True Healing

Medicines, drugs and supplements work a trick on the mind. Body is not a reality. It is a projection of thought occurring in the mind.  
Whatever calls to you as “medicine” is really your mind’s medicine. And guess what? Nothing can appear to heal your body unless your mind beLIEves it can.
But irrespective of foolish beLIEfs, both illness and healing appear spontaneously to the body for the purpose of purifying the mind of all beLIEf. 
So chose whatever so called healing modalities and healers appeal to your senses and intuition.
But know that nothing of this world really has any power to cause, cure or prevent illness or disease; and that whatever is used to make any of these effects on the body is Equally valuable Medicine for the mind! 
Have fun with the process of illness and healing, but stay alert to the Truth…and your mind will become more relaxed and able to digest, absorb and assimilate its Medicine with ease. 
A mind that’s willing to receive its Medicine equals true healing beyond surface manifestations of health and disease. 
Thank you for being the real reason for all physical appearances! I love you!

Healing Journey

At this point my body is appearing quite frail and exhausted, although some vital signs are showing improvement. 
And while my mind is being led on an apparent journey toward healing, it does not matter to me whether this body gets healed, stays diseased or passes away. 
If it matters to you, I understand what you are going through, and your concern does not go unappreciated. But I cannot join you in hoping for any particular outcome. 
All worldly things are working together toward total purification of ego….And there is absolutely no suffering in it unless there is pretense that a specific worldly outcome is desired. 
Thank you for being desireless forever! I love you!

Other People’s Negativity

To perceive that it’s possible to take on another person’s “stuff” or to be affected by their negativity, there must be beLIEf that guilt is real. 
Everything that occurs to you is a projection of mind. But it’s not personal because you are not the mind, nor are you any of the images occurring within the mind. 
Whatever other people seem to say or do to you is a miracle for you to behold. If you make anything out to be a burden, it becomes so…but only as a temporary perception. 
And guess what? The more you pursue thoughts that aggrandize yourself for avoiding other people’s issues, the more the concept of guilt is being affirmed for you….and the more “work” you will be made to do in order to uphold the self righteous posture you have taken in thought. 
Simply acknowledge that whatever negativity or mental baggage you perceive belongs to nobody. This can prove to be difficult at first, but it gets easier, I promise. Just don’t give up!
Through acknowledgment of what’s really true, the mind will naturally develop the capacity to offer up perceptions of guilty illusions to be healed in your luminous sight. 
Healing is natural for you. No method is necessary. By your choice to acknowledge the source of perception, perception gets purified…and the action of pure perception is to recognize and forgive guilty beLIEfs upon which guilty illusions are based. 
Forgiveness like this equals real healing. All other forms of healing are like magic tricks that substitute one illusion for another, and only appear to make life more bearable for a little while. 
When all matters of guilt are forgiven, everybody will be as one harmonious being, and even the idea of forgiveness will be forgotten. 
Thank you the luminous sight that you bear! I love you! 

Complete Forever

It’s a common misperception the thought that something needs to be healed before ultimate peace and freedom is revealed. 
Perception of healing spiritual wounds is never-ending so long as there is worshipping of the idea that there is a someone who needs healing. 
Look! I don’t care if you think you have a childhood wound, a present sexual wound, or ancestral wounds that need healing. 
Whatever seems to be preventing completion for you is only an idea, which is nothing at all unless you insist that it is something.
Even if you insist, the something you make out of nothing is only a temporary dream of self…not reality. 
In light of the Truth, all wounds are immediately “healed”. It’s not the other way around…as if healing wounds leads to the Truth of who you are. 
Healing of wounds takes mental strategies, which only leads to perception of more “stuff” to be healed. 
Feed the mind with concepts of healing itself and it becomes hungry for more. That’s the way mind works. 
But detachment from ideas of a someone who can be healed leads straight to knowledge of Self, and in that Light, perceived wounds are immediately seen as having been only a dream.
Thank you for being whole and complete forever! I love you!!

Help Me Jesus

“Help me Jesus” is a thought that I’ve found myself giving attention toward – even while there was consciousness of the fact that Jesus is not a separate entity who can really offer me any assistance. 

At times, when I couldn’t find the courage to go through all the sensations that were arising without paying allegiance to thoughts that seemed to attack myself and others, I called on the thoughts of Jesus – a pillar of love and compassion that my attention could possibly be moved toward.  

Help did come too…Whatever thought pattern seemed to have my attention instantly became irrelevant along with fear of experiencing the feelings that were alive for me. 

Somehow pursuing thoughts of confusion lost their significance, and there was a sense of compassion, comfort, courage and excitement about what was being exposed and purified through the body experience. 

The result has been simply miraculous in that ancient patterns of conflict and dis-ease have been replaced with compassion and healing no matter what’s being perceived. 

Thank you Jesus for the friend you are in me.

The Cure for Death

People seem so occupied with finding cures for countless different diseases, all of which are symptoms of dying. Why not seek the cure for death itself? 

Guilt associated with belief in separation is the cause of all appearances of death and disease  – the cure for which is not found in the world. 
If this resonates for you and life leads you to seek different remedies, medicines and procedures to cure what seems to be ailing you or your loved ones, please consider that every method of recovery and the sacred meetings that they entail (doctor visits, etc) are tools for teaching the collective mind the consequence of belief so that healing becomes the natural choice over making dis-ease. 
True healing is a gift of grace which transforms the thinking mind, while every material cure is really just one illusion replacing another. 
Recognition of the reality behind the illusion creates a sense of ease and detachment from outcome….which allows the cause of death to be observed, thereby accelerating the process of transformation within the collective mind.   
Appearances of death and its symptoms will continue to arise only until transformation is complete. In the meantime, enjoy the apparent process and love all.
Abundant blessings! 

Healing is a Thought Process

There’s no person that’s more or less healed than another person. People are nothing but projections of thought structures that have been formed according to belief in guilt and death.

While people can develop the ability to recognize illusions and thereby escape suffering from moment to moment, no person is separate or apart from the confusion and harm that’s so obviously being played out in the apparent world, and no person is other. 

In fact, the personal self and all other persons arise only in perception, and reflect that which is untrue. 

Because all people are of the same body and the same mind, every perception of dis-ease is a chance to recognize the unreality of thought processes that hold dis-ease in place….which equals healing. 

Even healing itself is a thought process, but it’s one that will endure until perception is completely healed, and the world that’s been made in darkness no longer remains. 

In this way, the aim of healing is not for a few special people to attain the status of “healed” for themselves…the aim of healing is to totally deconstruct the collective dream of separation and fear.

All people share the same healing purpose, and each person naturally attracts other people who are best suited to be both teacher and student in this regard.

Healing comes through people but it’s not for any person in particular. True healing is a thought process that forgives thought processes which insist on guilt and death being real.

When healing is complete, no people will remain. There will be nobody left to proclaim that they are healed. 

In loving appreciation! 

Gift of Healing

Everything that can heal the body has already been created in the mind of God, and manifested through nature. Widespread belief that medical drugs can heal disease is only a reflection of humanity’s turning away from God’s mind (which is Love), and leaning to our own fearful understandings.

Because humanity has largely purchased the idea that we are not deserving of God’s love, most of us have deemed ourselves unable to receive God’s Gifts of natural healing.

And so we have made doctors of medicine – who are really like magicians – to prescribe man-made drugs that help make illusions of good health while physical and mental dis-ease multiplies just under the surface.

To turn back toward God’s Mind, just notice what’s going on. No need to punish oneself for taking man-made drugs or force oneself to stop taking them. Just notice…the rest happens spontaneously.

Much appreciation!