Abundance of the Heart

“Out of the abundance 10689963_10201738441781710_2764218589714651217_nof the heart, the mouth speaks” Jesus the Christ

This is plainly obvious for me, and that’s why I can’t hold anything against those who speak words of harm, punishment and destruction toward myself and other people. 

I’m aware that in every single instance, such language is the cry of an innocent child who has lost their way in the mind, and who’s heart has become guarded by fear.

I notice that the immediate reaction within the mind is to defend against such speech, and also launch a counter attack that seeks to judge, punish and/or destroy the offender.

But I have seen that defense and retaliation can only lead already wayward children to build upon the fear that guards their heart against love…while making structures of fear within my own heart as well.

Plus, when I permit myself to be hypnotized by fear like that, I cannot sense God’s love coursing through my body…..And I’m aware that the one launching attacks cannot presently feel the consequences of what they do because their heart is so hardened by fearful beliefs.

So, I approach verbal attacks by staying focused on the pure sensation of God’s love while also welcoming the feeling sensation of fearful thoughts being launched toward myself and/or other people.

In this way, the capacity has been developed in my heart to take in malevolent energies and reconcile them with God’s judgment…which is love, compassion and peace that passes all understanding.

Are you ready to put away old strategies that darken your heart and cause you to relate with the world through fear?

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Getting Kids to Behave

I stopped wanting love and respect from my children, because I recognized that what I really want is to experience my children exactly as they are.

Once I was willing and eager to purposefully go through every suffering that arose from my experience of raising children, it was also obvious that trying to change how they showed up in my perception would defeat that purpose.

At this point, I’ve been playing the role of parent for over 22 years, and like the common parent, I used to think that it was of utmost importance that my children show love and respect for myself, other significant people and each other.

But starting about four years ago, I began to intuitively recognize that wanting something other than authentic expression from my children caused me to react in a way that attempted to make them into slaves to my personal desires….so that I could avoid going through the sufferings that reflected my own ideas of self importance.

When I first intuited what was really going on, it was very painful for me. Every time that feeling of wanting my children to behave differently came up, a lot of pain and suffering arose with it, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with all of the intensity that I was experiencing.

To start out, I tried ignoring my kids whenever I suffered over them. Instead of giving them attention, I attended to my own breathing…I would control my breath, making the inhale and exhale long and deep as best I could.

On many occasions, this substitute form of control worked out and I would recover without an angry outburst or fit of victimization. But ultimately, I noticed more of a disconnect between myself and my children…and I knew that to truly go though the intense suffering that arose in connection with these sacred relationships required another approach, although I had no idea what it was.

I looked to the masters for any counsel in this regard, but what I found was that the masters didn’t even bother with raising kids. In fact, the Buddha left his wife and son to seek enlightenment.

As the desire for enlightenment was very powerful in me, for awhile I had the notion of also leaving my own family so that I could work out my salvation without being disturbed by them, but thankfully, I also knew that my path was different…

In my case, I have been gifted with this amazing husband who was willing to take on the role of single parent whenever I felt the need to take space from my family life. I kept retreating from my role as mother and returning again, ultimately realizing that my children were an important key to my total liberation and freedom from suffering.

At that point, which was little more than 1.5 years ago, I made a commitment to stop entertaining thoughts about leaving my family, and to spend more time with them. Instead of trying to control anything, even my own breathing, whenever sufferings arose I would retreat to a private space in my home to experience the energies that had me under their spell.

At the time, I had a selenite crystal wand which was long enough to cover my entire torso. I would hold tight to that wand while experiencing tears, a lot of internal heat, and both mental and physical pain and suffering. For many months I cried loudly, as the pain was so intense that it made me scream.

Eventually, I surrendered to my sufferings without making loud sounds, and just let the burning sensation happen in my body and mind…until nothing was left of this idea that I needed my children to be different. About three months ago, I realized that I no longer required the selenite crystal for this purpose, and when I met another woman who admired it…I gave it to her gladly.

More recently, only a few days after completing a 10 day silent Vipassana retreat, a very painful sensation around my kids came up again, and for about 30 minutes I entertained the idea of getting away from them…I cried over it a bit as my mind projected a need for change…and then there was a sudden sense of embodiment like I had never known before, and I was immediately relieved of all pain and suffering.

At this point, any form of suffering comes up and I smile, allowing the sensation to burn through my body…just noticing thoughts and experiencing feelings as the defilements held for me in the mind very quickly burn themselves out.

Now when my children express suffering, there is no reaction in me. I don’t avoid or ignore them either. I willingly and gladly feel the pain of the perception they are taking as true, but I do not join in their suffering.

As for choosing my response…I don’t choose. I allow the response that most resonates with the peace that has come over me to come spontaneously through me…even if that means no response at all.

Through this process, I have come to recognize that everyone who suffers is like a little child…and that I have come to nurture them with this peace that passes all understanding.

In gratitude!

Impressed by Fear

Try as they might, people impressed by fear feverishly seek to impress me with warnings of fearful things to come. To me they are like frightened little children living out their best interpretation of what it means to love.

I can see that their struggling minds are looking for temporary relief by encouraging another person to join in fear with them. But since I’m very much aware that fear is only an illusion, I cannot accept their invitations.

As such, I allow them to keep what they seek to share with me while sharing only the peace of God’s love in return. What they do with this peace is not a matter of concern for me.

Peace in and peace out. Nothing else penetrates this temple of unconditional love.

Abundant blessings!

Allowing Peace

My heart goes out to all of those who instead of loving their neighbors as themselves, cannot help but judge their neighbors in an attempt to avoid feeling the judgment they have made for themselves.

This can only multiply the force of evil spirits in the mind, and thus plant the seeds of more and more suffering.

It’s so simple to allow Peace in the moment judgment raises it’s sinful voice. But most humans have not yet learned how to make that shift of perspective.

This is only because most humans are still operating under the belief that their own concepts are God’s voice, while denying the messages coming through the body that God created as a home for those concepts.

I can help with this. I am designing a weeklong retreat to share with people how to hear and live according to God’s guidance, and to follow His voice to ultimate freedom.

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I can’t identify with opinions that appear to be mine. Opinions are just part of perception….which is always evolving.

In this awareness, opinions that occur to me are automatically given up to be evolved as necessary to keep my heart overflowing with love for the way things are. 


Day and night, and even in my dreams, there’s this pervading sense that everything has already been resolved in favor of love.

…and that for myself, my part is simple…experience whatever appears in my perception, and let it be.


I’ve discovered that leadership has nothing to do with getting other people to behave a certain way or telling anyone else what to do. For me, leadership is about living in alignment with my values even when the world presents convincing reasons why I should diminish my values so that I can fit in.

This whole life, people have been trying to teach me that I’m way too carefree, and that having more fear is necessary to keep me safe. I have heard about all the bad things that can happen to me, from going to Hell, to losing my job, to living in poverty, to being left alone with nobody to love me. Many times people would say something like “what’s up with you, why do you always look like the cat that swallowed the mouse, what do you know that I don’t know?”.

Up until recently I wasn’t even sure what it was, but now I can see that I was simply not afraid of what would happen if I lived according to my values.

For instance, I value harmony in all of my relationships, and I’m not afraid to go for it.

When I worked at a law firm back in the 90’s, we had a lawyer/boss with a huge temper. He could get set off at the slightest thing and start yelling at employees. I was 22 when I started working there, and most of my fellow employees seemed scared shitless of getting a loud rebuke from this man.

They seemed to walk on egg shells around him, doing their best to avoid communications with him.

After a few weeks working there, I noticed that he didn’t make eye contact with me as we passed each other in the hall, and when I said Hello, he ignored me. So I walked into his office and asked if he had a moment, he said “real quick” seeming disinterested. I asked him if he wanted me to quit. He said “what? why?”

I explained how I experienced him and said that I didn’t feel comfortable working for someone who doesn’t even smile at me, and I was wondering if it had to do with my job performance. He explained that he just concentrates on whatever work he has to do, that he knew nothing of my job performance so far, and that he would try to be more courteous when we passed each other in the hall.

After that, he treated me very different from the other employees…some in the office even made comments that we must be having an affair. I moved up quickly in my job especially when my boss found out about my sharp mind and ability to write correspondence and legal motions with ease.

Since we worked so closely, he would get heated about cases we were working on. He would try to get loud and angry with me at times, but I would just remind him in my own way that whatever case we were working on and keeping my job weren’t more important than my value for harmony in my relations.

This would always bring him back to taking deep breaths and getting himself to a place where he could relate without fear.

Love & Blessings!