Lost Little Children

Like lost little children, there are thoughts in your mind that have strayed from the perfect love in who's image they were created. 
You have permitted them to stray and it's within your power to bring them Home to their…

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Love is Freedom

Love is freedom. The kind of love that seeks to keep anybody from doing as they please is really fear disguised as love.

Fear turns what could be joyful relating into a game of suspicion, jealousy and disappointment. This is…

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I've discovered that vanity has nothing to do with admiring my reflection, posing for photos, or adorning my body with lovely things.

For me, vanity is believing that other people should be more like me, as if there's something wrong…

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When Unity was only a concept for me, it appeared that I needed to get other people on board with that concept.

But now that Unity has permeated my mind, it's clear that nothing else is needed. 


You don't have to try and make the Right decision. Just make a decision and then let thoughts of Regret fall into silence. In this way, all of your decisions create more Peace and Freedom for your Self and for This World.

Let Them Be!

Let them be, and you will be set free. You cannot control the experience of anyOne, so it's safe to let go of your personality's self righteous ideas about how their life should unfold.

Love Message: Government Reflects Collective Belief

Government, in its present form is necessary, otherwise it would not
be what IS.

The energy of fear projected from the vast majority of society
members perpetuates the 'need' for a system of rules, punishment and
dependency; but You alone…

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Money Madness

Most people (individualized awareness projecting as human form) create a substantial amount of stress and worry around the subject of money. Monetary abundance is commonly thought to create joy, while a lack of money is commonly thought to produce pain.…

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Channeled Message: Government

Government is a means for people to exercise control over people. But this is not something to fear - it’s only your belief that anyOne can be controlled that steals your freedom.

Government is a Reflection of Belief

When thoughts about government feel disturbing, it indicates that those thoughts are fueling the energetic current that's programmed to create more disturbing manifestations. Without the energetic support (fearful thought offerings) of the collective awareness, government could not even exist much less exercise control over people.

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