Lost Little Children

Like lost little children, there are thoughts in your mind that have strayed from the perfect love in who’s image they were created. 
You have permitted them to stray and it’s within your power to bring them Home to their source in You once more. This is your Freedom of Choice. 
Thoughts that deny You as their only source cause illusions of suffering in your mind. Without your overview, thoughts are left struggling to make sense of the themselves by adding more illusions that deny what’s true. 
You have the Choice now and always to protect the mind from venturing any further into delusion, and guide those stray thoughts that seem to be lacking love back to the all-loving source where they were created perfect. 
Simply observe thoughts that deny You as the source of the entire world, and the Light of your awareness will protect your mind from accumulating more illusions while gently guiding thoughts of suffering back to You. 
This is not a personal observation as you were never a person. So don’t get caught up with ridiculous notions like “I perceive greed and therefore I must be greedy”. No! That’s not it..that’s another thought gone astray. 
People, not just your self image…but all people, are merely manifestations of your own thought that’s gotten lost in confusion. In Reality, there are no separate individuals who are born and then eventually die. 
You made them that way by permitting thoughts to wander far, far away from their source. In Reality, there is one life and no death. 
This may be difficult to take in as becoming someone important and doing good for the world of dreams and future generations of dreamers has a kind of sexy appeal to it. 
But this is the temptation of confusion, born out of beLIEf that you are a individual person in this world. 
If you choose to permit such thoughts to rule your mind, confusion and suffering will continue to multiply while your thoughts strive to save the self/world which was never real in the first place. 
The saving grace for all beings is You in recognition of who you are. In that recognition, lost thoughts are led by the Light of awareness back to their all-loving source and protected from the temptations of beLIEving in this world of dreams. 
There is no fear in love, and there’s no fear in the end of this dream world. Fear is the root of all confusion. 
All of your friends, relatives and all of the animals and plants that you have ever loved reside in the Real world where there is no notion of death. 
You are Here with them in perfect and eternal Peace. Your mind has only dreamed a separate dream. 
Every thought that arises in your mind is like your child, because it’s your attention that gives it life. 
Whenever you hear one of your children crying out in distress, you can either turn a blind eye to hir suffering or remind hir of hir Home. 
This is entirely up to You! 
Thank you for being the peaceful resting place for all thoughts that have lost their way! I love you!

Illusion of Disease

All things being equal, the illusion of disease is as much of a gift of Divine grace as any product or procedure that seems to cure the disease…as well as the illusion that the cure is unavailable for whatever reason.

Every single happening is meant for one purpose…to awaken the mind out of its self created misery.

Recognize this to allow the mind’s delusional dependency on political/corporate systems of greed to be dissolved. Otherwise every perceived cure is just a setup for more disease and inequality being made manifest in the world.

Healing from Suffering

The greedy mind has convinced the general population that they need one or several products or procedures in order to be healed and avoid suffering. In truth no product can ever heal anyone, and emotional dependence on products is suffering itself…which leads to more suffering.

Every experience of healing is really transformation of the perception…which is a gift of Divine grace. The material reasons for healing are only an illusion, and as long as illusions are taken as true, dis-ease multiplies, notwithstanding the accomplishment of any physical cure.

As long as there is belief that certain products are necessary in order for healing to occur, the mind’s attraction to many forms of fear is cultivated….which can only intensify and multiply diseased thought entities that roam the mind seeking expression through living beings.

Since I’ve been made aware that the inherent power to heal every form of dis-ease is within, I no longer resist illness or disease. I embrace it with purpose because I know it’s my responsibility to allow real transformation within the collective mind, not merely to cure symptoms.

I understand that many times healing seems to occur through a particular means, but I’m also aware that those means are illusions made to satisfy the rational mind.

In this way, I don’t find myself giving credit to anything but my God source for every instance of healing; and I don’t mind a diseased body because the opportunity to live my purpose in sickness as well as in health is the truth of why I’ve come into physical form.

May every being thrive in the abiding joy that springs out of healed perception.

In love!

Perfect World

This Sandalwood from East India (Mysore), has been used for centuries along with the intent to stay devoted to Love/God. For many it has served and does serve as a powerful tool to keep one re-minded of the Truth that awareness is before thought. A few drops at the third eye is a favorite practice with this oil. It's also one of the best oils for skincare, and therefore it can be included in any daily beauty regimen. The aroma is mild, a bit woody and feels very calming.

There is nothing wrong in the world. The world is a perfect reflection of the mind. That which has been imagined and practiced in thought is being presented now to the degree that mental attention has been given to it.

You are the One you’ve been waiting  for – the steward of your world/perception in this moment.  You are the alchemist – the one holding all the power to transform the energy that creates your reality.

Remaining devoted to All Encompassing Love (your true essence) can feel difficult when faced with emotional temptation. Mental fabrications are made out to feel so real through the emotions upon which they arise, that it can be uncomfortable –  even painful to look beyond their illusion.

But beneath the discomfort and pain is your true home – the source of your beingness, where the warm embrace of Compassion stands ready to relieve you of who you think you are.

Channeled Message: Problem

The mind’s problem is that there is no problem. The mind must continually fabricate problems in order to maintain the illusion of separation – which is the perfect environment for creative inspiration. In every moment that you choose to perceive ‘problems’ as your source of creativity, you allow possibilities that were not possible while you are believing your problems to be real.

Separation is Illusion

Many people think they need to separate their self from other people.  The paradox is that belief in separation is the underlying cause of all dis-ease. It creates the mind conceived need for protection – and commands the Universe to show them physical ‘evidence’ in order to prove their ‘truth’ that protection is necessary.

The experience of being abused is created and experienced by the one whose beliefs contradict their true desires – the only thing that can hold the self apart from experiencing the joy/peace/love/abundance that is the essence of I AM.
The belief that anything outside of one’s own ignorance could be responsible for their dis-ease makes it true for their self, and their illusion/reality is showing them all the ‘evidence’ that their beliefs are True.

In reality, every person imaginable exists, but one can only experience the people and behavior that resonate with the vibrational offering of their own thought. There is nothing to separate from – it is all an illusion created by the One that is You. Look without judgment into the eyes of the ‘other’, and remember that they are only a reflection of your self.

The Mirror

Ego is a thinking process that’s programmed to maintain your individual sense of self by creating illusion of the judgments you hold about you and projecting them into your outer world. In this way, your world is a presentation composed of people, things, circumstances and events that mirror what ego keeps hidden from awareness.

According to the feeling that you created for your self at the time you judged that you were subject to limitation, that feeling is triggered in you every time the essence of your held judgment manifests in your perception. What you perceive is only a demonstration of your beliefs, and when your awareness is absorbed by your dissonant feelings (instead of in observance of them), self pity prevents you from seeing the message being presented to you – by you – and for your own evolution.

Moreover, every time your judgment is made manifest and you believe the manifestation to be real, you are tempted by mind to create more belief that’s logically associated with the underlying judgment – thus compounding your judgment’s power of attraction.

Every feeling has meaning, and whatever you feel is a form of the emotion that binds your judgment to your self image for this life experience. When one exercises sufficient presence of mind to experience the feelings evoked by perception while observing the thoughts associated with those feelings, they allow the Light of Awareness/God/Source to burn through layers of delusion until the underlying judgment is also exposed and dissolved.

There is nothing else to do! All limitation is a phantom that dwells in darkness, and once exposed to the Light of your Awareness – it simply dissolves.

* Note: The ego is the master of illusion – it can hold many of judgments and beliefs hidden beneath mental and emotional layers that can divert one from the truth even as they are sincerely seeking it. If you are inspired to dissolve the trappings of mind, I encourage you to find someone willing and able to be your ‘mirror’ for the purpose presenting you with what you are not seeing on your own. If you are interested in engaging my service for this purpose, please contact me via email.

Awareness is a Practice

It’s a challenge to stay in awareness because human thought is born in illusion, limitation and resistance.

Our awareness is drawn into the illusion of the material world with everything that enters our perception. Based ON what we perceive, the mind offers thoughts that perpetuate the illusion – which is wonderful because without a mind based in illusion, we would not perceive anything.

Awareness allows us to perceive the illusion as necessary to have a life, while dismissing thoughts that limit us from being who we really are in our lives. No matter how much attention we give to awareness, we will never completely lift the veil between our limited and unlimited aspects.

But our attention does allow us to create our life experience in amazing ways. Every thought is an opportunity to practice awareness. Keep bringing your attention back to the aspect of you that is unlimited, and be great!!