Forgiveness of Guilt

You have done nothing to cause the situation you find yourself in. In fact, the idea that you do anything at all is a total lie.  
When the idea is beLIEved it leads to alternating feelings of pride and shame…which are both equally rooted in guilty programming. 
On the surface, people do things that bring about certain results, but you are not a person. The person is like a character that’s occurring to you in a dream. 
You have absolutely no control over what the person does, how the person behaves, what ailments befall the person etc. 
What you do have is a choice whether to worship the witnessing presence within you or to worship illusions. You are always worshipping one or the other, but never both in the same instance. 
Most human beings are committed to worshipping illusions, but that’s only because they are afraid of losing what they’ve made themselves and the world out to be. 
It’s up to you to hold your ground and not get sucked in to the illusions held so tightly by worldly humans. Don’t worry if you fall under the spell of mental programming either. 
No matter what, You have the choice to return to the state of grace again and again. It’s so simple…just pay attention to the presence that’s witnessing the dream of you and your imagined world. 
Naturally feelings of pride and shame will come to have no meaning for you…and without guilty feelings dictating your behavior, an opening is created whereby the mind-body becomes the vehicle for loving kindness to be shared in the dream world. 
This is true service, very much unlike the ideas the guilty mind makes up about worldly duties it has to perform. 
Forgiveness of guilty dreams and all of their manifestations can ONLY happen through focused commitment to the witnessing principal that’s truly who you are. 
Thank you for being the answer to a world made of guilty dreams! I love you!

Love of Being

First comes belief in a separate self who acts autonomously and with free will…
…then comes knowledge of right and wrong…
…then comes guilt, shame and self punishment for all the ways the separate self appears to acts wrongly. 
Nobody needs to be burdened like this…
…because everybody is really one body, appearing through love of Being, and reflecting one mind. 
Imagine what the reflection will look like when love of Being is accepted for everybody. 
Thank you! I love you!!

No Fault

In my view, nobody is ever at fault. That’s why I’m invulnerable to victim mentality and abusiveness in my relationships.

I notice that when my mind is not preoccupied with who’s at fault, who might be at fault, or trying to defend myself against fault, I can perceive what’s really coming up to be healed by me.

In this way, when I tell of my experience of being abused as a child, the intent is to share an example of forgiveness within circumstances that seem unforgivable, not to make fault for anyone.

I give up fault not only because I love the other as myself, but also because holding fault for another makes myself a victim…which in my experience only leads to more instances of child abuse being made through my mind.

I have observed that children receive abuse from parents and caretakers who are desperately looking for relief from their victim mentality (guilty and shameful feelings made by abusive thought patterns inherited from their parents and caretakers).

As children naturally reflect whatever is held in the mind of their adult caretakers, the victimized adult sees themselves as “vindicator of righteousness” in their own mind through correcting the fault they perceive in the child…but this high self ideal never sticks and must be repeated over and over again…thus setting the child up for the same guilty and shameful cycle with the children and other people in their life.

Because I can imagine a world in which every child receives only kindness from their parents and caretakers, I know that the way for this reality has already been made. Indeed, I’ve been shown that the gentle and kind world that I imagine is the Truth that triumphs over all illusions.

In this awareness, I can easily identify abusive thought patterns, such as the idea of fault, that are responsible for manifesting as child abuse (and abuse of people in general); and when such false ideas come up in my mind, I do not give them my power of attention and belief…I stay focused on Truth instead…because Truth opens the door to forgiveness, which is the antidote to abusive thought patterns and their painful manifestations in the first place.

And so, given the possibilities that can be created through me, I can’t help but feel grateful for everything that happens and everyone who participates in every happening just as they do.

Much Aloha!

Guilt-Free Eating

If the pork chop with grease and gravy over rice or the double chocolate mousse cake feels satisfying to you, please enjoy it without guilt.  Guilt is nothing but an unnecessary emotion which causes mental pain.

Let the guilt go and enjoy what you like.  One way to improve health is to feel better about yourself.

You can make slight changes toward improved health by incorporating all or any of the following:

–  whenever possible, eat a meal which includes plenty of uncooked fat and raw or lightly cooked grass-fed meat or raw fish.

– making or purchasing fresh organic veggie juice (no fruit or carrots – make the base celery or tomato) whenever possible.

– buying raw milk from grass-fed cows which are free of hormones and antibiotics; and having that as your drink whenever you feel like having something cold and satisfying.

If I were to eat a meal with cooked meat and/or fats, I would add something fermented to aid my digestion.  I think pickled ginger would compliment this meal well.

You don’t have to make any big commitment to health.  Just make small comfortable changes, and see where they take you.