As you Measure the World

Watch how you measure other people. This is how you are causing your own self to be measured in the mind of God.

When you’re ready to surrender the burden of self concepts to God’s holy judgment, you will have to go through the suffering you have made for yourself…but the gift of Eternal Life is well worth the sacrifice.


Forgiveness is not Permissive

Just because I can allow forgiveness for any and all trespasses, it doesn’t meanPhoto Jun 21, 6 57 57 AM that I’ve become permissive.

For instance, when I believed that my mom’s ex-partner was unforgivable for having sexually violated me, that made me into a victim/survivor.

This perspective led to a lack of compassion in me for the pain he must have been experiencing, which spilled over to lack of compassion for what anyone else was going through…and because I could not recognize their humanness, people became as objects to me…especially my own children.

It’s relatively true that through judgment, I was successful in protecting my daughter from an experience similar to mine, and for that I’m very grateful.

It’s also true that I was unable to recognize that my daughter felt hurt by my controlling, demeaning and sarcastic behavior for many years as she was growing up.

Now that I can recognize the man who caused the most pain for me in the light of pure love, it doesn’t mean I’m going to hang out with him or have him come over and watch my kids.

But forgiveness has made me quite sensitive to the energy of people who are afraid, and who mean to express their fear by taking advantage of others. When I encounter such an individual, I don’t need to pursue any judgment that arises in my mind…and so compassion for whatever they are going through is naturally shared.

Because compassion is universal, I’m naturally moved toward those who are capable of loving me well…and I’m naturally moved to protect others from being violated or used by another person…all without the use of control, manipulation or disparagement.

In Love!

Judgment Reflected through Relationship

Yesterday I was blessed with the perception that my partner can’t appreciate my writing because it’s not nearly as spiritual as Mooji’s.

But I didn’t need to let my perception affect my authentic expression. And I didn’t need to harbor any bitterness toward him.

I just imagined what it would feel like to have a partner who sees so much value in what I share that he would be motivating me to share more and promoting me like crazy. Haha! I make it as grand as possible. I like to experience a lot of pleasure in the moment.

Then I let it go easily, because I know that my partner is only reflecting some judgment within myself that can now be released. And, I can appreciate my partner for the amazing support he shows toward the many things we value together.


Perception and Judgment

Yesterday I went hiking in a bathing suit and hiking boots. I thought the combo looked funny, but I decided I didn’t mind.

When I mentioned that the bathing suit and hiking boots look funny, someone told me that was a judgment.

Here’s the subtle nuance that I see between perception and judgment:

It’s my perception that the hiking boots and bathing suit combo is funny looking. I can trust my perception because that’s what is true for me right now.

A judgment is a conclusion that needs to be defended…like if someone else said the combo wasn’t funny looking, and I needed to convince them that my perception was correct.

Or, a judgment could manifest as a conclusion that my perception is wrong and needs to be changed. Any judgment added to perception basically causes confusion.

But since I don’t buy in to judgment, I’m free to play with my perception in any way I like. In this case, I acknowledged my perception that I look funny and decided I don’t mind.

In another case, it may appeal to me to change my clothing and or shoes. All of it is for fun and creative play.

Abundant blessings!

Self Judgement

Experiencing someone in a negative way does not make anyone less spiritual, and it does not necessarily mean they’re holding judgment.

In fact, to deny one’s own experience in favor of spiritual concepts is self judgment, and in that judgment, a lot of self talk happens while Love’s guidance is ignored.

Acknowledgment of experience does not turn into a projection of judgment unless it’s coupled with commentary about the experience.

By commentary, I mean ideas about what someone should or should not do, predictions about what will happen because of it, notions about what your experience says about anyone, etc.

Just the bald-ass experience is all that’s asking to be acknowledged, not any mental images or ideas about the experience. Call ‘em like you see ‘em and let the heart of hearts guide your actions accordingly. Aloha!!

Opposed in Thought, Created in Form

It’s all made of thought.  Nothing can manifest without having been repeatedly represented in thought.

For or against makes no difference.  It’s what one thinks ABOUT that has creative power in this time-space reality. In this way, the most fervent opponent of war supports war just as much or more than the most fervent proponent of war.

All thought is projected through the thinking process known as Ego, ‘whose’ existential foundation is the energy of separation aka fear. Everything perceived contains its opposite, and Ego uses mental calculations to position the self on whatever side least contradicts one’s own held judgment.

As such, egoic mind constantly grips to thought that says the perceiver must mentally choose one side over the other to validate their identity, and the emotion attached to those thoughts can make the perceived need to choose very convincing.

However, because the foundation of ego is belief in separation (which is illusion), ego cannot calculate the truth that no matter what position is taken, it’s opposite is also resisted. In that resistance, one unwittingly gives their energy of awareness to create more of what they do not want.

Nevertheless, one can only be convinced to take up sides while they are believing in duality – which is ignorance because in reality nothing is separate. Fortunately, even the most profound ignorance is immediately transformed to infinite wisdom in the moment one allows stillness of thought – not because anything was done, but because all sides have been recognized as equally Divine expressions, and thus the perceived need to choose one over the other becomes irrelevant.

Peace is HereNow! Have a taste for yourself in the silence between thought, and infuse your heart, mind, life and world with the Peaceful presence that knows no adversary.



Channeled Message: Primary Purpose

Your primary purpose is to experience and thereby create out of Love. Anytime you feel other than Loving/Loved, you are also unwittingly ‘choosing’ to believe judgment that does not serve your purpose.
Pay attention to your thoughts in these moments to expose your judgments and allow You to consciously decide whether they are still necessary.

Government, Taxation and God Consciousness

The One against government taxation and The One attached to government ‘benefits’ is creating the same dis-ease. Their energy is given to a dance of ignorance in the belief that freedom/joy/peace is based on circumstance.

Everything, as it is Now, how it has been, and how it will be is an expression of God. Whether you condemn government and taxation, or attach your (or other people’s) happiness to government ‘benefits’, you offer your energy of awareness to resist God’s creation.

In that resistance, the energy that says “people are not free unless certain conditions are met” projects from your individualized awareness; and any awareness that places conditions on freedom/joy/peace is based on a fearful mindset. Whenever your individualized awareness moves within fearful mindsets, your energy is given to create a reality that shows you manifestations of your fear.

For many people, fearful projections consistently launch from their awareness because they operate from a fearful foundation formed out of conditioned judgment, and all mental movement is based on judgment. Indeed, much individualized awareness is emotionally invested in the evolution of government and taxation.

There is no truth to how government and taxation affect anyone except as a mental projection. To the extent that one holds judgment that people can be victimized or saved by government and/or taxation, they create more ‘evidence’ that their judgment is ‘true’.

Repeatedly perceiving ‘evidence’ and then reinforcing self-limiting judgment with more belief has created a powerful emotional charge around the issue of government and taxation. That emotional charge says to God ‘give me more manifestations to focus upon in this way so that I may suffer enough to awaken from my slumber and remember who I AM’.

When you remember that its your state of mind, not anything the government does (or anything else you perceive), that causes personal suffering – whatever tax laws are passed and enforced may determine your course of action, but they will no longer trigger a painful or uncomfortable emotional response from you.

From the perspective of peace, you can navigate the current tax system to serve your purpose while creating a more peaceful life experience for your self and those ‘others’ in your world. Finally, as Earth-focused awareness transcends fear, the paradigm of government and taxation will dissolve along with the perceived ‘need’ to control people and resources.