Dismantling the System

One of the forces thDCIM101GOPROat’s set up in the mind to keep people in denial of God’s love and disconnected from one another is the perceived need to dismantle the powers and systems that seem to be running the world.

Thankfully, I’m aware that it’s not my business to dismantle anything unless I happen to be dismantling something at the time, and so this delusional force can have no power over my consciousness.

Thoughts about how systems will be dismantled, when it will happen, who will do it, and what will be the fallout is just more dancing with delusion from my perspective. I have observed that these ways of thinking are distractions….if I permit these kinds of thoughts to become relevant for me, I cannot also see the bigger picture as it relates to what’s happening in me and through me right now.

I’ve heard all the mental arguments about how frivolous it is to focus on right now when all these horrible things are happening in the world, but it’s been made abundantly clear to my mind that it’s the other way around…Frivolity is focusing on ignorance and thinking that ignorance can be dismantled through more ignorance.

In this way, I am not concerned with, nor do I have any opinion or idea about other people who seem set in their ways and unwilling to transcend that which holds them to the perception of lack and the need to blame. These people are not my job, but my reflection.

What do I do with all reflections of mine that appear to lack love? I observe what my mind is holding against them, and let it be.

In this way, my mind is free to creatively imagine and my body is free to express whatever brings joy to my heart…instead of being bound by perception of lack.

It’s so simple, it seems difficult, and that’s why the mind that worships its own intellectual prowess cannot fathom what’s really true.

Much love!

Imprisonment of Innocence

Many of our prisons are now owned by businesses that are expecting to profit on the shame, guilt, fault and the need to punish which the majority of people on the planet are presently taking as reality.

Who will be next to express society’s belief in false things? Who will pay the price for keeping these illusions alive?

In the name of freedom for all, and knowing what I know to be true, it’s impossible for me to buy ideas that deny innocence to anyone for any reason.

Sure there is ignorance of the truth, but there is no fault in that. Instead of meeting ignorance with more ignorance in the form of guilt, shame or punishment – I allow the clarity of God’s love to dissolve all matters of ignorance as they arise in my perception.

I’ve discovered that the only true healing is God’s love. It will inevitably eliminate the need for prisons altogether. It’s only a matter of time…

Abundant blessings!

Law of Love

The only Law is Love. Laws, rules and moral codes may seem to condemn you by keeping your mind in denial of Love. But even this is ordained by Love for the purpose of awakening the mind out of its self concept of struggle and suffering.

No harm can come out of Love. In this way, sharing Love with all the World protects you from worldly effects such as laws, shame and punishment. But if you choose to resist worldly powers, Love is also withheld from the World, and in that withholding you suffer according to the laws of the world.

In this awareness, you are invited to Give up all resistance, and simply Love.

Love Message: Government Reflects Collective Belief

Government, in its present form is necessary, otherwise it would not
be what IS.

The energy of fear projected from the vast majority of society
members perpetuates the ‘need’ for a system of rules, punishment and
dependency; but You alone have the power to allow freedom, peace and sustainability to project through your perception – thereby
transforming the quality of your life experience – and commanding
blessings for your world.

Government, Taxation and God Consciousness

The One against government taxation and The One attached to government ‘benefits’ is creating the same dis-ease. Their energy is given to a dance of ignorance in the belief that freedom/joy/peace is based on circumstance.

Everything, as it is Now, how it has been, and how it will be is an expression of God. Whether you condemn government and taxation, or attach your (or other people’s) happiness to government ‘benefits’, you offer your energy of awareness to resist God’s creation.

In that resistance, the energy that says “people are not free unless certain conditions are met” projects from your individualized awareness; and any awareness that places conditions on freedom/joy/peace is based on a fearful mindset. Whenever your individualized awareness moves within fearful mindsets, your energy is given to create a reality that shows you manifestations of your fear.

For many people, fearful projections consistently launch from their awareness because they operate from a fearful foundation formed out of conditioned judgment, and all mental movement is based on judgment. Indeed, much individualized awareness is emotionally invested in the evolution of government and taxation.

There is no truth to how government and taxation affect anyone except as a mental projection. To the extent that one holds judgment that people can be victimized or saved by government and/or taxation, they create more ‘evidence’ that their judgment is ‘true’.

Repeatedly perceiving ‘evidence’ and then reinforcing self-limiting judgment with more belief has created a powerful emotional charge around the issue of government and taxation. That emotional charge says to God ‘give me more manifestations to focus upon in this way so that I may suffer enough to awaken from my slumber and remember who I AM’.

When you remember that its your state of mind, not anything the government does (or anything else you perceive), that causes personal suffering – whatever tax laws are passed and enforced may determine your course of action, but they will no longer trigger a painful or uncomfortable emotional response from you.

From the perspective of peace, you can navigate the current tax system to serve your purpose while creating a more peaceful life experience for your self and those ‘others’ in your world. Finally, as Earth-focused awareness transcends fear, the paradigm of government and taxation will dissolve along with the perceived ‘need’ to control people and resources.


Government is a Reflection of Belief

I always appreciate hearing news about how our government is regulating this or that in order to impede our freedoms. It’s good to know when we have created something unwanted so that we may direct our thoughts into alignment with the solution.

Because the mind is rational and logical, our first reaction in response to what we perceive as governmental abuse is to project Fearful thoughts – thus creating the perception that there is a ‘need’ to fight, manipulate, win, hide and/or cheat. However, government, with it’s purpose of controlling the behavior of ‘bad’ people so that ‘good’ people can live freely is created and sustained by the energy of Fear; and only True Love can transform Fearful energy.

When thoughts about government feel disturbing, it indicates that those thoughts are fueling the energetic current that’s programmed to create more disturbing manifestations. Without the energetic support (fearful thought offerings) of the collective awareness, government could not even exist much less exercise control over people.

Likewise, when thoughts about other people feel disturbing, and it feels better to think about the prospect of government controlling them, individual responsibility is denied while government is afforded greater control over what is eternally free – Your Awareness.

You are not separate from government. It is exactly as you have created it based on all thought that you have offered from your individualized perspective in this lifetime and from every other perspective from which you have experienced Life since the beginning of time.

By simply noticing anything about government that feels disturbing, one gives their self the power to redirect thoughts from vibratory alignment with what’s considered to be the ‘problem’ to vibratory alignment with what’s considered to be the ‘solution’.

This is not to suggest that it would be beneficial to mask feelings of disturbance or to pretend that disturbing things are not in your perception.  It’s important to be present to your perception and feelings in order to recognize the resistance in you that is making you feel like a victim while projecting your victim consciousness onto government.

The more you practice being present, you are gradually shifting and expanding the focus of your individualized awareness, thus allowing the both your self and the collective Self to be more receptive to possibilities that lead to the heart’s desires. From there you have only to seize opportunities as they arise by followig the path of Joy toward all the newness that you have created in thought.

Mind the mind and allow your vision for your self and for the world to inform what you are offering in thought every day.

From Fear to Freedom

Every person is the same energy source having life experiences from different perspectives. Through individual perception of our environment, we are creating our shared reality.

Because most of us perceive certain “others” as fearful, that thought energy must manifest in the material world as people who evoke the fear within us. In our attempt to control so called fearful people, we have created legislative and judicial systems with laws, jails, regulations, fines, etc.

The more regulations we create, the more regulations we think we need because those pesky humans keep inventing more ways to disturb societal norms.  Likewise, the more jails and prisons we build, the more they fill to capacity, and we require new jails and prisons to control the overwhelming number of “bad” ones.

The more we try to control our fear from outside ourselves, the more we cultivate a system that controls us. Moreover, control never really eliminates the fear – it only masks it with a false sense of security in the belief that we are controlling someone else and thus avoiding harm.

In reality, our belief in the necessity for control is the energy that creates and sustains an entire system of power and greed which includes government, media and influential corporate interests. Through that system, we are conditioned as to how we are expected to act within rules that have been arbitrarily assigned labels of “good” and “bad”.

Instead of tuning to our internal guidance as to what benefits us as part of everything, we try to adhere to external knowledge of worldly expectations.  In doing so, we create a sense that we are powerless, afraid and in need of protection.

That protection comes in the form of societal conditioning and control which makes us willing slaves to the greed perpetuated corporate structure that runs the material world.  The only thing keeping this system of greed in power are the self limiting beliefs that we continue to project into our present moment.

This means that we hold the power to further create or deconstruct the system that controls us by consciously redirecting our thought patterns into alignment with what’s true within us.

Essentially, every system built on the energy of fear easily dissolves as our thoughts project the understanding that we are not separate from anything that has been created, safety and security come from our power within, and we do not require any sort of protection in the physical world.

The power to transform our government and our world is within each person because the systems’ power is only a manifestation of that which is within. One by one, as we become conscious of our unity and power, our shared reality is gradually being shifted toward individual freedom and global harmony.

Control is Illusion

We don’t need government run society or taxes of any kind. It’s our own dependency on the system that keeps it growing.

The current government is a manifestation our collective beliefs as a society. As long as we are dependent and afraid of ourselves and our fellow humans, there will be a system to rule us.

Beliefs that we are limited attract the circumstances, people and events that prove those beliefs to be accurate. So long as we believe that things like quality roads and education can only come from a system of government and taxation, our consciousness continues to perpetuate things like war and tyranny.

The way to real freedom is to free our minds from the habits and conditioning that we have been trained to follow, and live as the true Being we were born to express in this life. One by one, as we awaken from the slumber of habits, we are experiencing our greatness and turning our world in the direction of health, harmony and abundance for all.

Of course when I say ‘we’, I mean the one that is me.