Awareness is the Best Health Insurance

Nobody actually “needs” medical insurance.  Karma is karma! If we have created dis-ease for ourselves, we will experience it.

Having medical insurance gives us a false sense of control over our experience with dis-ease. But in reality, we always experience dis-ease to the degree that we have attracted it with our thoughts.

While having medical insurance may make it possible to control the costs associated with bodily dis-ease, shutting off one possibility for suffering only serves to redirect any suffering we have attracted to manifest in a different way.

Tense thoughts resist the radiant health that is our true essence. That resistance creates energetic blockages in the body and brain which eventually manifest as physical blockages and dis-ease.

Moreover, tense thoughts put us in energetic rhythm with possibilities that would evoke more tension from our perspective. This is the way we attract dis-ease in the form of circumstance.

For these reasons, the best health insurance is a still and peaceful mind. Total Well Being is available to everyone.  Just as soon we align our energy with the source of all wellness, we are healed!

It serves us to realize that because we have believed in the illusion that we are victims of circumstance, we have created our own fear, and insurance companies are a manifestation of our perceived need to control that fear. But since many of us have been deeply conditioned with this fear, until one develops their awareness enough to feel their own creative power, it may give them more peace of mind to keep their health insurance temporarily.

The key to creating abundance in every area of life, including health, is the practice of awareness. To discover more about your real Self and how awareness can work for you, please see: Your Real Self

The best health insurance is thoughts that glorify what’s true within us. Experience your true Self and be healed!

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Battle is Cancerous

Cancer is just one manifestation of mental dis-ease. The idea that anything needs to be fought and conquered causes conflict in the mind which creates more of what we are fighting against.

I know it can be difficult to watch someone experiencing physical and mental anguish due to dis-ease, and I’m not going to suggest that anyone is at fault for having cancer. But it is we who hold the key to creating radiant health, deathly dis-ease and everything in between.

Dedicating our energy to focus on cancer awareness brings more feelings of fear and helplessness which serve to perpetuate the dis-ease. In addition, many people feel guilt if they choose not to give money or otherwise participate in this battle.

Uncomfortable and painful emotions are the cause of all dis-ease.  Can we ask any louder for the Universe to create more cancer?

There is no empty space, and nothing can happen in the material world without thoughts that create it. This is scientifically proven, but the medical paradigm will lose a lot of money once it becomes common knowledge.

A toxic chemical environment (within and without the body) is the manifestation of all thoughts that created it. Even babies are susceptible to cancer because the energetic environment on Earth is polluted with conflict.

Our greatest gift is our energy. See people healthy, whole and Joyful. Feel the power of this perspective through your heart center, and heal the world by your very presence in it.

The Light of Awareness is the ONLY real source of whole health. But focusing on anything that creates ill feelings is not of the Light.

True compassion is the courage to see things as they have been created while sending forth energy that matches how they truly are in the non-physical realm of pure Light energy. The Light is pure Unconditional Love, which knows no dis-ease of any kind.

Feel the feeling of whole, radiant health and know that you have the power to create it. When that feeling emanates from us in its purest form, dis-ease is dissolved by our presence in the world.

I will be focusing on abundant health for you and every other member of our planet (and for Earth itself) in this and every month. Of course, I Love and appreciate you no matter what you choose to focus upon, but I would be delighted if you would join me!

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Healing From Abuse

If there is anyone you resent or have not forgiven, you are reading this because your soul wants to be revealed to you – and this message has been attracted by that wanting. The pain of your past has caused you to keep defending against it in body and mind, and while the following words resonate deeply with your soul, your ego will want to reject them out of fear that you will be harmed again.

This message is not intended to win your soul or change you in any way. You are perfect just as you are now.  Speaking of now, did you know that now is eternity, and your choice of focus is the creator of the events that will be? It has always been that way.

Biological imprints are pre-programmed into the subconscious mind from previous human experience, and even newborn babies are attracting the experiences that form their reality.  As long as we continue to allow the blueprint of the subconscious mind to shape our lives, our individual and shared reality continue to unfold according to that plan.

Every event, circumstance and person that you have ever experienced in your life was attracted to you by your own thought offering.  Whether those thoughts were offered in this life or a previous one, every physical manifestation is only an echo of the thought patterns that have come before.

Your true Self is Divine, innocent, pure, and all knowing. While this enduring Self bears witness to all experiences, the witness is NOT identified by any experience.

You don’t need to know why anything happened, but know that every uncomfortable or painful event is an invitation to evolve your awareness of truth, and replace old patterns with more favorable ones.  By harnessing the power of forgiveness, you can transform your emotions, your life, and the world.

The greater the challenge, the greater the reward, and dealing with abuse is an enormous challenge.

Our bodies and minds are extensions of the same conscious energy having experiences from different perspectives. Living in a material reality causes us to perceive one another as separate even though we are intricately connected through a single source energy.    This means that anyone who has acted to harm your physical and/or mental self is really another extension of You.

Anyone involved in your abuse was attracted to you just as you were attracted to them because your energetic frequencies were aligned. The vibrational patterns of every emotion resound into a future reality in time and space, and feelings of resent, malice, etc. can only project for that which we do not want to create.

Moreover, any feelings that we reject are repressed, and repressed feelings generate power until they overcome our will and burst out of us in the form of painful emotion. Holding on to your past causes it to project into your present, and imprisons you in the same or similar energetic patterns that have proven to be detrimental to your wellbeing.

The intent to Forgive is an important first step in removing yourself from this otherwise eternal dance of victim and perpetrator so that you may live in harmony and be a creator of peace.

This is a very personal and internal transition, and need not be made known to any other person. There is no need to have any contact with any person who committed an offense against you. Forgiveness releases feelings of dis-ease for the one who practices it, whether or not forgiveness is communicated to any other person.  By creating peace of mind for yourself, you are creating more peace in our shared reality for this and future generations (the greater part of You).

The way to forgiveness is through Love, which is cultivated by remembering who you are.  The understanding that you are intricately connected to everything else is instrumental in allowing Love to guide you into the recesses of your mind and body to dissolve that which prevents you from fully experiencing the present moment.

True forgiveness can only be accomplished through feeling, not thinking.  When you notice feelings of rage, anger, helplessness, depression, etc. associated with the past, breathe deeply into those feelings without interjecting thought. This allows the part of you that is pure Love to be present, and that presence dissolves the emotional charge of past events while healing old wounds.

This kind of deep healing is very effective yet not easily explained.  Any explanation of forgiveness must be a bit abstract because the experience is unique to each person and cannot be fully described through language.

It will become clearer the more you expose yourself to your Self.  Be present to the thoughts that cause you discomfort and remember that those thoughts are not the real You, but associations made by your subconscious mind.

If anyone’s words cause you discomfort, it means you are taking something personal, and this can only happen when you perceive yourself as your self-image (ego).  The discomfort you feel is an indication that your attention is being called to expose what has been hidden from your awareness, and to discover what’s true in you.

It’s not easy for the subconscious mind to allow Love for those who have caused you harm. Our vibrational offerings are habits that have been developed over lifetimes, and in most cases they are not quickly redirected to serve us.  But if you remain curious to the possibility, the benefits will begin to speak for themselves.

Free your soul from the prison of the past, allow your real Self to radiate through your awareness and live without limitation.

Psoas – The Inner Core of the Body’s Core Muscles

New information about the direction of our lives comes when we are in harmonious alignment with our source. The body and mind are the intricately connected feedback mechanisms which, when properly aligned, are a perfect conduit for the wisdom of all ages to be expressed freely through our physical and mental form.

While I practice yoga every day and pay special attention to my posture, I am always open to greater understanding which can help me to deepen my practice.  Recently my attention was captured by my psoas muscles where they cross the front of the hips.  During meditation, I noticed that these muscles were obstructing the free flow of energy through my body.

So when I was invited to a mind/body movement class by Debbie Barrera, owner of Aadara, I readily accepted.  The class was based on the Franklin Method which uses visualization to train the mind for the proper moving alignment for our bones, joints and muscles.

During an exercise to direct our minds to the movement of the sacrum, the instructor Tracie Horsely of Franklin Method So Cal noticed that when I lifted my knees I had a habit of tucking my tailbone under.  Once I became focused on keeping the natural curve of my sacrum while lifting my knees, the movement felt much more fluid and I was using my psoas muscles as they were meant to be used. 

The psoas is the muscle group of the inner core and the only muscles that connect our upper body to the lower body.  These muscles connect at the lumbar spine, run through the diaphragm, and down the front of the thighs to the inside of the upper femur.

When we sit, stand or engage in any standing exercises with the tailbone tucked under, the lower spine takes on an unnatural curve while the psoas is shortened and not fully engaged in the activity.  When the psoas is repeatedly “along for the ride” in this manner, our body memorizes this posture, and the psoas gradually becomes static, creating weakness and tension.

The psoas muscles also connect directly to the diaphragm and assists in expanding the diaphragm on the inhale. Thus, when the psoas is less flexible, breathing is restricted.

So, while I had been tucking my tailbone during standing knee lifts (in order to lift my knee higher), my psoas was only a static participant in the exercise.  This caused the psoas to shorten and become tense which left it susceptible to stagnation and injury while adversely affected the flow of breathing.

As soon as I became aware that this was occurring, I was able to consciously keep my tailbone properly aligned with my torso, and the psoas discomfort during knee lifts was alleviated while my breathing became smoother and more even.

During the class, I also learned how the top of the femur connects to the pelvis.  As I continue to recall the proper alignment of these bones while walking, sitting, practicing yoga or any other activity, I can feel how my mind is being retrained to maintain healthy posture in the hips which in turn affects the health of the psoas and the entire body/mind. 

Because of this experience, I walk lighter, breathe more deeply and my yoga and meditation practice has been greatly enhanced.

I have found the Franklin Method to be a very effective tool to align the body and allow energy to flow more freely.

Diet of Awareness

The idea that we need to follow any set of rules, exclude certain foods or eat things we don’t like in order to attain a certain weight creates a battle between us and our bodies.  The human body is made up of approximately 75 to 100 trillion cells, and each one of them has a purpose which is to maintain balance of the organism.

In this way, each person knows down to the cellular level which foods are perfect for them at any given time.  However, most of us are addicted to thoughts that create strong emotions aka stress, and through those emotions, we crave foods that harm our health.

Uncomfortable or stressful emotions are a major strain on the body.  When the mind is stressed, it causes the glands to excrete excess hormones, which puts the body in a toxic state.  Hormonal toxicity blocks physical and energetic passageways which are the conduits for our intercellular communication and delivery of vital nutrients to all areas of the body.

When in an emotional state, I have found it helpful to eat raw meat or eggs with raw fat such as butter.  Raw meat and fat are easily digested and integrated by the body, and leave little or no toxic residue.   Moreover, while raw meat helps the body to build strength in order to better handle stress, raw eggs and animal fat help to eliminate toxins from the body.

However, when our emotions are in balance, there is no need to think about which foods are most suitable for us because we desire that which supports optimal health on all levels – body, mind and being.  Emotional balance is the cure for excess weight and all physical illness.

Through awareness we can achieve and maintain this balance.  Please see the articles on this website, and specifically those linked below to discover how to harness the power within to create your radiant body.

Yoga for Youth, Beauty and Wellbeing

Yoga MeditationIn my opinion, yoga is the best form of exercise for health, beauty, emotional/spiritual wellbeing, and of course flexibility.  The practice of yoga stretches and strengthens the body while conditioning the mind.

Yoga opens blocked pathways so that blood, nutrients and oxygen to the organs, tissues, glands, cells, bones and nerves can be circulated to more effectively.   It also encourages the clearing of energetic passageways for emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

In addition to muscular toning and elimination of excess body fat, yoga beautifies the skin (the largest organ of our body), brightens the eyes, and takes years off of our physical appearance.

In order to attain all of the benefits of yoga, it is important to be mindfully aware of the body and breath throughout the practice.

A mindful practice not only deepens the physical benefits of yoga, but it develops our ability to control the thought patterns of the mind.  This is very valuable because when we give ourselves the ability to control our thought patterns, we put ourselves in control of our emotions and consequently the direction of our lives.

For most people this can prove to be challenging at first, but like everything else, with practice we can master anything.  The important thing to remember is that it is perfectly normal for the mind to wander numerous times during a yoga session. An integral part of the practice is to keep reminding ourselves (without self-judgment) to bring our minds back to the feelings in the body and the rhythm of the breath.

In order to develop a deep yoga practice including control over a wandering mind, I strongly recommend Kundalini Yoga.  This form of yoga makes the body/mind integration easy to learn and understand.

My favorite yoga DVD’s are by Ana Brett and Ravi Singh.  They have produced many different programs which can be modified according to ability and energy level.  The best part is that they offer instruction for physical and mental direction throughout every DVD.

Please check out the links below, and make a commitment to improving your life with yoga today!  Sat Nam.

My Family's Experience with The Primal Diet

Johnson Family - August 2009

I started the Primal Diet by Aajonus Vanderplanitz about 5-1/2 years ago.  I practiced it religiously for about 8 months, until I found an always-evolving variation that works very well for me.

Most of the food that I eat is still raw, and the majority of my calories still come from raw animal fat, but my diet has evolved to be more instinctual.   I eat less protein, and add things that I like such as homemade chocolate and sprouted nut butters.  Some days I eat more food and some days I eat less.  I also go through periods of eating a lot of the same type of food, and then find that those foods don’t appeal to me for awhile.

I enjoy a healthy, youthful body, boundless energy, joyful being and abundant creativity.

I ate a lot of raw food (including eggs, chicken and fish) and an abundance of raw fat while pregnant with my one year old – and had a drug free, painless birth.  Of course I also practiced Hypnobabies which is a technique for relaxing the mind.

My one year old eats plenty of raw food including breast milk, and has never had anything more than very mild (hardly noticeable) detoxification.  Signs of diaper rash have also been very mild, short lived and cleared naturally – without any creams or medications.

I offer my kids raw food including milk, kefir, ice cream (eggs, cream, milk & honey), chicken, beef, fish, and homemade chocolate and sprouted nut butters.  Sometimes they eat it and other times they refuse.

I don’t force this diet on my kids.  They learn from my and my husband’s example, and by what feels good to them through trial and error – just like we did.

However, when my 7 year old was only a year old, he was sickly because I followed conventional protocol for birthing, immunizations and medication.  From the time he was 2 until about 5 he ate an almost all raw diet and has stayed away from doctors – which has healed him.

My 17 year old daughter knows from experience that raw food is ideal for promoting fitness and health, but at this time she chooses a mostly conventional diet and some of the “normal” health issues that accompany it.  Should she ever decide to regain optimal health, she has the tools necessary to achieve it.

My husband eats a lot of raw food, but tends to eat cooked foods a bit more than I do.  He is strong, healthy, youthful and energetic.  He is also much calmer and even tempered – which is great for our relationship!!

Raw Butter for Weight Loss and Excellent Health

Butter CurlsButter has gotten a bad rap in the media for being high in cholesterol, but we have not been educated on the fact that natural cholesterol is essential for maintaining intestinal health, for development and detoxification of the brain and nervous system, and for overall bodily function.

Now that we have largely omitted butter from our diets in favor of low fat and fake fat foods, we are lacking the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in butter which have been protecting us against heart disease, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, thyroid health, digestion and weight gain.  It’s no wonder that we are so profoundly plagued with these illnesses.

In addition to the omission of this naturally healthy food, many of us are substituting it with margarine or other manufactured spreads.  These products contain toxic cancer-inducing solvents, dangerous trans fat, free radicals, bleach, artificial colors and flavors and/or synthetic vitamins.

When we are healthy, maintaining healthy weight is easy and joyful.  By substituting wholesome butter for unhealthy food in an attempt to lose weight, we hinder our own progress.  Specifically, the toxic substances in margarine or other low calorie or reduced fat spreads actually cause us to gain weight because our bodies are being inundated with substances that are difficult to eliminate.

Moreover, when we eat real butter, we feel satisfied and we are not left with a feeling of deprivation.  The feeling of wanting more causes our bodies to hold on to unwanted weight or makes it hard work to lose weight and keep it off.

While butter in any form is much healthier than any margarine or other manufactured spread, butter is best when it is unpasteurized and from animals that graze on green grass.

Pasteurized (cooked) butter contains irritants in the form of dead bacteria and digestive enzymes which are no longer active – both of which benefit the body when not killed. Raw butter also contains fatty acids which support a healthy immune system, boost metabolism and are anti-microbial, while heated fats often become trapped in the body and store as cellulite.

Butter from grass-fed cows also contains both Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and the perfect balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acid ratio, which are protective against disease and assist the body to build muscle and burn unnecessary body fat.

Supermarket butter is pasteurized and from factory farms where the cows are fed grain and/or corn.  If it does not say 100% grass-fed on the label, it’s most likely grain or corn fed.  Also, toxic chemicals to which animals are exposed are more concentrated in the fat.  For that reason it is important to avoid products from animals treated with antibiotics or hormones.

Here is how the purchase the best butter available to you from most healthful to least healthful:

  • Raw (unpasteurized) butter from grass-fed animals – raised without antibiotics or hormones
  • Raw (unpasteurized) butter from grain/corn fed animals – raised without antibiotics or hormones
  • Raw (unpasteurized) butter from grass-fed animals – raised with antibiotics and/or hormones
  • Raw (unpasteurized) butter from grain/corn fed animals raised with antibiotics and/or hormones
  • Pasteurized butter from grass-fed animals raised without antibiotics and/or hormones
  • Pasteurized butted from grain/corn fed animals raised without antibiotics and/or hormones
  • Pasteurized butter from grass-fed animals raised with antibiotics and/or hormones
  • Pasteurized butter from grain/corn fed animals raised with antibiotics and/or hormones

It’s never recommended under any circumstance to use margarine or artificial spread for the reasons stated above.

Universal Drug Dealing

DrugsThis is not a Conservative or Liberal issue – it is about people being taken advantage of by the media, politicians, big food and big pharmaceutical – all of whom profit from our mindless following of their drug agenda.

Nobody who truly needs medical care is denied it in the United States.  It is already unlawful for hospitals to turn anyone away for inability to pay, State medical aid is presently available  in nearly every state for people who are below a certain level of income, and private charities pick up the rest of the slack.

Despite this, many of us have been conditioned to believe that we are allowing low income Americans to die off for lack of medical care.  News programs broadcast about how terrible it is that so many people are not getting the “treatments” they need –  then they cut to a commercial about the newest miracle drug that will supposedly make you feel much happier than you feel right now.  It’s brainwashing between the brainwashing!

Broken bones and necessary surgeries are minimal compared with all the damaging drugs and harmful surgeries that are running up healthcare costs and weakening our vitality. “Conditions” are made up by the medical community to identify what is really an imbalance.  They address imbalances by creating more imbalances with drugs and unnecessary surgery.

It starts as children – parents entrust their children’s health to corporate greed by allowing government recommended immunization drugs to be injected directly into their small bodies from the time they are born.  When children suffer side effects from those immunizations, they are brought back to the doctor for some more drugs which cause more side effects.  This continues throughout the course of their lives unless they become conscious of what is being done and decide to break the cycle.

We’ve been well trained to take over the counter or prescription drugs whenever we don’t feel well.  If we consult a medical doctor for our illness, tests are performed which usually indicate that some level does not fall within the range considered “normal”.

From there they consult their black book which dictates which drug or drugs to prescribe.  After we have been on several drugs, and they stop masking the symptoms, doctors resort to surgery to attempt to cut the problem out.  Then we have a bigger problem which requires more drugs, and the cycle repeats itself.

When we are suffering from depression, dread, lethargy or other symptoms of unresolved emotion, instead of dealing with the shadows in our minds, we turn to medicine for a cure.  The prescribed drugs return us to being “productive” zombies who serve the powers that be – basically working to grow our government and enrich giant corporations and the politicians who cater to them.

The definition of drug addict is “a person with a chemical or psychological dependency on a drug”.   Since many of us have been conditioned by media and medical doctors – who are largely influenced by pharmaceutical companies – most of society will only apply this definition to people who use street drugs.

It’s presently commonplace for more than 50% of Americans to take powerful prescription drugs on a daily basis because we are convinced that we need them in order to feel good and/or be healthy.  We are very much addicted to drugs that are not only expensive, but cause side effects that create the “necessity” for more drugs.

Now that we have become a largely processed food addicted, drug dependent society, many of us are practically begging the government to be our codependent, and take more of the money we earn to pay for our addiction while further enriching politicians and corporate giants.  We boldly claim entitlement to our medicine because we really believe that only it can provide the quality of life that we deserve.

The truth is that “medicine” does not cure anything.  It actually promotes the proliferation of illness while providing temporary comfort.  What has been labeled a health care crisis is really a drug dependency crisis.

Our hands our not tied in this.  Each of us can start doing our part now to stop this crisis, decrease the size of government, and increase the health of Americans.  If you or someone you love is currently taking any kind of medical drug whether over the counter or prescription – stop taking them now!

If you believe that your health will deteriorate without the drug or that stopping could be dangerous, seek help from a practitioner who can help your body heal itself by bringing your energy back into balance.  These specialists focus on getting you feeling great while eliminating drug dependency. Check the following links to find one near you: NET Mind Body / NeuromodulationNeurolink.

If you are considering getting any immunizations for yourself or for your children, educate yourself.  You will most likely find that the risks far outweigh the benefits of immunization.  Please visit Think Twice.

Also of great importance is to buy as little food manufactured by large corporations as possible.  Shop at local farmers markets or small stores that cater to artisan farmers instead.   Check out this link to find a local farmers market near you:  Local Harvest.  For meat and dairy, the highest quality products can be found here: US Wellness Meats – they offer 100% grass-fed products – their dairy is unpasteurized and their meat has not been irradiated.

Our health is now and has always been in our own hands.  When we realize this, we will have the reform we need without resorting to our own enslavement through governmental control and higher taxes.

Instinctual Eating

I can tell which foods are good for my body  by imagining how they are going to feel both during and after I eat them.  I want to predominantly enjoy foods that evoke feelings of calm and rejuvenation in my body and in my mind.

By following my likes instead of my dislikes and by giving into my cravings instead of ignoring them, I create a very positive relationship with food while also creating a more positive and joyful experience for myself and for the people I affect.

I am naturally attracted to whole food in its raw form, and I eat or drink as much as I need to feel satiated.  I tend to focus more on one to three foods during any given time-frame, lasting from hours to several months.

For example – some days I could require a lot of raw milk, and then go for weeks without it.  I could go several months eating 1-2 avocados per day, then have no desire for them for the next several months; I tend to eat extra fruit in the summertime; sometimes I eat a lot of soaked and dehydrated nuts; and when I was pregnant, I did not want chocolate much at all (which is not like me).

By choosing from primarily fresh, raw food and paying attention to my cravings and desires, I am instinctively giving my body and brain the nutrients necessary to achieve radiant health.