Parents Frustrated with Wiggly Kids

Here's a response I wrote in response to a reporter's questions at

What do you know about a parent's frustration with wiggly kids? Parents who are frustrated with wiggly kids hold a belief that kids should not wiggle…

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The End is Without End

Overwhelment and frustration are forms of attachment to desire, whereby you have become identified with the mind's calculation about what end must be attained before you can relax. However, desire never ceases, and new 'ends' are constantly being calculated according to the new desires that spring forth from your individualized point of view. 

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Daily Thought: People Pleaser

You aren’t capable of pleasing people. EveryOne’s experience of pleasure is created from within. When you try to please them, your energy is given to reinforce the root of all frustration - belief that pleasure comes from ‘out there’.