Lost Little Children

Like lost little children, there are thoughts in your mind that have strayed from the perfect love in who’s image they were created. 
You have permitted them to stray and it’s within your power to bring them Home to their source in You once more. This is your Freedom of Choice. 
Thoughts that deny You as their only source cause illusions of suffering in your mind. Without your overview, thoughts are left struggling to make sense of the themselves by adding more illusions that deny what’s true. 
You have the Choice now and always to protect the mind from venturing any further into delusion, and guide those stray thoughts that seem to be lacking love back to the all-loving source where they were created perfect. 
Simply observe thoughts that deny You as the source of the entire world, and the Light of your awareness will protect your mind from accumulating more illusions while gently guiding thoughts of suffering back to You. 
This is not a personal observation as you were never a person. So don’t get caught up with ridiculous notions like “I perceive greed and therefore I must be greedy”. No! That’s not it..that’s another thought gone astray. 
People, not just your self image…but all people, are merely manifestations of your own thought that’s gotten lost in confusion. In Reality, there are no separate individuals who are born and then eventually die. 
You made them that way by permitting thoughts to wander far, far away from their source. In Reality, there is one life and no death. 
This may be difficult to take in as becoming someone important and doing good for the world of dreams and future generations of dreamers has a kind of sexy appeal to it. 
But this is the temptation of confusion, born out of beLIEf that you are a individual person in this world. 
If you choose to permit such thoughts to rule your mind, confusion and suffering will continue to multiply while your thoughts strive to save the self/world which was never real in the first place. 
The saving grace for all beings is You in recognition of who you are. In that recognition, lost thoughts are led by the Light of awareness back to their all-loving source and protected from the temptations of beLIEving in this world of dreams. 
There is no fear in love, and there’s no fear in the end of this dream world. Fear is the root of all confusion. 
All of your friends, relatives and all of the animals and plants that you have ever loved reside in the Real world where there is no notion of death. 
You are Here with them in perfect and eternal Peace. Your mind has only dreamed a separate dream. 
Every thought that arises in your mind is like your child, because it’s your attention that gives it life. 
Whenever you hear one of your children crying out in distress, you can either turn a blind eye to hir suffering or remind hir of hir Home. 
This is entirely up to You! 
Thank you for being the peaceful resting place for all thoughts that have lost their way! I love you!

Love is Freedom

Love is freedom. The kind of love that seeks to keep anybody from doing as they please is really fear disguised as love.

Fear turns what could be joyful relating into a game of suspicion, jealousy and disappointment. This is the common way that people have been taught to “love”.

But when everybody is allowed to act natural, people naturally gravitate toward other people who bring out the most joy in one another.

This is the way my husband and I relate, and while we have been sexually exclusive with each other for over two decades, neither of us demands faithfulness or acts suspicious toward the other.

It’s mutual enjoyment of our romantically exclusive partnership that has kept us from pursuing other options, not an illusion of obligation or self control.

In fact, because I love my man, I want him to have his romantic desires fulfilled. And if his desire is not for me exclusively, no problem…I would likely become disinterested in romantic connection with him, but no love would be lost.

Likewise, when it comes to kids, parents, friends, etc, there’s awareness that disappointment is impossible, and so there are no restrictions on my love….or their freedom.

Can you imagine what a world full of lovers might feel like?

Thank you! I love you!!


I’ve discovered that vanity has nothing to do with admiring my reflection, posing for photos, or adorning my body with lovely things.

For me, vanity is believing that other people should be more like me, as if there’s something wrong with the way they are.

When this energy arises in me (and it comes up often), I focus my mind on the sensations that are occurring in my body temple,,,because only here can I observe how I am immediately punished by permitting vain thought patterns to propagate in my mind.

Once I experience the effects of vanity, it dissipates, and I can allow people to have whatever experience they choose, without my interference.

What a blessing it is to know that everyone is exactly as they should be and that everything is transpiring in perfect order. This is true freedom.

Much appreciation!


You don’t have to try and make the Right decision. Just make a decision and then let thoughts of Regret fall into silence. In this way, all of your decisions create more Peace and Freedom for your Self and for This World.

Love Message: Government Reflects Collective Belief

Government, in its present form is necessary, otherwise it would not
be what IS.

The energy of fear projected from the vast majority of society
members perpetuates the ‘need’ for a system of rules, punishment and
dependency; but You alone have the power to allow freedom, peace and sustainability to project through your perception – thereby
transforming the quality of your life experience – and commanding
blessings for your world.

Money Madness

Most people (individualized awareness projecting as human form) create a substantial amount of stress and worry around the subject of money. Monetary abundance is commonly thought to create joy, while a lack of money is commonly thought to produce pain.

In reality, everything is a form of energy, having no value except that which the perceiver assigns to it -and money is no exception. Because most people operate under a false sense of identity, the mind creates many problems, and people believe (a) that their problems are real and (b) that many of their problems can be solved by money – either by getting more for their self, by taking money away from someone thought to have ‘too much’, by giving money to those thought to have ‘not enough’, or by abolishing the use of money all together.

While it benefits everyone to be realistic about how money is used in this illusion, true financial freedom is created by the one who remembers to remember that money (like all things) is a manifestation of thought energy, and to the extent anyone attaches their feelings to money, they experience struggle around the subject.

From the hippy to the senator, unless they are an enlightened master, in mental infancy, or a recluse, all people hold some ideal about money, and there’s nothing wrong about that. The key is in recognizing that one’s present relationship with money is a response to all thought-based feelings they have previously projected about money.

For example, every time someone thinks they can’t afford something, they activate the feeling of ‘not enough’. Unless that feeling is observed, the egoic mind represses, denies or minimizes it while incessantly searching for ways to manipulate more money in the delusion that it will make them feel like they have ‘enough’.

Another example is the one who believes money is a tool of ‘evil’ and/or that an economic collapse is imminent -so they bear with the feeling of not presently having enough money to create personal freedom and joy, while waiting for a future where everything will go in their favor.

This one too is projecting for ‘not enough’, but this one is also projecting for more manifestations of what they consider to be the ‘evil’ use of money. Even if the economic system did collapse, they would still be left with the spiritual poverty they have created in thought.

Conversely, when money is a non-issue, one can be free to express creativity, and ‘enough’ of everything comes in response to creative expression.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that one’s creative expression directly results in monetary manifestations, but with money not being equated with feelings, one can attract money through unlimited channels as a means for them to experience more of the joy they have already projected through creative expression.

In order to activate creativity and allow it to inform action, one must first accept and respect that thought has made money an important form of energetic exchange between people. From the foundation of acceptance and respect, one can begin to observe their personal thoughts about money, and what feelings those thoughts evoke.

Through relaxed observation and acceptance of whatever one thinks/feels, the creative force of awareness shifts one’s relationship with money until money is no longer thought to be a source of anything – and it will be so.

Because this is much easier said than done, it’s very helpful to have support from someone who has experience in this regard. For this reason, I offer counseling/coaching/channeling sessions to guide interested people along their path.

Government is a Reflection of Belief

I always appreciate hearing news about how our government is regulating this or that in order to impede our freedoms. It’s good to know when we have created something unwanted so that we may direct our thoughts into alignment with the solution.

Because the mind is rational and logical, our first reaction in response to what we perceive as governmental abuse is to project Fearful thoughts – thus creating the perception that there is a ‘need’ to fight, manipulate, win, hide and/or cheat. However, government, with it’s purpose of controlling the behavior of ‘bad’ people so that ‘good’ people can live freely is created and sustained by the energy of Fear; and only True Love can transform Fearful energy.

When thoughts about government feel disturbing, it indicates that those thoughts are fueling the energetic current that’s programmed to create more disturbing manifestations. Without the energetic support (fearful thought offerings) of the collective awareness, government could not even exist much less exercise control over people.

Likewise, when thoughts about other people feel disturbing, and it feels better to think about the prospect of government controlling them, individual responsibility is denied while government is afforded greater control over what is eternally free – Your Awareness.

You are not separate from government. It is exactly as you have created it based on all thought that you have offered from your individualized perspective in this lifetime and from every other perspective from which you have experienced Life since the beginning of time.

By simply noticing anything about government that feels disturbing, one gives their self the power to redirect thoughts from vibratory alignment with what’s considered to be the ‘problem’ to vibratory alignment with what’s considered to be the ‘solution’.

This is not to suggest that it would be beneficial to mask feelings of disturbance or to pretend that disturbing things are not in your perception.  It’s important to be present to your perception and feelings in order to recognize the resistance in you that is making you feel like a victim while projecting your victim consciousness onto government.

The more you practice being present, you are gradually shifting and expanding the focus of your individualized awareness, thus allowing the both your self and the collective Self to be more receptive to possibilities that lead to the heart’s desires. From there you have only to seize opportunities as they arise by followig the path of Joy toward all the newness that you have created in thought.

Mind the mind and allow your vision for your self and for the world to inform what you are offering in thought every day.