is continually improving.  If we look, we will notice how more possibilities for improvement are being made available to us all the time.  When we follow our creative instinct, we are able to create anything that we believe to be possible.

The power of creation is within each of us, and we are every bit as capable as we deem ourselves to be.