Lost Children

It’s no surprise that people try to make other people feel small and limited. 
That’s how people Feel when they beLIEve the body’s senses…and people cannot help but project how they feel. 
Let them be forgiven. Like lost little children, they know not what they do. 

Healing the Mind

There are ways of using mental willpower to manipulate the illusion so that a sick body can be perceived as a healed body. 
But that kind of healing only temporarily masks physical reflections of mental disease, while nurturing the very roots of it…
Real healing comes through forgiveness of guilty consciousness, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with getting a healed body or manifesting any other worldly desire!
Forgiveness is simple and free. It’s the natural result of choosing to recognize thoughts that try to create personal responsibility for the body’s comfort and well being. 
These kinds of thoughts are the enemy of forgiveness. They pretend that individuals are responsible for their own lives and not consciousness/God.
The confused mind often expresses worry that surrendering the body means giving up on healing. 
Paradoxically though, choosing to save the body multiplies mental suffering in exchange for the possibility of a temporary illusion of physical healing. 
Whereas the mind that surrenders the body to the higher purpose of healing does not suffer over perceived illness or even impending physical death. 
Moreover, if the re-appearance of health serves the higher purpose of healing (which it usually does), the surrendered mind is expeditiously made aware of any remedy that’s necessary to achieve that end. 
The body is not real and doesn’t belong to anyone. It is only a reflection of mind. 
As soon as the body is surrendered, it’s instantly put in service to Divine Will as an instrument for forgiving guilty beLIEF and easing illusions of suffering for all beings. 
There is nothing of this world more graceful than the experience of a body being used for its intended purpose…irrespective of the perceived state of physical health or disease. 
Thank you for the healing that occurs through the Grace of who you be! I love you!

Other People’s Negativity

To perceive that it’s possible to take on another person’s “stuff” or to be affected by their negativity, there must be beLIEf that guilt is real. 
Everything that occurs to you is a projection of mind. But it’s not personal because you are not the mind, nor are you any of the images occurring within the mind. 
Whatever other people seem to say or do to you is a miracle for you to behold. If you make anything out to be a burden, it becomes so…but only as a temporary perception. 
And guess what? The more you pursue thoughts that aggrandize yourself for avoiding other people’s issues, the more the concept of guilt is being affirmed for you….and the more “work” you will be made to do in order to uphold the self righteous posture you have taken in thought. 
Simply acknowledge that whatever negativity or mental baggage you perceive belongs to nobody. This can prove to be difficult at first, but it gets easier, I promise. Just don’t give up!
Through acknowledgment of what’s really true, the mind will naturally develop the capacity to offer up perceptions of guilty illusions to be healed in your luminous sight. 
Healing is natural for you. No method is necessary. By your choice to acknowledge the source of perception, perception gets purified…and the action of pure perception is to recognize and forgive guilty beLIEfs upon which guilty illusions are based. 
Forgiveness like this equals real healing. All other forms of healing are like magic tricks that substitute one illusion for another, and only appear to make life more bearable for a little while. 
When all matters of guilt are forgiven, everybody will be as one harmonious being, and even the idea of forgiveness will be forgotten. 
Thank you the luminous sight that you bear! I love you! 

Imprisonment of Innocence

Many of our prisons are now owned by businesses that are expecting to profit on the shame, guilt, fault and the need to punish which the majority of people on the planet are presently taking as reality.

Who will be next to express society’s belief in false things? Who will pay the price for keeping these illusions alive?

In the name of freedom for all, and knowing what I know to be true, it’s impossible for me to buy ideas that deny innocence to anyone for any reason.

Sure there is ignorance of the truth, but there is no fault in that. Instead of meeting ignorance with more ignorance in the form of guilt, shame or punishment – I allow the clarity of God’s love to dissolve all matters of ignorance as they arise in my perception.

I’ve discovered that the only true healing is God’s love. It will inevitably eliminate the need for prisons altogether. It’s only a matter of time…

Abundant blessings!

Forgiveness is not Permissive

Just because I can allow forgiveness for any and all trespasses, it doesn’t meanPhoto Jun 21, 6 57 57 AM that I’ve become permissive.

For instance, when I believed that my mom’s ex-partner was unforgivable for having sexually violated me, that made me into a victim/survivor.

This perspective led to a lack of compassion in me for the pain he must have been experiencing, which spilled over to lack of compassion for what anyone else was going through…and because I could not recognize their humanness, people became as objects to me…especially my own children.

It’s relatively true that through judgment, I was successful in protecting my daughter from an experience similar to mine, and for that I’m very grateful.

It’s also true that I was unable to recognize that my daughter felt hurt by my controlling, demeaning and sarcastic behavior for many years as she was growing up.

Now that I can recognize the man who caused the most pain for me in the light of pure love, it doesn’t mean I’m going to hang out with him or have him come over and watch my kids.

But forgiveness has made me quite sensitive to the energy of people who are afraid, and who mean to express their fear by taking advantage of others. When I encounter such an individual, I don’t need to pursue any judgment that arises in my mind…and so compassion for whatever they are going through is naturally shared.

Because compassion is universal, I’m naturally moved toward those who are capable of loving me well…and I’m naturally moved to protect others from being violated or used by another person…all without the use of control, manipulation or disparagement.

In Love!

Other People’s Judgment

It’s not that I don’t care what people think of me. It’s just that forgivenessOther People's Judgment absolves any fear of how I might receive their point of view.

Having received the gift of forgiveness, other people’s points of view are important and relevant, but their ideas, labels and judgments are no longer permitted to dictate how I show up in the world.

To illustrate, when I was growing up, I heard from people what a terrible dancer I was. In fact, I was known in my family as the one with two left feet.

Since I adopted other people’s ideas, labels and judgments about my dance ability, I would look at how other people were dancing and try to mimic their moves, or I’d come to the dance floor with a few rehearsed moves so that I could at least not embarrass myself.

Needless to say, dancing wasn’t so much fun for me. I didn’t really see a point in it except to show off or attract guys.

…Last night I was dancing and having the time of my life. I was enjoying the other people but I wasn’t bothered by how they were dancing or how they might have expected me to dance.

My body was just being moved in whatever way my whole being felt to move, irrespective of whether it looked good or whether my dancing was even in rhythm with the music.

When a woman came up to me and asked if I was a dancer, I said “yes, tonight I am”. She said “no, I mean are you a professional dancer because you’re really good”.

I expressed appreciation for the compliment and said “no, I’m just making it up as I go along”, and then danced away with a huge shit-eating grin…seeing that the dance is just a metaphor for what occurs when the vessel known as myself is given over to the movement and flow of Spirit.

Now, I don’t know if everyone thinks I’m a good dancer…some may think I’m a total spaz.

I don’t consider myself a good or bad dancer, but when I dance, it’s natural for me to honor the movement that wants to happen through me because the whole point of dancing is experiencing the dance…and when the experience is fully allowed, passion, compassion and just plain fun express themselves without effort or cleverness.



I don’t apologize because I think I need forgiveness or anything else from another person. Nor do I have any regret for my thoughts, words or actions.

An apology for me proves to the ego that I value connection and sincerity over separation and justification.

No Hope

There is no hope for finding peace and joy in this world.

These attributes of wholeness can only be experienced through the mind has been forgiven if its own judgment.

To allow forgiveness, simply observe concepts as they arise in the mind, and choose to give them up.

Forgive the Attacker

When we are able to unconditionally forgive our attackers, there will be no more attacks.

For every attacker comes from within. The external attack is only a reflection of lack of forgiveness aka fear.

This isn’t about trying to control what’s going to happen – that only leads to more suffering.

We all hold memories of being attacked in different forms, whether physically, verbally, financially, etc. With those memories we automatically attach judgment that something went wrong, fear that it will happen again, and a need to keep it from happening again.

This way of being projects an energetic charge from aura that powerfully attracts more of what we are not wanting for ourselves and for the world – no matter what measures we take in the physical. Thus, the key to creating a more loving environment is in diffusing the energetic charge within our own field of awareness – ie: forgiveness.

How to forgive? Feel into the energetic charge that arises in our bodies when we think about the attacker, focus on breathing without pausing, and let the corresponding thoughts rise and fall on their own.

Forgiveness and Compassion

Forgiveness is the key to compassionate communication. Forgiveness happens when we fully realize that what we perceived to be hurtful behavior was an innocent attempt to get Love.

This does not mean we purposely subject ourselves to hurtful behavior or consciously engage in hurtful behavior.

When we perceive hurtful behavior (whether in the moment or as a reverberation from a past memory) , we create space for ourselves – not drama. If need be, we let other people know we require some time alone – we don’t make anyone out to be wrong.

We breathe consciously while feeling into and embracing the energetic resonance that creates our perception of hurtful behavior, and allow that resonance to change and subside on its own.

We hold space for ourselves in this way for as long and as often as necessary. We know forgiveness has occurred when we are no longer holding the person (self or other) in condemnation about the behavior, we no longer feel remorseful or victimized by it, and we can appreciate the awakening opportunity that has been presented.

From this perspective, we can see clearly whether communication and/or conscious physical movement into alignment with our present truth is necessary – and we can proceed effortlessly in the energy of Compassion.