There is no such thing as being stuck. Every being is in the state of constant change.

It’s only belief in stuckness that can make anyone seem stuck…And as long as this concept is taken as reality, one cannot help but deny their purpose in the present moment and make more illusions of being stuck.

The solution is to give up the idea itself by focusing on what feeling the idea of stuckness creates in the body. In this way, habit patterns are burned up and forward motion can be realized.



Lately people have been asking me whether I’ve reached full enlightenment or ultimate Nirvana…

Here’s what I have to say about that: At this point, I don’t mind what happens, but habit patterns are still playing themselves out. It seems like most of my habitual reactivity to circumstance has been burned up, and where there is reactivity, I am able to remain mostly detached and bear witness to their unraveling.

My whole being feels as if it’s on fire…a very welcome fire. I feel very grateful and patient, as I don’t mind if I experience this fire for eternity, and I also don’t mind if I experience regression, as I’m aware that it’s all necessary and perfect.

Much Love!

No End to Resistance

Unlimited ImaginationThere is no end to resistance as long as we are manifested in a creative environment because the sensation of resistance exposes our presently held limitations and informs the course toward new limitations more in alignment our creative visions and heartfelt desires.

We are all aspects of creativity, unlimited beings with our unique visions and expressions being an integral part of the tapestry of this limitation-based ‘reality’. Resistant feeling is like a signpost that invites us to stretch imagination beyond that which we currently hold to be true in order to shift ‘reality’ toward the creative visions and heartfelt desires we hold for ourselves and for our world.

Seeing resistant feeling as something wrong is of itself the cause of frustration, pain and suffering as it holds us to mental patterns that continually recreate what’s already known.

Nothing is ever going wrong! Resistance is a Gift, but as long as we perceive it as a curse, we make it so.

The ongoing practice of receiving the Gift is to recognize when resistant feeling arises, and watch the accompanying thoughts as if watching a show, movie or play, and notice how the feeling moves and evolves. If resistance is acted upon, that’s ok. We simply return to watching as soon as possible.

This practice uses resistance to bring unconscious beliefs into awareness, where they can easily and automatically be resolved. Each of us is invited to do this for ourselves and for the world, and to keep going until every upset is met with compassion, appreciation and peace.

Seeing Only Love

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EveryOne is pure Love and desirous of experiencing mutually Loving interaction with You. However, the mind can only create perception of ‘others’ according to the cumulative of that which has already been considered from your perspective and taken to be true.


In this way, you can’t really harm or offend anyOne; and you are in no real danger of being harmed or offended by anyOne. Nevertheless, individualized forms of awareness (people) may make themselves feel harmed or offended by their perception of you; and likewise you may feel harmed or offended by your perception of them.


However, every expression emerges from the One that is only Love, and what’s perceived is just a story made up in the mind.


To the extent you are afraid that your behavior may harm or offend anyOne (or that their behavior may harm or offend you), your pure essence (Love) is being distorted by mental concepts – which creates the feeling of confinement and emotional dis-ease – and is expressed in the material world as such.


The energetic connection between people who have shared relations is such that when thoughts of the ‘other’ cross your awareness, the emotional energy that you project is a force that not only affects your life experience, but it influences the ‘other’ to see their self from the same emotional point of view – especially as it relates to their interactions with you.


Make it your intent to recognize that, despite what you perceive, the ‘other’ can only Love you to the best of their ability according to what you are allowing; and that your only offering is Love. If you are uncomfortable or afraid of anyOne, make physical space, and as thoughts of them arise in your awareness, be receptive to seeing them in the mind’s eye as only Loving – whatever mental imagery feels Loving from your unique perspective.


In this way, you are using your energetic connection with individual forms to transcend layers of mind, while vibrationally inviting them to do the same – thus allowing for the experience of Loving relations to expand in your perception and in the perception of everyOne within your sphere of influence.

Victims & Villains

The mind seeks to compare people against one another and project delusion by making some people out to be victims and others to be villains.

When you make the delusion you perceive in ‘others’ your concern, your consciousness is hooked to an emotional pattern whereby your energy is given to create more of the subject delusion – and resulting manifestations – that give ‘reason’ for your concern.

It takes great courage to see through delusion and allow your world’s victims and villains to be in a state of grace – because this contradicts how ego (energy of fear) dictates that you ‘should’ respond.  Be willing to let go of concepts about how the ‘other’ should be, and let the warrior within perform the necessary alchemy to turn delusion into solutions that glorify All.

Independent Thought Shifts Collective Consciousness

Collective consciousness is the belief patterns projected by all people in a shared environment .  From within our homes, neighborhoods and places of work to our cities, countries and even the entire world – individual human thought is largely dictated by the mental habits that prevail within that environment.

Like always attracts like, and onto itself it is drawn. This is a fundamental law of the Universe. Even though opposite poles attract, they must have a resonant vibration, otherwise they will repel each other.

The thought patterns that each individual has projected from this and all previous lifetimes determines the environment in which they find themselves now. This is because humans are attracted to other humans by virtue of mental energy – the coalescence of which determines collective consciousness for a particular environment – and collective consciousness dictates our default perception of shared environments.

Most of us do not yet realize the power we have to affect our shared environments because we are conditioned to believe that the reality we know is created by “others”, and that change must be preceded by undue suffering, struggle or even war. Whether there are arguments in our homes, gossip in our workplace, dishonesty in our government, or hunger in our world – the human ego seeks to lay blame on something, someone, or some group of people that appears to be outside of the Self.

But no one is separate from the whole, and each individual is the same energy that has contributed to the creation of all belief patterns in the shared mind that manifest in our individual and shared reality. If we find ourselves or anyone else suffering, it’s because we have believed in our own limitation and/or we have judged those we perceive as “others”.

This does not mean that anything is our fault. The human mind is born in limitation because limitation is the basis of a material reality, and we are not held liable or judged by anyone but ourselves.

However, everything is our responsibility in that the ego commands the creative force to manifest according what we have projected, and we have the ability to project that which can create the change we seek. Only by accepting responsibility, embracing our uncomfortable feelings, and forgiving ourselves for projecting the thought patterns that have created conflict, can we effectively shift (instead of reinforce) the beliefs being projected by collective consciousness.

Applying the Practice

When we notice anything we do not like, we can transmute our uncomfortable emotional energy to calm deliberate energy – and create new momentum for ourselves with the following process:

  1. Take a moment to realize that what we are perceiving is a reflection of what we have projected
  2. Direct our awareness to the feeling that realization creates in the body
  3. Breathe deeply into the uncomfortable feeling while forgiving ourselves for having projected it
  4. Once we feel the uncomfortable feeling shift to calm excitement, offer thoughts that match what we want to create

Similarly, when we notice anything we do like, we can use the resultant happy emotion to focus our creative energy to attract more of what we prefer with the following process:

  1. Take a moment to realize that what we are perceiving is a reflection of what we have projected
  2. Direct our awareness to the feeling that realization creates in the body
  3. Breathe deeply into that feeling while thanking the creative force (which is the broader aspect of ourselves) for the manifestation
  4. Offer thoughts of appreciation for what we are receiving instead of worry or dread over the experience coming to an end in a future that does not exist

Perhaps the best place to test and develop this practice is within the home or workplace because we can easily evaluate and refine our ability on a smaller scale. For example, if we perceive a family member, boss, client or coworker as angry – for the final step of this process we can offer thoughts that change our perception of them to being jovial, kind, romantic or whatever we most prefer.

What to Expect

As we consistently and deliberately shift our mental energy, we will begin to notice that the people and behavior we are attracting starts to shift.  On a subconscious level, our new perspective invites everyone who experiences our energy to shift their thought patterns into alignment with what we are projecting.

As our new perspective becomes more believable in our perception, our energy is becoming very different. Thus, the people we have previously associated with can only continue to be attracted to us if their energy continues to resonate with ours by virtue of the belief patterns they are choosing to follow.

In this way, unhappy relationships and situations will easily fall away in favor of those that resonate with our new perspective. During these transitions, fear can permeate our thoughts, and it can be very tempting to return to our old belief patterns in order to maintain the status quo. This is because the ego is programmed to fear what it does not know.

However, if we persevere we will reap all the benefits of our efforts by creating a more Joyful reality for ourselves, while contributing to the creation of a more Joyful reality for the entire world. While our own energy is a small contribution to global consciousness, every person who experiences us is also changed on an energetic level, and as the new patterns of belief are supported by more individuals, our once unorthodox perception of reality will become a mental habit that Earth’s present inhabitants and future generations are drawn toward.

Celebrate your independence by making a commitment to offer independent thought no matter what else is happening, and be the one to start a new momentum for yourself and for our shared reality.

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You Are God

You are the God of Christianity or whatever God you choose to exalt. The energy that gives life to your physical form is the One that all religions call “God”.

The self that you refer to with disdain is not your real Self, but your self image. Your real self is the Being that transcends your mind and witnesses all of your experiences with complete Love and patience as your ego matures enough to recognize what’s true in you.

As long as we identify ourselves as the mental patterns we have been conditioned to follow, we create our own punishment. But we can choose in any moment to unify with the Self that is Unconditional Love, and start creating blessings for ourselves and for the world.