Faith and Trust

Faith is Belief in that which is Unseen. Trust is the Action of Faith in the moment at hand.

You reap what you sow, and so if you have Faith in thoughts that are fearful, your action will come out of Fear – because Fear is what you Trust in the Moment. Likewise, if you have Faith that you are a holy Child of Love, your Action will come from Love – because Love is what you Trust in the moment at hand.

Seek Heaven First in your Heart, dear Child, and lean not to the fearful understandings of the Confused Mind.

No Faith in People

We put faith in people when we expect them to perform, behave or give us something in the future. This is a set up for disappointment and conflicted relationships.

When we are honoring our present-moment choice to relate with a person, no faith in that person is required.

To honor what we are choosing now is only a matter of giving up expectations in the moment they cross our awareness.

Giving it up happens naturally when we recognize every expectation for what it is – a set-up for suffering.

You Can’t Serve Two Masters

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A strong human Will is what makes the ego a competent servant, but the ego cannot serve two masters. Either our Will is employed to follow the call of spirit for the expansion of the soul, or it serves the concept of individual self by repeating existing patterns of mind in recreating what is already known.

As a conduit for spirit, the ego is in a constant state of bliss because it is consolidated with the infinite Self.  But left to its own devices, the ego accumulates layer upon layer of deprivation and dis-ease.

It’s impossible for anyone to be a conduit for spirit unless they have faith in the unknown. But because the unknown is unreasonable, the mind resists it with thoughts of fear and worry.

If we believe in self-limiting thoughts, we remain stuck in the known as we further validate the habits that create vibratory discord between the psyche and the soul.  False beliefs have no power unless we lack faith in the unseen, and they easily dissolve when we develop the faith that comes from exposing our doubts to the Light of consciousness.

But being faithful is not without sacrifice. The old self image must be repeatedly sacrificed in order to keep changing in rhythm and flow with the ever evolving call of spirit.

Spirit always calls us to be more than we already are, and that is uncomfortable for the ego because it is programmed to resist what it does not know. In every moment that we accept reason to convince ourselves that we cannot be, do or have what we want, our Will is tuned to the mind and thus it is resisting the unlimited essence of spirit.

The mental habit of fear is the cause of all egocentric self doubt, self victimization, self importance and self confidence. Only when we integrate the understanding that the human ego is nothing more than a concept of mind, do we begin to resolve our fear and live as the expression of our Being.

The real You is always ready and willing to be the master of your life – just as soon as you take that leap of faith in releasing your grip on the old self image that no longer serves your purpose.  Direct your Will to serve your infinite Self through your willingness to be new in this moment, and deliver yourself to the flow of Divine blessings for this lifetime.

Habitual Awareness

Deliberate creation is nothing more than a novel concept until it is put into practice. Because the illusion of mortality is so deeply ingrained in the human psyche, it takes consistent practice over time before anyone starts changing the course of their life.

The beginner may feel excited and optimistic about getting what they want, and thus they become eager to reap the benefits of deliberate creation.  But biological imprints from past lives coupled with the conditioning we have received during this lifetime have formed powerful habit patterns that lead most people back into delusion and despair.

Because our mental programming is so powerful, the odds of becoming a deliberate creator are stacked against us. It takes practice and repetition before our energy shifts enough to make a noticeable difference in our lives.

For this reason, faith is the foundation that gives us the ability to maintain intent over whatever amount of time it takes for the individual to transform.  Through faith we can find the courage to keep going until the benefits speak loudly all by themselves.

Each thought is our energetic offering that determines what we are manifesting, and only in the moments of attentiveness are we able to expose and redirect self limiting thoughts as they arise. In doing so, we shift our energy for that moment – which positively affects our manifestation.

But until we shift our underlying beliefs, we are constantly bombarded with thoughts that entice us back into the illusion of separation and limitation. For this reason, persistent practice is the key to developing an individual perspective that leads to infinite blessings.

Each time we ask the question: “How am I feeling and what am I thinking?”, our energetic offering is improved in that moment of awareness.  By making it a habit to “check in”, we eventually retrain the body and mind to be receptive to more beneficial thought patterns.

It’s also very helpful to quiet the mind through a practice of meditation in order to get accustomed to controlling the thought waves of the mind.  (Please see the links below from some great guided meditations to get you started)

As we continue to consistently practice awareness, we become more attuned to the thoughts that serve our purpose.  Sometimes this will feel difficult, especially when in the throes of extreme emotion.

But practicing patience with oneself is also an important part of exercising awareness.  Don’t worry if you cannot bring awareness to your thoughts for a time, but keep trying and have faith that you will return to your practice when ready.

You cannot fail and it will never be too late, but the longer you allow yourself to remain in illusion, the more difficulties you are creating for yourself.

Let your Will be the tool of your spirit by consistently bringing your thoughts back to truth, and deliver yourself on the course of your destiny.