Getting What is Wanted

I experienced a lot of confusion and frustration when I thought that I wanted things out of life. Some time ago I became aware that desire naturally flows through me, like a river that never dries up…but for awhile I didn’t realize that desire didn’t belong to me, and so I thought that I wanted “my desires” to be made manifest.

In this present state of being without wanting (some call this desirelessness), the river of desire still continues to flow through me…it’s just that there is no longer identification with wanting for any desire to manifest.

At some point it became obvious to me that the purpose of desire is to create opportunities to allow more joy through feeling sensations, but instead of allowing more joy right then and there, I noticed that my mind had developed a strong tendency to employ mental strategies in order to pursue desire.

Once I became aware of this tendency, I noticed more and more how unnatural it felt to pursue any desire at the expense of present moment joy. So instead of reacting to desire by moving into mental strategies, my mind gradually became more willing to give up strategies in favor of allowing the sensation of desire itself to move my emotional body into alignment with joy.

At this point, my mind’s dominant tendency is to allow joy no matter what. And since joy only leads to more joy, I can expect to experience more joy going forward (which is a joy in itself).

The joy I speak of is not dependent on any outcome or happening of this world. Indeed, as soon as there’s wanting for a particular outcome, I can feel my emotional body immediately being moved in resistance to joy.

And since I’m willing to feel the sensation of resisting joy, I’m naturally moved back into the vibrational frequency of joy without hardship or striving.

Because of this, everything gets done through me, as I’m effortlessly moved toward that which is truly desired by me….the physical manifestation of which is often different from what the mind thinks is desired.

Knowing that This is available to everyone who desires it, the river of desire fills me with eager anticipation and willingness to share. Mahalo!

Visions and Fears

As our evolution becomes less hindered by habitual thought, we receive visions of ourselves and our world in a higher form.

As these visions occur its just natural for programmed thought to come in with all the ‘reasons’ that our visions would be difficult or impossible to manifest, or about ‘how’ we’re going to make them manifest.

As we feel into these fears with conscious breath, our visions become more powerful. This is not the same as trying to use more thought to convince ourselves that our fears are invalid.

Fear is valid and its diffused by our going through it experientially, not by thinking our way around it.

As our fears are diffused, we can Trust the grand design of the Universe, which renders us free to step Joyfully and consistently in the direction of our visions with full expectation that our visions will come true – but without attachment to any of the details.

Invocation of Presence

For the purpose of this article, “Presence” means conscious overview of the thoughts and feelings being entertained within your awareness. Your physical body can only be focused into a single location at any point in time, and when your Presence is focused there too, experiences are seamlessly digested and your perspective is advanced for the evolution of your world.

The only thing that prevents you from being fully Present is internal conflict which manifests as emotion. Emotion makes your thought based perceptions feel real, and the emotion you are feeling is an indication of how much Presence you are allowing around and between your thoughts.

Specifically, all thought is a patterned mental/emotional response, which leads deeper into unconsciousness in the absence of conscious overview (Presence). Presence directs your awareness toward those thought patterns that feel more closely attuned with your non-emotional yet eternally Joyful essence. In this regard, the closer your thoughts feel to contentment, the more presence you are allowing around thought – while less contentment means you are allowing less presence.

So the question then becomes “how can I feel contentment when I really hate what’s happening?” The answer to that question is Acceptance and Appreciation – which “happens” within the remembrance that everything happens for you.  That remembrance can be invoked by slow, deep breathing and the consistent allowance of silent space between thoughts.

It’s futile to resist thoughts that you think you should not be having, because it’s the having of those thoughts that inspires your creativity. Simply allowing Presence around and between thoughts leads your awareness to thought patterns that feel better, while resistance to your thoughts leads in the opposite direction.

Contentment is not a goal that you have to achieve, but the emotional direction in which Presence leads your thinking irrespective of circumstance.

All that you perceive is only a reflection of the feelings that you have allowed to take form through the focus of your thought, and your conscious aspect (Presence) feels like the ultimate bliss/pleasure/joy/comfort – transcending all emotion. Just by looking for things in your perception that please you, and/or imagining what would please you more, you are invoking Presence for the creation of more pleasure in your world.

Conversely, to the degree you are focused on things in your perception that evoke anger, worry, sorrow, desperation, etc. – you are resisting presence and relying instead upon Ego aka fear – which is only capable of offering thoughts that evoke more fearful feelings which are then reflected in your world.

The temptation to be driven by unconscious thought comes in the form of things and people (including yourself) that you don’t like, or want to change. Your perception of such things immediately decreases your happy feeling because it shifts more of your awareness away from the moment and into the fear-based Egoic mind.

This is not to say the Egoic mind is a bad thing, or that feeling uncomfortable emotion should be avoided. This is about being aware of how much Presence is being allowed at any given time so that you can navigate your awareness back into alignment with ‘who you are’ when you’re ready.

The more you practice allowing Presence, the easier it will come to you, and your world will evolve in a way that is ever more pleasing from your perspective. Amaze yourself by giving your awareness over to the only aspect of yourself that is capable of creating a world you might describe as “heaven”, and exalt your material aspect in this very moment in time.

Emotion Exposes Limiting Beliefs

Whether we are focused on the present moment or any other point in time or space, we are commanding creation through the energetic vibration of every conscious and subconscious thought that we project.

Emotion allows us to determine whether our current point of focus is projecting for anything that we want to manifest. Our present feeling indicates how our projected manifestation will feel based on the beliefs we currently follow.

Our present manifestation and corresponding emotion is always perfect based on all thought that has come before. Most of that thought has been involuntary as we have simply believed the thoughts presented by the mind, and they became our truth.

To create new momentum requires new beliefs, which can be created through consistent attention to our feelings and deliberate redirection of our thought patterns. If we are feeling anything other than blissful, we are attuned to self limiting beliefs in the mind.

With attention, we can identify those beliefs and offer thoughts that feel better. There is no limit to how good our thoughts can feel because whatever we sincerely believe is our truth.

When we follow our thoughts into a feeling place we don’t like, the point where we redirect our thoughts sets a precedent for our emotional low point with respect to the subject point of focus. This makes it easier to turn the tide the next time we find ourselves riding the same or similar thought wave.

As we continue this practice, we can create new belief patterns and then release them as we systematically raise our emotional set point higher.

Every moment is a new beginning, and we can only begin from our current feeling place by offering thoughts that we can believe in the present moment. How far we progress in this lifetime depends on how patient and compassionate we are with ourselves.

Specifically, belief patterns are hard wired biologically, and breaking free from them requires cooperation from our ego. If we judge or condemn ourselves for not attaining what we think we should, we create resistance which impedes our progress.

The feelings we project are the same feelings we are attracting. Everything in our experience is a lesson, and depending on how we perceive what has already been created, we project for what comes next.

When in an uncomfortable or painful emotion, breathe deeply and remember that you are not limited to the limitations of mind. Simply appreciate the lesson and allow it to guide your progression toward the experience of your Divine essence.

Behold Your Beauty

No matter where we are in the world, the beauty within is being projected for us and through us by the power of our thoughts. In fact, the profound beauty of creativity is the energetic force that causes every person, circumstance and material object to manifest in this material reality.

Although it’s not always readily apparent, all things seen and unseen are made possible through the beauty of Divine Love. Many times we cannot realize this beauty through the layers of mental conflict and struggle that have been manifest, but it’s always present – just waiting to be discovered.

Everything in existence is created and sustained by all conscious and subconscious thought that led to the present moment, and this moment is constantly being recreated through the energy of our thoughts.  Because humans are the embodiment of the creative force coupled with a materially receptive mind, the balance of what we focus upon always multiplies in our reality.

When in a mental state of sincere appreciation for the beauty in our experience, we offer a very powerful vibratory pattern which commands the Divine creative force to manifest more of what we consider beautiful. However, many times we do not allow ourselves to enjoy the beauty we have noticed because our focus is quickly drawn to what should be done, changed or fixed in some way.

Where our thoughts go, creation follows. And, when we make conscious decisions about the direction of our thoughts, we are deliberately commanding the power of creation.

But in order to make our thoughts our own, we must be aware of the thoughts being offered by mind – and consciously choose whether to follow any of them.  Many of us have been so conditioned to notice what we find wanting that we must access imagination to offer thoughts independent of what we are programmed to receive from mind.

The creative force is limitless possibilities. The more Joyfully we focus upon whatever we personally find beautiful, the more prominent beauty presents itself in our experience; and the more our ideas of beauty are created for the world.

Make your thoughts an offering that resonates with those possibilities that are the most beautiful from your point of view, and create a more beautiful reality now.

Clear Vision

In order to be deliberate creators, we must have clear vision about what we want to create. Most people create difficulty for themselves in this regard because we keep looking around and reminding ourselves of how things are, or how we can go about fixing them.

The energy of our thought has such tremendous power that the situations we feel stuck in are only manifestations of the self-limiting beliefs we keep regurgitating based upon what we perceive in our environment. The only way out is to disregard reason and develop a vision that does not make accommodations for anything that already exists.

Dare to dream as big as you are able and feel the sheer Joy of it. The balance of your feelings is the energy that you are projecting into the world, and that energy is always becoming your manifestation for yourself and for the world.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing or thinking. That’s really none of your business. You came here to be a creator in your own right. Whatever is happening around you can only affect your vision if you allow it to play in your mind.

Don’t worry about overdue bills, controlling governments, greedy corporations or disease. Sure they exist, but your fretful energy keeps them alive and well.

Become impartial to the things that are not Joyful to you. You have the power to know about these things without feeling bound by them or otherwise offering your energy to support them.

Likewise, it doesn’t matter what you have done up to this moment, your time is always Now!

Bask in the beauty and sheer delight of a wide open mind, receptive to all the possibilities that cannot be seen through the perception of what has already been created. Be who you are where you are, but know that you are so much more.

Stay alert and present to your thoughts. If they feel less than Joyful, gently remind yourself that your thoughts are creating right now.

It’s perfectly fine if you can’t come back right away. Let yourself feel the emotional charge that your thoughts have created. Breathe deeply and release the tension in your body.

Love yourself unconditionally, and keep bringing back the vision because it feels good. And feeling good means your body and mind are receptive to opportunities that lead to the fulfillment of your deepest desires.

No matter what you say or do, nothing has more creative value than the energy of your thoughts. Despite everything else, be true to you and let your vision be the pure light that guides you on the Joyful journey through this lifetime.

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There is a single supreme consciousness that projects through every person from an individual perspective. While there appear to be billions of “others” on Earth, they are all just different forms of the same Being.

That Being is the eternal creative force that is existence itself, and the One that is the core consciousness of everyone in existence.

From our egocentric perspective, we cannot help but be self centered because our awareness is specifically focused through a single body and brain. As individuals, everything we perceive, sense, feel and desire is according to how we see our material self in relation to everything else.

In our relationships with each other, the degree to which we have emotional love or hate for someone depends on how we see ourselves in them.  But it is our own projection that draws every person into our experience.

Likewise, every event, circumstance, thing and even the condition of our planet is a reflection of what we are creating in the mind.  While the individual creates their own reality according to their beliefs, all things, people and circumstances in the material world are a reflection of the predominant beliefs projected by the combined consciousness on Earth.

The mind does not belong to a single person, but is shared between all living things. It contains every belief and pattern of thought from the beginning of consciousness on Earth.

Each individual is tuned to specific patterns within the mind through receptors in our brains. As we go through life believing we are limited and separate, we reinforce the patterns created by those who were projected before us as we continue on the course that has been charted before our physical birth.

But since our essence transcends our brains and even the mind, we can change those patterns and create new, more favorable ones by focusing our awareness from the part of Self that is All.  The creative force synchronizes everything in our shared reality to reflect peace, harmony, abundance, beauty and Love to the degree that we are projecting the pure essence of our true Self through our material form.

In order to create all of this in our reality, we have only to allow ourselves to be the expression of Unconditional Love as we perceive everything in our experience. Since each person is really Alone, we don’t have to concern ourselves with what any person is doing or what they are thinking because our individual expression is dependent only on our individual connection to Self.

There is no other. Be the true You and glorify the only One that endures forever.

Past has no Power

During our lifetimes, we have many opportunities to learn from the circumstances we experience. Wisdom is the integration of past lessons with awareness, but there is no value in contemplating whether anything ever went wrong.

Specifically, thinking about anything we have labeled as “wrong” or “bad” evokes emotions that project certain energetic patterns; and whatever we project is attracted toward us. This means that as we focus on what we have created in the past, we are re-creating similar vibratory patterns in the present.

Those patterns extend forward to attract that the circumstances and events that harmonize with them vibrationally.

If we mostly use the present moment to review the past, we bind ourselves to repeat what has already been created. But in any moment, we can decide that the past was perfect – and start focusing on what we are creating now.

By shifting mental focus to what feels Joyful in the present moment, our creativity is being directed toward what we would consider an improvement to our present situation or circumstance.

We are only bound to the past to the extent that we keep re-creating it in the present, but the power of creativity is within each individual to do with as they please – irrespective of anything that has already been created.

Working Mother

Working two jobs (when you’d rather do something else) to put kids through college is not only acting from ego on mother’s part, but it teaches her kids to struggle through, instead of create their lives.

Specifically, the mother is denying her higher Self for many years expecting to control a future outcome for her kids in the belief that her kids are not likely to succeed unless she sacrifices herself. At best, this brand of self importance sets the stage for pride – but more often disappoint and resentment become the mother’s predominant vibratory offering. During the time she spends denying her soul, the mother‘s energetic offering is paving the way for more struggle and hardship not only for herself – but for everyone else.

Moreover, it teaches her kids that in order for one to have success, another must suffer; and it gives them a sense that they are superior with a degree and inferior without one. These egocentric beliefs are the underlying cause of much struggle, depression, and emotional challenge in our society today. Confining powerful creators to these self limiting beliefs is the reason so many people are dependent on psychiatric and other drugs these days.

In reality, our power is our creativity. Teach kids to rely on their powerful Self, and to follow the pure Light within them instead the mind conceived methods of success that can only succeed in disconnecting us more from ourselves and from each other.

Our greatest gift is our energy, and the only time is NOW. Let your spirit prevail and bless everything through your very presence.

Problems are Opportunities

Everything happens For us, not To us.  All things are of our own creation, even the perception that there are “problems”.

Our present reality is the manifestation of all thoughts that have come before.  This is true because every thought emits a distinct energetic pattern which attracts people, circumstances, things and events that are in harmonic vibration with it.

In that regard, the perceiving of any “problems” is an opportunity to first notice the accompanying feelings and then create new beliefs in order to not only feel better, but to attract what we want instead.

The moment of Now always presents the opportunity of our lives. Be present Now and prevail!