Mean People

Confusion and fear is what makes people talk mean to you and point out deficiencies that they think they see in you. 
When a mind takes personhood to be a reality, the affected person can’t help but take things personal and make personal attacks. 
But whatever they say about you is really not one bit personal. It’s just patterns of painful beLIEFs being played out. 
Acknowledge what’s really going on, and instead of taking it personal, you will naturally show them what it means to love one another. 
If you take mean behavior personal, it validates the belief that people are separate from their source, and multiplies illusions of fear and confusion in the collective mind. 
Bless those who seem to hate you. Everything is playing out for purpose of total illumination of the mind and liberation for all beings. 
Every eye will see! 
Thank you for being the clarity that can penetrate through all matters of fear and confusion! I love you!

Love of Being

First comes belief in a separate self who acts autonomously and with free will…
…then comes knowledge of right and wrong…
…then comes guilt, shame and self punishment for all the ways the separate self appears to acts wrongly. 
Nobody needs to be burdened like this…
…because everybody is really one body, appearing through love of Being, and reflecting one mind. 
Imagine what the reflection will look like when love of Being is accepted for everybody. 
Thank you! I love you!!

Trying to Love

Trying to love is really another form of resistance to love. 
It’s a built-in mechanism of mind that aims at keeping hidden the fact that there is nothing but love, and that which lacks love is only an illusion. 
Love is never really lacking. It only gets covered up by ideas about someone who is capable of being other than love. 
Through surrender to feeling whatever denies love, love presents itself….
Whereas trying to love denies feeling and results in experience of the kind of love that’s temporary and bound to become its opposite. 
The one who is aware of trying is also the source of love. 
Thank you for all the love! I love you!

Trying to Love

Trying to love anyone is a futile endeavor. 
Its willingness to feel unloving/unloved that reveals what love is. 
Through recognition of what love is, everybody is already loved…and loving kindness is the natural result.

Love is Freedom

Love is freedom. The kind of love that seeks to keep anybody from doing as they please is really fear disguised as love.

Fear turns what could be joyful relating into a game of suspicion, jealousy and disappointment. This is the common way that people have been taught to “love”.

But when everybody is allowed to act natural, people naturally gravitate toward other people who bring out the most joy in one another.

This is the way my husband and I relate, and while we have been sexually exclusive with each other for over two decades, neither of us demands faithfulness or acts suspicious toward the other.

It’s mutual enjoyment of our romantically exclusive partnership that has kept us from pursuing other options, not an illusion of obligation or self control.

In fact, because I love my man, I want him to have his romantic desires fulfilled. And if his desire is not for me exclusively, no problem…I would likely become disinterested in romantic connection with him, but no love would be lost.

Likewise, when it comes to kids, parents, friends, etc, there’s awareness that disappointment is impossible, and so there are no restrictions on my love….or their freedom.

Can you imagine what a world full of lovers might feel like?

Thank you! I love you!!

Awareness is Before Mind

Even the mind itself cannot exist without awareness, as mind and all of its content is created within the space of awareness. Awareness is before everything. We are pure awareness.

Pure mind is expressed as all encompassing Love. Impurities within the mind make the illusion of lack of love. As pure awareness, we don’t have to settle for illusions.

Worthy of Love

It’s very common in romantic relationships for one person to play the fault finder and the other to play the one with deficiencies…always seeking to correct and improve themselves in order to be found worthy of love in the eyes of the other.

This dynamic makes an illusion of superiority and inferiority, which holds both partners apart from realizing their inherent value and the true purpose of relationship.

I recognize the tendency to play the inferior, submissive one within myself….

Throughout my relationship with my husband I’ve noticed my internal response to some of the things he says as a hook to get me to believe that I am somehow deficient and need to change.

But it’s always been apparent to me on some level that every relationship is just me relating with another form of myself, and that its my responsibility to stand for our inherent worthiness.

So instead of buying into this form of misery, I consistently stand my ground and live in the truth that staying together is only valuable if we are both grateful for the gift of one another exactly as we are. My man has always recognized that he in fact is grateful for me just as I am, and that’s why he’s been my man for the past 20+ years.

My personality has changed a lot over the course of our relationship, but those changes have been spontaneous and natural. They weren’t due to a divisive attempt to make myself worthy of my partner’s love.

In fact, it’s clear to me that the more one tries to make themselves worthy of love, the less attractive they become in the eyes of their partner. This is because such a pattern of thought denies one’s inherent worthiness in the present moment, and thereby causes them to broadcast unworthiness…which naturally causes their partner to reflect lack of love in return.

I’m aware that every time I perceive lack of love coming from my partner, he is only reflecting illusions of unworthiness within me. That’s why I immediately and consistently refuse to give life to those illusions by pretending that I need to change, that he is wrong, or that I deserve to be in partnership with someone who holds me in the light of unworthiness.

It truly never mattered to me whether the relationship went forward, because I’m aware that every relationship is born from within me, and if I’m playing into patterns of unworthiness, I can only attract misery through relationship…whether I stay with the same partner, move on to another or choose to be single.

In this way, the space that I allow myself and my partner to hold for one another continues to be conducive to releasing our personalities from attraction to all forms of misery…which is the true purpose of every relationship.

In love!

Emotions in Perspective

When I speak of love, compassion and appreciation, I’m not speaking of emotions.

These are words that describe the perspective from which the full range of emotions is meant to be experienced.

From said perspective, it’s impossible to act out of emotional ignorance, and therefore peace and harmony (God’s love) prevails in every circumstance.

And if ever I find myself taken by emotion, I can and do choose to return to the benevolent perspective whereby all matters of ignorance immediately resolved.

Much love!

Self Importance

I don’t see myself as important in any relationship. This is because I’m aware that myself is nothing more than a temporary thought structure designed for the purpose of bringing forth the love that I am.

In this awareness, I fully surrender myself to the fact that I am adored for the all encompassing love and joy that sustains my being…not for anything I say or do.

This means that I don’t have to get anything done, influence anyone (including my kids), or manipulate myself or anyone else to meet expectations.

My only purpose is to feel the sensation of whatever is presently being received and offered through myself…the rest has never been my choice.

May everyone discover how to relate with the whole world in peace and harmony. Aloha!

Christ Consciousness

Christ consciousness is available to everyone now. It’s being offered effortlessly through every pore in my body.

If you are open to receiving this blessing of ecstasy beyond words, just be willing to give up your self made world and allow the love in your heart to keep expanding until it encompasses all of creation.

With much Aloha!