Personal Perceptions

The way you seem to feel about people is only a projection of what the thoughts that occupy your mind feel like. 
Every perception of people is manifested by consciousness/God for the sole purpose of delivering your mind back to You. 
You will know when your mind has returned to its Home in You when only loving kindness can be perceived in the other people who grace your senses with their apparent comings and goings. 
When anything short of loving kindness is perceived, know that you have Free Will to look through the eyes of spirit and not your body’s senses. 
You alone have the Choice to allow the message of the unloving reflection to penetrate your mind and unlock the chains upon your heart. 
All you have to do is SEE that perception is really a feeling and allow whatever feeling arises to be felt even as your frightened mind races to project its ill feelings upon other people. 
Through feeling the sensation of mental projection, your mind becomes less frightened and more trusting of You. 
..,,Because every time a fearful/hateful/spiteful perception is sensed in Light of Truth, the mind can recognize it as nothing but an illusion it made about itself. 
In time, the people that surround you will seem to care for you, love you, and treat you with the respect and kindness that’s worthy of You. Indeed, such is the projection of a mind that’s been made invulnerable to worldly ways of relating. 
With your loving guidance, every unhappy perception can lead to awakening the mind’s senses to the loving light of awareness that shines through everybody. 
Thank you for being the all-loving light of awareness! I love you!

Afraid of Fear

I’m not afraid of fear. To me, fear is just a message that my mind is presently hypnotized by worldly knowledge that says I’m separate from God.

Through my willingness to feel the depths of fear, I have discovered that there is no separation, and that all forms fear are only mind-made illusions. As such, when the feeling of fear arises in me, I don’t try to get rid of it…I feel through it…with awareness that God’s love is the only reality.

In fearful situations, instead of entering hypnosis and reacting unconsciously, I can remain presently aware and be the fulfillment of God’s plan in that holy instant. Wisdom is the ability to experience fear without being impressed by it.

May every heart share in this Peace….Aloha!

Vengeful Thoughts

Vengeful thoughts are born out of the core belief that Love is something that must be earned. Such thoughts arise on fearful emotional patterns that began in infancy – when we first took this false idea as truth.

The idea that we are not unconditionally loved made us feel afraid that we may not be found good or worthy enough to deserve love. To avoid that fearful feeling we innocently escaped into the corridors of mind to help us to become loveable.

When we were rewarded for our efforts, we felt worthy of the love that we craved; and when we were punished, we felt unworthy and thus vengeful. Vengeful thoughts are the way the mind protects us from feeling unworthy, by making others out to be more deserving of punishment than we are.

These thoughts powerfully command our attention, and make us numb to the underlying feeling sensation, which attracts them. NoBody is immune from vengeful thoughts – which are the building blocks for the myriad ways in which we have been harming ourselves and others over thousands of years.

We are all complicit and innocent simultaneously – we are only doing the best we can based on what we believe to be true. Before we were given physical bodies, we all knew the truth, but in our innocence we took on the world’s lack of love as absolute truth, and from that core belief we have added more beliefs, which serve to further deny the Love that we are.

As adults, the idea that love must be earned continues to run our lives and the collective world, but only until we experientially remember the truth.

How do we experience what’s true? When we observe thoughts that seek to punish anyone, we direct our mental attention toward quietly experiencing whatever feelings are arising.

We intend to observe what’s being felt instead of indulging in thought streams that ask ‘why me’, make anyone out to be wrong, fantasize about harm coming to people, or try to figure out how to change anyone.

We remember our intent to quietly observe the vibrational resonance in our bodies as we keep re-directing our attention on the felt sensation – even when presented with thoughts about how our feelings or thoughts need to be changed, healed, transformed, etc.

We also recognize that the most intensely uncomfortable emotions present thoughts that seem very important in the moment, and we keep breathing and redirecting our attention as we do our best to feel beneath those thoughts.

Vengeful thoughts are not our fault, but they have become our responsibility. For we are the living heirs of these thoughts, and the violence in our world is a reflection of them.

Keep breathing consciously and do your best. Through your presence, you have the power to command miracles of grace in your life and for your world.


The more you believe in your complaints, the more you are given to complain about.

The habitual thought patterns of not wanting what you’ve got are the cause of Complaint. While it looks like the thing you’re complaining about is the cause of your complaint – that thing is only happening in order propagate deeply ingrained mental patterns of not wanting what you’ve got.

So, how to stop complaining? This is not something you can actually Do. You can only watch the complaining and recognize that BELIEF in the feeling and associated thoughts is the ONLY thing that keeps you coming back into the mental state of not wanting what you’ve got – which you may have been practicing for a very long time.

Allow your self to wallow in the feeling that complaint brings, while noticing the inner commentary that comes along with it. When the smokescreen of emotional turmoil subsides, you will have been delivered to a new perspective.

But you must continue to keep watch, for the energy that drives complaint has been given much power over consciousness – such that it has become a well established habit pattern that indiscriminately seeks control over human consciousness.

Notwithstanding the influential power this habit pattern has been given, if you continue with the Intent to keep watch no matter what the external circumstance – the energy of complaint will incrementally lose credibility in your perception until it no longer has any power over the course of your life.

Heaven First

Heaven first and all else falls in line. All doing is either for a desired feeling or out of a desired feeling, and when doing is for a desired feeling, mental energy makes that feeling unavailable to you until the mind can rationalize it based on what’s been done.

Moreover, nothing that’s done can ever have a lasting effect on feeling, and whatever feeling is evoked by circumstance soon becomes its opposite. The way out of feeling in polarity is to allow the desired feeling irrespective of circumstance.

Present feeling depicts how proximate the vibrational frequency of thoughts come to allowing desired feeling. Awareness of this enables you to discern where thoughts are leading, and to determine which thoughts, if any, you are willing follow.

The conditions of Life are always ideal for your awareness to return to unity with all that you desire; and every circumstance that draws your awareness into separation is another opportunity for transformation and growth through the return to unity.

You seize every such opportunity when you remember your intent to allow all things as they are HereNow, and let your awareness of the breath gently absolve your grip on anything that contradicts your intent.

In this way, the desired feeling can be experienced now, and whatever is done from that feeling becomes an expression of Heaven for your world.

Creative Direction

Because the totality of ‘what IS’ evolves according to the movement of collective thought – whatever you perceive is your offering or ‘service’ to All. Your doing is only secondary – it’s a more reactionary thing – something you can’t help – it just emerges out of perception (which is the culmination of all experience up to the present moment).

Take a look at what you’re against, what you want to eliminate, what you are afraid of, etc.. These are the things the unconscious mind is amplifying in your perception.

No need to judge ‘negative’ thought, as that only adds frustrated feeling thoughts to your energy of awareness. Instead you’re invited to notice that whatever evoked the ‘negative’ thought has also caused you to imagine its opposite.

Now, you can relax and allow the movement of thought to lead your awareness toward the more uplifting feeling you have created in imagination; or you can make excuses as to why the more dense feeling thoughts (which you have also created in imagination) require your attention. Either way, You alone make the choice.

Even by just recognizing without judgment that a choice is being made, your energy of awareness is uplifted and emotional extremes are diffused. As you continue to so recognize, you will invariably become more aware of the choice that supports and uplifts your energy – until eventually there will be no need to choose.

In this way, the mind remains a tool for ‘feeling neutral’ calculations and storage of data, but creative direction is given over to the authority of the heart.

Love Message: True

Whatever you say truthfully is true in your perception, and every time you affirm your truth, you energetically ask for ‘evidence’ of it. Pay attention to the words you speak, and let feeling inform the movement of thought toward that which allows more Peace to prevail in your awareness.

Led by Desire

Whatever is wanted, it’s opposite is also unwanted. Wanted and unwanted are mental polarities with wanted being associated with the feeling of happiness, and unwanted being associated with unhappiness.


Every individual ‘want’ is a form of God’s pure desire for experience. Pure desire springs consistently from the Source of all awareness, is filtered through layers of mind-created self, and is expressed as a unique invitation to allow happiness – whatever that means to the individual at that point in their evolution.


The trouble most people have with desires is attachment to them – which could take the form of either ‘need’ to attain what’s desired, or repression of what’s desired.


Either way, it is the endeavor to gain control over that which is a force beyond control that makes desire feel like dis-ease. This would never be the case if desires were simply allowed, however, allowing is not the nature of mind.


According to individually held beliefs, the fearful mind is programmed to evoke thoughts that resist desire. Based upon what is desired coupled with the degree of resistance offered in response thereto, the mind leads awareness toward manifestations that are mentally calculated to prove that what one has been believing and feeling about their desire is true.


All feeling is emotional, taking form somewhere on the polarity scale between happiness and unhappiness, depending on what’s being imagined. Feeling of happiness is attuned with thoughts of the ‘lighter’ vibrational polarity – and feeling of unhappiness is attuned with thoughts of the ‘heavier’ vibrational polarity.


Feeling is always in direct correlation with what one believes about the desires that arise within their awareness; and to the extent desire is being allowed without judgment, emotion moves automatically toward lightness (happiness); and likewise, to the extent desire is being resisted in thought, emotion moves automatically toward density (unhappiness).


Happiness attained through the energy of separation (fear), such that one mentally manipulates the elevation of their energy by creating a happy feeling based on circumstance, is experienced as shallow, fleeting and insecure  – because it’s foundation is really the ‘lighter’ pole of mental patterns in victim consciousness. This form of happiness, because it’s based on circumstance, powerfully attracts manifestations that correlate with the opposing feeling (unhappiness) – the denser pole of victim consciousness.


In ignorance, one uses perception of victimhood as ‘reason’ to further chase desires or repress them – depending on which they think will create a happy feeling, according to their individually held belief system.  In believing thought that assumes personal desire for enduring happiness can be attained by the mind-created self, one energetically aligns their ‘self’ with fearful thought/feeling, thus reinforcing associated mental/emotional patterns of victim consciousness, and causing their individual experience of those patterns to progressively become more extreme.


In contrast, the wise one knows that what’s ‘wanted’ leads toward experience of enduring happiness, and that every desire is another opportunity to allow thought to be moved in accordance therewith. One seizes such an opportunity by consciously releasing thoughts that contradict their desire, thus allowing the spirit within (the all-knowing aspect) to lift consciousness into states of mind that correlate with feelings of calm happiness.


As states of mind are transcended, emotional polarities become less extreme, and the full spectrum of feeling can be experienced with more clarity and less anxiety.


There is a distinction between chasing desire and allowing it; and understanding this distinction is an important key on the path toward pure being.