Government is a Reflection of Belief

I always appreciate hearing news about how our government is regulating this or that in order to impede our freedoms. It’s good to know when we have created something unwanted so that we may direct our thoughts into alignment with the solution.

Because the mind is rational and logical, our first reaction in response to what we perceive as governmental abuse is to project Fearful thoughts – thus creating the perception that there is a ‘need’ to fight, manipulate, win, hide and/or cheat. However, government, with it’s purpose of controlling the behavior of ‘bad’ people so that ‘good’ people can live freely is created and sustained by the energy of Fear; and only True Love can transform Fearful energy.

When thoughts about government feel disturbing, it indicates that those thoughts are fueling the energetic current that’s programmed to create more disturbing manifestations. Without the energetic support (fearful thought offerings) of the collective awareness, government could not even exist much less exercise control over people.

Likewise, when thoughts about other people feel disturbing, and it feels better to think about the prospect of government controlling them, individual responsibility is denied while government is afforded greater control over what is eternally free – Your Awareness.

You are not separate from government. It is exactly as you have created it based on all thought that you have offered from your individualized perspective in this lifetime and from every other perspective from which you have experienced Life since the beginning of time.

By simply noticing anything about government that feels disturbing, one gives their self the power to redirect thoughts from vibratory alignment with what’s considered to be the ‘problem’ to vibratory alignment with what’s considered to be the ‘solution’.

This is not to suggest that it would be beneficial to mask feelings of disturbance or to pretend that disturbing things are not in your perception.  It’s important to be present to your perception and feelings in order to recognize the resistance in you that is making you feel like a victim while projecting your victim consciousness onto government.

The more you practice being present, you are gradually shifting and expanding the focus of your individualized awareness, thus allowing the both your self and the collective Self to be more receptive to possibilities that lead to the heart’s desires. From there you have only to seize opportunities as they arise by followig the path of Joy toward all the newness that you have created in thought.

Mind the mind and allow your vision for your self and for the world to inform what you are offering in thought every day.

Rewrite the Story of Your Life

We are always becoming according to the story we are telling about ourselves. Every thought pattern and string of words in conversation is a prayer for the type of information that we are being created to receive.

According to what we think we can be, do or have, every cell in the body and brain become receptive to the information in our environment that will prepare us to receive what we have projected for. Through focus upon what brings Joy to the heart and the feeling of Loving energy with heartfelt desire, the cells of the body move into energetic alignment with that desire.

Through being in alignment with Joy, we become receptive to the unlimited opportunities that can lead us to the manifestation of what we want.  But when we are focused on anything that evokes a feeling that is less than Joyful, we align ourselves with the possibilities that lead to manifestations we would perceive with a similar feeling.

When our perception of life circumstances causes our energetic offering to be less than Joyful, we can gently shift our energy back by dismissing circumstantial limitations and returning our focus to what we want.  Likewise, when our minds are involved in calculations about how we will accomplish things, we can gently remind ourselves that “how” is not our business.

Our actions only follow our energy, and every action is induced by our energy based upon the feelings that emanate from the story we tell about ourselves. To the extent that we have knowledge aka faith that every one of our desires is being honored by the Universe, our energy aligns with the information that leads us there.

However, since most of us tell a story that includes many reasons why we cannot create what we truly want, we mostly receive and act upon information that leads to confirmation of that story.

Similarly, when we try to use the mind to figure out how to get there or we try to manipulate outcomes in our favor, we make ourselves receptive to information that leads to a lot of hard work, manipulation and struggle. While this may lead to fulfillment of our desires, it is much more difficult and never leads to a lasting experience of Joy.

Moreover, since our desires are always changing, the vision gets lost in the details when we try to achieve from the level of mind.   In order to be the creators we were born to be, we have only to align our thoughts with what feels Joyful in the present moment, be alert to opportunities for action that feels Joyful, and have the courage to act on those opportunities.

Our bodies and minds are only tools for the creativity of spirit, so submit yourself to your higher power and prevail!!

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Past has no Power

During our lifetimes, we have many opportunities to learn from the circumstances we experience. Wisdom is the integration of past lessons with awareness, but there is no value in contemplating whether anything ever went wrong.

Specifically, thinking about anything we have labeled as “wrong” or “bad” evokes emotions that project certain energetic patterns; and whatever we project is attracted toward us. This means that as we focus on what we have created in the past, we are re-creating similar vibratory patterns in the present.

Those patterns extend forward to attract that the circumstances and events that harmonize with them vibrationally.

If we mostly use the present moment to review the past, we bind ourselves to repeat what has already been created. But in any moment, we can decide that the past was perfect – and start focusing on what we are creating now.

By shifting mental focus to what feels Joyful in the present moment, our creativity is being directed toward what we would consider an improvement to our present situation or circumstance.

We are only bound to the past to the extent that we keep re-creating it in the present, but the power of creativity is within each individual to do with as they please – irrespective of anything that has already been created.

Darkness in Balance

Darkness only exists where light is not present. Light illuminates everything that it touches, and eliminates darkness by its very presence – without fight or struggle.

With respect to hidden emotions, darkness is anything that has not been observed by individual awareness. But since emotions are what inspire expansion and guide us toward it, just having life experiences creates more dark shadows to be illuminated by our presence.

In the perspective of Yin Yang (balance), when we are not present in our lives, the shadows of darkness proliferate and create imbalance. But there is no danger of too much Light because new shadows are constantly being created as a necessary component of the ever-expansive nature of the Universe.

Enjoy the darkness. It gives meaning to the Light.

Problems are Opportunities

Everything happens For us, not To us.  All things are of our own creation, even the perception that there are “problems”.

Our present reality is the manifestation of all thoughts that have come before.  This is true because every thought emits a distinct energetic pattern which attracts people, circumstances, things and events that are in harmonic vibration with it.

In that regard, the perceiving of any “problems” is an opportunity to first notice the accompanying feelings and then create new beliefs in order to not only feel better, but to attract what we want instead.

The moment of Now always presents the opportunity of our lives. Be present Now and prevail!

Psoas – The Inner Core of the Body’s Core Muscles

New information about the direction of our lives comes when we are in harmonious alignment with our source. The body and mind are the intricately connected feedback mechanisms which, when properly aligned, are a perfect conduit for the wisdom of all ages to be expressed freely through our physical and mental form.

While I practice yoga every day and pay special attention to my posture, I am always open to greater understanding which can help me to deepen my practice.  Recently my attention was captured by my psoas muscles where they cross the front of the hips.  During meditation, I noticed that these muscles were obstructing the free flow of energy through my body.

So when I was invited to a mind/body movement class by Debbie Barrera, owner of Aadara, I readily accepted.  The class was based on the Franklin Method which uses visualization to train the mind for the proper moving alignment for our bones, joints and muscles.

During an exercise to direct our minds to the movement of the sacrum, the instructor Tracie Horsely of Franklin Method So Cal noticed that when I lifted my knees I had a habit of tucking my tailbone under.  Once I became focused on keeping the natural curve of my sacrum while lifting my knees, the movement felt much more fluid and I was using my psoas muscles as they were meant to be used. 

The psoas is the muscle group of the inner core and the only muscles that connect our upper body to the lower body.  These muscles connect at the lumbar spine, run through the diaphragm, and down the front of the thighs to the inside of the upper femur.

When we sit, stand or engage in any standing exercises with the tailbone tucked under, the lower spine takes on an unnatural curve while the psoas is shortened and not fully engaged in the activity.  When the psoas is repeatedly “along for the ride” in this manner, our body memorizes this posture, and the psoas gradually becomes static, creating weakness and tension.

The psoas muscles also connect directly to the diaphragm and assists in expanding the diaphragm on the inhale. Thus, when the psoas is less flexible, breathing is restricted.

So, while I had been tucking my tailbone during standing knee lifts (in order to lift my knee higher), my psoas was only a static participant in the exercise.  This caused the psoas to shorten and become tense which left it susceptible to stagnation and injury while adversely affected the flow of breathing.

As soon as I became aware that this was occurring, I was able to consciously keep my tailbone properly aligned with my torso, and the psoas discomfort during knee lifts was alleviated while my breathing became smoother and more even.

During the class, I also learned how the top of the femur connects to the pelvis.  As I continue to recall the proper alignment of these bones while walking, sitting, practicing yoga or any other activity, I can feel how my mind is being retrained to maintain healthy posture in the hips which in turn affects the health of the psoas and the entire body/mind. 

Because of this experience, I walk lighter, breathe more deeply and my yoga and meditation practice has been greatly enhanced.

I have found the Franklin Method to be a very effective tool to align the body and allow energy to flow more freely.

Cultivating Kids Creativity

Newborn babies come into this world with no knowledge of right, wrong, good or bad. They are just like us, but they have not yet been conditioned to our way of life. Since we believe it is our job as parents to shape and mold them into model human beings, we get started on it shortly after birth.

To begin, we put them on a feeding schedule and subject them to painful medical procedures.  By the time babies cut their first tooth, they have already learned that their needs don’t matter all that much. As they mature, we continue to mold our children’s behavior through coaxing, discipline, rewards – whatever gets them to fall in line with “normal” society.

Beginning at the tender age of four or five, we force our kids to attend school whether they want to or not. Young children are made to sit at desks for hours on end, and if they upset their teacher, we punish them. If they are resistant to the punishment, we put them on drugs.  We manage their behavior and exert control over our children until they graduate High School, and some of us even retain our control during college years.

Most adults live in a reality with possibilities that are familiar yet stale. But a child’s reality is unlimited in creative possibilities, and thus they are unlimited in their ability to create anything they want.

The younger the child, the purer their creative energy. But as our children grow older, their memories become clouded with expectations, judgment, shame, etc. Instead of seeing them as equals, the most well meaning of us view our kids as being in need of some fixing.

They rebel at many different ages, and we punish them into submission. If we succeed, the child becomes an adult who knows that life is difficult, and that we win by conforming and competing against one another.

Through our own conditioning, we have led ourselves to believe that without discipline our kids would turn out all “wrong”. Discipline is essential for a fulfilling life, but can be developed organically as Self Discipline. Instilling discipline from the outside inward creates a form of self discipline that is based on feelings of fear, guilt, shame and self doubt.

When anyone behaves a certain way for fear of punishment, they develop a habit of being led toward what they believe to be “right” actions through uncomfortable and painful emotion. The emotions of fear, shame, and guilt are prevalent in our society today, and they are the driving force behind a majority of our thoughts and actions.

As adults, it is our overwhelment with these emotions that causes conflict in our minds which translates to conflict in our lives and conflict in our world. Emotional instability is also the source of all addictive behavior. Conversely, adults with an emotional slate as pure as a child’s are naturally peaceful, loving and productive as they joyfully pursue their life’s purpose.

Children are strongly connected to their truth, and they act in their own best interest. If we allow them to cultivate this, and couple it with worldly knowledge being gained through their own curiosity, they will make the determination that their best interest is always created when they honor their higher Self.  When the higher Self is honored, all things benefit from our presence in the world.

It is the children who have the most potential to improve our reality in ways we do not understand, yet we do our best to stop them from creating anything that has not already been created. If we could simply see past the limitations we have created through our self image, and accept these young creators as our saviors, we will be supporting and encouraging the creation of an amazing new world.

Conscious Resistance – Our Path to Peace and Freedom

Pretty PathEmotional resistance is the catalyst for expansion.  In order to form a perspective for improvement of any kind, it’s necessary to first experience feelings that are less than joyful, also known as emotional resistance, around a particular subject matter.

Our predominant thoughts – around any subject we focus upon – emit a vibratory pattern which either attracts or repels every possibility experienced in our reality.  While emotional resistance around a controlling or oppressive force is necessary to create our perspective and the possibility for improvement, we perpetuate that which receives most of our attention – especially when that attention is accompanied by powerful feeling.

Peaceful awareness of the source of our “dis-ease”, focus on our perspective for well being, and willingness to take action if so inspired easily brings about the improvements we seek.

By becoming aware and spreading awareness about how we are creating and sustaining powerfully oppressive forces in our reality, we begin to give ourselves the power to easily defeat those forces.   While it’s true that we cannot “save” anyone from their individual lack of awareness without exercising control, we can present information which will be available if and when they choose to seek it.

Once we have individual awareness, we can begin to focus on the improvements we seek in order to develop our belief in an improved reality.  With belief comes joyful expectation, and our perspective for peace and freedom becomes powerful enough to endure even the most convincing physical evidence to the contrary.

True belief coupled with joy in the possibilities we have created, inspires action which produces a special form of resistance which weakens the forces of the egoic state of mind that currently prevails in our government.  Just as eating optimal nutrients resists decay in the body by promoting physical health, so too does peaceful assertion of individual rights resist controlling or oppressive governmental forces by promoting freedom.

Conversely, repetitive focus on the current state of government – which originally caused our perspective for improvement – prolongs and intensifies our emotional resistance.  Instead of diminishing the forces that perpetuate our current reality, emotional resistance works to strengthen those forces.

This is true because the vibratory pattern we offer through emotional resistance harmonizes with whatever is the subject of our negative focus, thereby attracting more of it into our experience.  Just as we cannot expect to create physical health by focusing on illness in our bodies, we cannot expect to create peace by focusing on control and oppression in our government.

For this reason, feeling good about what we predominantly focus upon benefits us more than anything else.  Until we can feel joyful about a particular subject matter, our most effective efforts are those which seek to improve our own vibratory offering.

Managing Opportunity

Child Climbing StairsOpportunity is presented through adversity around anything from personal finances, health or relationships to global conflict or government.  Life tends to present obstacles as opportunities for expansion.  Whether we use those opportunities as stepping stones, or as anchors is entirely up to us.

Many of us tend to define ourselves by the adversity we are currently experiencing.  When we do not consciously recognize adversity as opportunity, our subconscious thought patterns keep us entrenched in the emotion evoked by the experience of the adversity itself.

Missed Opportunities:

When we focus on adversity, it evokes negative emotion.  That emotion sends out a vibratory pattern which speaks to every cell in our bodies and emanates out into the universe.  In this way, every emotion sends out a request for more of the experience that evokes it.

Opportunities for improvement are all around us, but when we predominantly strengthen the vibration of what we perceive as adversity (through comments and thoughts about what we want changed), those opportunities cannot come into our awareness. Instead of directing our attention and focus toward ideas, circumstances and people that could facilitate the improvement we seek, many of us remain stuck in the adversity of our current experience.

This is why we tend to experience the same or similar unwanted circumstances, situations and people throughout the course of our lives.

How To Identify Opportunities And Make Them Work For You:

Focus on something in your life that evokes negative emotion, and take note of how that emotion feels physically in your body.  Notice any tension or sick-like feelings.

Practice long, deep breathing while focusing on releasing the tension and/or ill feeling.   With a calm mind and a relaxed body, you can begin to direct your focus toward that which needs improvement.

Once you are aware of which thought pattern evokes a particular emotion, imagine which thoughts around the same subject would feel better to you.  From there, allow yourself to feel the emotion of the improved thoughts.  That improved emotion sends out a brand new vibratory pattern which is a more accurate description of what you want.

When the improvement has been identified, all subsequent self-limiting thoughts around the adversity which gave rise to your preference for improvement are no longer necessary.  Stay present with your thoughts, and continue to improve negative feelings by focusing on your preference for improvement.

When first learning this technique your subconscious mind will continue to offer the familiar thoughts that keep you focused on adverse conditions.  Accept those thoughts, but realize they are projecting for the opposite of what you want, and offer thoughts that focus you back toward the desired improvement.

When we predominantly focus on how it will feel once we have what we want, we become exhilarated by the challenge being presented.  In the state of exhilaration, information for the improvement we seek naturally becomes available.

As you continue from the vibration of that which you want, stay alert for opportunities, information, and people that come into your awareness.  When the information matching your conscious vibration is received, your actions will feel inspired – almost as if you are taking no action at all.

Remember that many times we need only to change the way we are thinking about a particular subject in order to see improvement in our lives.  Stay open to that possibility as well.

By minding our minds and managing our emotions, we promote joyful, abundant lives for ourselves and for those around us.

Life Keeps Improving

Life is Good

Every manifestation in the physical begins with thought born from experience.  Life on planet Earth keeps getting better because our perspective for improvement is constantly becoming more and more refined with each human experience.

The existence of circumstances and situations which we regard as negative will always exist to varying degrees because without them there could be no distinction from which a perspective for improvement could be developed.  Likewise, out of each improvement, more contrast is born from which we can focus a new perspective for even more improvement.

For these reasons, expansion is infinite.  We will never be finished creating and since we are natural creators, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We always have the option of staying focused on the negatives and thereby creating and attracting more negative circumstances, or we can choose to focus upon our perspective for improvement.  If we choose the latter, and then take action according to any inspiration that arises from our positive focus, we can shift our experience toward the improvements we seek.

Even if we do not take action directly, our perspective (whether positive or negative) is expressed by vibration into the universe.  Through our thoughts, we have the power to either strengthen the flow of energy in the direction of improvement or degradation.  Since our vibration attracts matching events, circumstances and people, we are effectively creating and promoting that which we primarily focus upon.

While deliberately focusing our awareness creates positive change more rapidly, human beings always naturally return to creating the improvement we want, and eventually everything either makes positive transformation or fades away.

For example – even as government is engaging in war, raising taxes, and regulating our freedoms, we are gaining a clearer perspective for the improved government that we seek.  When we choose to believe that our perspective for improvement is possible and allow our predominant thoughts to reside in the improved reality, we will effectively shift our experience.

Indeed, we have realized that we don’t like death that results from war, and even though world peace is not yet a manifested reality, we have created and continue to refine technology that results in drastically fewer casualties of war.  Also, since human innovation has made the world more accessible for trade, travel, and communication – there are more peaceful negotiations between the nations of the world.

When the majority of us also believe that we are capable of creating our own lives, and we no longer look for something outside of ourselves to produce health, happiness and abundance – we will create all of these things, plus government that regulates hardly at all.

Another example of improvement comes from our noticing how medical and farming technology has contributed to “incurable” diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Because we have noticed this, more people are researching and discovering that energetic healing and proper nutrition are superior treatments in most instances, and our experience is gradually shifting back toward natural healing – only this time with the added benefit of the life enhancing medical miracles which we have created.

These are only a few examples of how life on Earth is continually improving.  If we look, we will notice how more possibilities for improvement are being made available to us all the time.  When we follow our creative instinct, we are able to create anything that we believe to be possible.

The power of creation is within each of us, and we are every bit as capable as we deem ourselves to be.