Personal Perceptions

The way you seem to feel about people is only a projection of what the thoughts that occupy your mind feel like. 
Every perception of people is manifested by consciousness/God for the sole purpose of delivering your mind back to…

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Going Through Emotions

I don't go through emotions. Emotions move through me, but I remain unaffected.  

Afraid of Fear

I'm not afraid of fear. To me, fear is just a message that my mind is presently hypnotized by worldly knowledge that says I'm separate from God.

Through my willingness to feel the depths of fear, I have discovered that…

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Vengeful Thoughts

Vengeful thoughts are born out of the core belief that Love is something that must be earned. Such thoughts arise on fearful emotional patterns that began in infancy - when we first took this false idea as truth.

The idea…

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The more you believe in your complaints, the more you are given to complain about.

The habitual thought patterns of not wanting what you’ve got are the cause of Complaint. While it looks like the thing you’re complaining about is…

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Heaven First

Heaven first and all else falls in line. All doing is either for a desired feeling or out of a desired feeling, and when doing is for a desired feeling, mental energy makes that feeling unavailable to you until the…

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Creative Direction

Because the totality of ‘what IS’ evolves according to the movement of collective thought - whatever you perceive is your offering or ‘service’ to All. Your doing is only secondary - it's a more reactionary thing - something you can't…

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Love Message: True

Whatever you say truthfully is true in your perception, and every time you affirm your truth, you energetically ask for ‘evidence’ of it. Pay attention to the words you speak, and let feeling inform the movement of thought toward that…

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Led by Desire

Every individual 'want' is a form of spirit's pure desire for experience. Pure desire springs consistently from the Source, is filtered through layers of mind-created self, and is expressed as a unique invitation to allow happiness - whatever that means to the individual at that point in their evolution.

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Daily Thought: Thought

How does that thought make you feel? Thoughts have creative power - they resonate throughout the Universe and beyond to draw whatever is a vibrational match to your feelings for the ongoing redefinition of your self, your life and your world.