Money Issues

We don’t need to make it about money because we don’t really make money come to us anyways. We are given the amount of money needed to reflect our willingness to receive.

Wherever there is judgment about money or about how we’re going to survive and thrive – that’s unwillingness to receive.

Examples of judgment:

Dependence on a job, the government or another person for money or other allowances.

The idea that money is wrong, is being used wrongly, or is the root of evil.

The conclusion that we can’t do something because of a money issue.

The conclusion that we must sacrifice ourselves in order to support ourselves or our families.

Flowing Resources

The more skill you develop toward calculating and protecting your Resources, the more you resist the Effortless Abundance of which you are worthy.

All material Resources are Gifts of Grace – they do not come out of your self. The self is an instrument of perception, and any Work that you think you’ve done serves only as ‘proof’ to the mind that you are deserving of the resources you now appear to possess.

Accordingly, you’re invited to offer more of your energy of awareness for taking delight in your Vision; and whenever you notice tense thoughts about HOW you are going to make that vision manifest – you’re invited to focus on the breath and rest in silence.

As for the resources, they always take care of themselves. To the extent you offer resources out of an inspired feeling, the resources necessary for the next step in the direction of your Vision will show up right on time.

If you take steps in frustration, greed, worry etc., that’s great too! The resistance you put in will continue to take form as barriers that appear to prevent you from manifesting according to your Vision. The more the root cause of these ‘barriers’ is realized, the easier it becomes to Let Go and Let God.

All Resources are Gifts of Love. Let them Flow!!





Abundance has nothing to do with having a bunch of money. Most people who are considered ‘wealthy’ by worldly standards actually live in poverty (and project poverty for their world) through their own guilt and pity for the perceived ‘less fortunate’.

True Abundance knows the everyOne has infinite resources at their command, and right now, each one is getting exactly what is needed.

Abundance vs Scarcity

Abundance is not the opposite of scarcity, as the mind would have you believe. Abundance is the reality of existence while scarcity is a self limiting idea.

You have the innate ability to not only survive, but to thrive in any financial climate, with any form of governmental rule, and under any circumstance. All there is to do is allow the Abundance that is the essence of ‘who you are’ to be expressed through your perception.

When a thought that screams ‘scarcity’ crosses your awareness, and you recognize it’s lack of meaning, the energy of your perception is immediately shifted to a lighter frequency. Small shifts like this add up until you become so aware of your abundant essence that even the idea that scarcity exists (or that anyone needs protection from it) looks silly and irrelevant.

Money Madness

Most people (individualized awareness projecting as human form) create a substantial amount of stress and worry around the subject of money. Monetary abundance is commonly thought to create joy, while a lack of money is commonly thought to produce pain.

In reality, everything is a form of energy, having no value except that which the perceiver assigns to it -and money is no exception. Because most people operate under a false sense of identity, the mind creates many problems, and people believe (a) that their problems are real and (b) that many of their problems can be solved by money – either by getting more for their self, by taking money away from someone thought to have ‘too much’, by giving money to those thought to have ‘not enough’, or by abolishing the use of money all together.

While it benefits everyone to be realistic about how money is used in this illusion, true financial freedom is created by the one who remembers to remember that money (like all things) is a manifestation of thought energy, and to the extent anyone attaches their feelings to money, they experience struggle around the subject.

From the hippy to the senator, unless they are an enlightened master, in mental infancy, or a recluse, all people hold some ideal about money, and there’s nothing wrong about that. The key is in recognizing that one’s present relationship with money is a response to all thought-based feelings they have previously projected about money.

For example, every time someone thinks they can’t afford something, they activate the feeling of ‘not enough’. Unless that feeling is observed, the egoic mind represses, denies or minimizes it while incessantly searching for ways to manipulate more money in the delusion that it will make them feel like they have ‘enough’.

Another example is the one who believes money is a tool of ‘evil’ and/or that an economic collapse is imminent -so they bear with the feeling of not presently having enough money to create personal freedom and joy, while waiting for a future where everything will go in their favor.

This one too is projecting for ‘not enough’, but this one is also projecting for more manifestations of what they consider to be the ‘evil’ use of money. Even if the economic system did collapse, they would still be left with the spiritual poverty they have created in thought.

Conversely, when money is a non-issue, one can be free to express creativity, and ‘enough’ of everything comes in response to creative expression.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that one’s creative expression directly results in monetary manifestations, but with money not being equated with feelings, one can attract money through unlimited channels as a means for them to experience more of the joy they have already projected through creative expression.

In order to activate creativity and allow it to inform action, one must first accept and respect that thought has made money an important form of energetic exchange between people. From the foundation of acceptance and respect, one can begin to observe their personal thoughts about money, and what feelings those thoughts evoke.

Through relaxed observation and acceptance of whatever one thinks/feels, the creative force of awareness shifts one’s relationship with money until money is no longer thought to be a source of anything – and it will be so.

Because this is much easier said than done, it’s very helpful to have support from someone who has experience in this regard. For this reason, I offer counseling/coaching/channeling sessions to guide interested people along their path.

Money is a Manifestation of Love

Many people mistakenly believe that money is a source of suffering. But in reality, there is no source of suffering. There is only perception of suffering to the extent that we do not allow our well being.

Nothing, except our thought energy, can detract from the Joyful perspective of source consciousness, which we were born to express.  Every human thought is source consciousness as it is filtered through beliefs held in the mind. Everything in our experience is a projection of our thought energy, and only through transforming our conscious and subconscious limiting beliefs can we achieve the results we desire.

The Joyful perspective of source consciousness belongs to everyone. It’s just a matter of focusing through the mind and not from it.

The practice of awareness in the present moment brings us closer to understanding truth that transcends material reality, and allows us to use our energy to bring blessings to the world.

In awareness, our perception of conflict is valuable because it is the energetic spark that inspires conscious creativity. However, if we find that anything in the world needs fixing, our mind is being controlled by our own egocentric sense of self importance, and creating energy that causes more manifestations of what we do not like.

No matter what form consciousness takes, if we depend on any circumstance for our sense of freedom and well being, we are creating emotional attachment. It is this attachment, not money or anything else, that is the root of all mental anguish.

Many well meaning people work very hard to change things they do not like about money, constantly battling greed, resentment, fear, and desperation. These people validate their ego by offering thoughts about how sorry they feel for the “victims” of our monetary system, and how they need to do something to help restrain the greedy people.

Any action steps taken from these mindsets emanate from emotion, and they provide comfort to the ego by creating a sense that the person is doing “good”. However, even if we achieve material results from our action, if that action emanated from a disturbing emotion, we have simply created more of the same energy we were aiming to abate.

Once we become aware of the mental concepts that create our dis-ease, we are prepared to create the total freedom and well being that is our birthright. But there is never any enduring value to action taken from within an emotional state.

Align your thoughts with Love around money and every other manifestation of conscious energy, and create more Joy in your experience through the power of Divine perspective.


Money is not something to either reject or hoard. In our state of separation, we created money as a tool to enhance our lives, and by appreciating our creation we allow it to flow easily into our experience.

In creating a Joyful life, it’s very important to watch our point of focus. When our predominant thought patterns around money create feelings of limitation, we are putting ourselves out of harmony with the creative force, and we experience money as a limitation instead of a blessing in our own lives.

Some of us have a hard time feeling good while focusing on money. Instead of focusing on money at all, we can focus on our perspective for the ideal world/life/relationships/circumstances – and allow whatever money is necessary to flow in response to our energetic offering.

But when we focus on the inequalities that we have created through our use of money, we create more imbalance – which exaggerates the extremes of greed and poverty in our world. For this reason, it benefits everything when we make our own offering one of Love, or as close to it as possible.

Conscious Politics and Economics

Love and joy are certainly not words that commonly come to mind around government or finances these days.

In fact, many people experience emotions of profound fear and/or resentment around these topics. There is fear that those with perceived power over us are passing laws or making decisions that will alter life in a negative way; and resentment because there is a perception that some people are getting what they want at the expense of others.

These negative emotions are based on the belief that our life circumstances are created by government, corporations, organizations or some other power outside ourselves. In this way, we become convinced that they should be doing something different to make our lives better. Many of us even use the excuse that we cannot succeed because they have not done their jobs properly.

It’s easy to lose our sense of self empowerment around certain subjects, and instead offer emotion when those subjects are pondered or discussed. However, it’s important to understand that the emotions we offer are not without consequence.

Emotions in Action:

The combined emotional awareness of all people creates a collective vibratory pattern which is responsible for who is elected to our government, each legislative, executive and judicial decision, and the expansion or contraction of our economy.

As a survival mechanism, people instinctually adopt the same beliefs as those held by the majority – this is known as “herd mentality”. In modern society, people tend to match their emotions to that of their perceived leaders such as pastors, teachers, parents, media figures and government officials – this is usually how a vibratory pattern around a particular subject originates.

When we accept an emotion as our own, we identify that feeling as being our reality. Then, to the degree of passion with which we emanate that emotion, we in turn influence the emotions of others. In this way, the emotions being offered by each and every person has the ability to maintain or shift our collective vibratory pattern.

The nature of our collective vibratory pattern determines the nature of our predominant thoughts, words and actions. Since we identify with our emotions, we tend to play out the reality of them. This is why predictions which are anticipated by the majority have a way of proving us right.

So, if we have a government or economy that is not what we want, we know that our collective vibratory pattern must not be a match for our desires.

How Feeling Becomes Fact:

Every time we think of something that feels bad, we send out a resistant vibration which attracts more of what we don’t like about that subject. For example, by repeatedly entertaining fearful thoughts around government or economy, we attract experiences that agree with those feelings – and our fears become reality.

The more passionate our emotion around a subject, the stronger the force that draws the matching experiences even faster. When many of us share a common fervent feeling around politics or finances, we quickly create major shifts in our shared experience.

Notice that through mass fear we allow the swift passage of laws that limit freedom, violate our privacy, and promote wars on everything from drugs to disease to terror. At election times, the media and political pundits play off of our negative feelings, and even when we are presented with the opportunity to vote for candidates who can change politics for the better, our negative focus makes it impossible to even notice them much less vote for them.

It’s also mass fear that causes the stock market to plummet and spending to tighten, which creates lost jobs, homes, etc.. In a corporate climate, the collective fear of layoffs results in decreased productivity, and creates a desperate vibration which drives potential clients and sales elsewhere – resulting in layoffs just as expected.

Using Emotions to Our Advantage:

Shifting mass consciousness and thus our experience of government and the economy is so simple that it is typically overlooked. This does not involve any pretense, and there is no benefit to acting as if the current reality is ideal. It’s important to recognize the truth of our current situations so that we can have clarity about the improvement we desire.

By offering positive thought patterns which are not dependent on the current situation, we are in effect creating positive change.

It’s all a matter of focus. When we see something that we would like to change, instead of harping on the negatives which we know exist, we can shift our thoughts and feelings to how wonderful it would be to have the improvement we desire. With practice, as we are able to feel the change within us, our words and actions will also follow the feelings we are offering.

When an individual person deliberately and emotionally focuses on improvement, their thoughts, words and actions naturally evolve to allow for the fulfillment of their desires; their vibration influences the vibration of others; and over time mass consciousness shifts to become a closer match to this improved reality. In this way, each of us holds the power of creation.

This means – if we intend to attract honest, competent and intelligent political leaders we must live from a feeling of that expectation while demonstrating these qualities as we govern our own lives. Likewise, if we desire a robust economy, we must make sound decisions with our own money while offering a feeling of positive expectation for financial expansion. However, the most important part of this is to feel positive about what we are creating.

Those who intentionally direct their energies to influence others – politicians, political analysts, media figures, or activists – have greater creative power over subjects of their focus because their feelings have influence over many others. However, even without uttering a word, each person is projecting what they want for government and economy just by having thoughts on these topics.

The time is now to reclaim the power over our minds in order to improve our government, economy and our lives. Let’s offer independent positive thought and become the change we want to experience.