Lost Little Children

Like lost little children, there are thoughts in your mind that have strayed from the perfect love in who's image they were created. 
You have permitted them to stray and it's within your power to bring them Home to their…

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Illusion of Disease

All things being equal, the illusion of disease is as much of a gift of Divine grace as any product or procedure that seems to cure the well as the illusion that the cure is unavailable for whatever reason.…

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Healing from Suffering

The greedy mind has convinced the general population that they need one or several products or procedures in order to be healed and avoid suffering. In truth no product can ever heal anyone, and emotional dependence on products is suffering…

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Comfort and Grace

All manner of upset is illusion. Peace be with you, dear child of God.

May blessings of Comfort and Grace descend upon you now. Aloha!

Beyond the Veil

The veil of illusion is only made of thought. It's your destiny to see beyond it.

Perfect World

This Sandalwood from East India (Mysore), has been used for centuries along with the intent to stay devoted to Love/God. For many it has served and does serve as a powerful tool to keep one re-minded of the Truth that…

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Channeled Message: Problem

The mind's problem is that there is no problem. The mind must continually fabricate problems in order to maintain the illusion of separation - which is the perfect environment for creative inspiration. In every moment that you choose to perceive…

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Separation is Illusion

Many people think they need to separate their self from other people.  The paradox is that belief in separation is the underlying cause of all dis-ease. It creates the mind conceived need for protection - and commands the Universe to…

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The Mirror

Your world is a presentation composed of people, things, circumstances and events that mirror what ego keeps hidden from awareness.

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Awareness is a Practice

It's a challenge to stay in awareness because human thought is born in illusion, limitation and resistance.

Our awareness is drawn into the illusion of the material world with everything that enters our perception. Based ON what we perceive, the…

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