Space of Emptiness

Conflict between people arises from a perception of an individual self that's separate from others.

But truly, there is no individual self and there are no others.

There is only imagination arising in the space of emptiness.

The only thing…

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Personal Perceptions

The way you seem to feel about people is only a projection of what the thoughts that occupy your mind feel like. 
Every perception of people is manifested by consciousness/God for the sole purpose of delivering your mind back to…

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True Perception

My perception can never be wrong.

It's custom-made just for me...and when I'm not trying to deny my perception or change it...I can also perceive possibilities for self expression that inspire more pleasure and joy for myself and for this…

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Mind-Made Compassion: Focusing on Your Suffering is Causing me to Suffer, so I'm going to Help You Out - in order to Make both of us Feel Better.

Divine Compassion: This Feeling Sensation is Embraced within the Recognition that Every…

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No-thing to Accept

Acceptance is not something to be done by you. The essence of ‘who you are’ is the Loving Acceptance from which all things arise in your experience.

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Seeing Only Love

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EveryOne is pure Love and desirous of experiencing mutually Loving interaction with You. However, the mind can only create perception of ‘others’ according to the…

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EveryOne is Love

EveryOne is your Lover at the level of source, and if you think you’re not getting what you want from them, it’s only because you’re allowing less Truth than you want through the doorway of your perception.

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Love Message: Motion

This too shall pass! Everything perceived is in motion, constantly manifesting according to the conscious response given to what’s being perceived Now.

To have your truest desires made manifest, let every concern go, take slow-deep breaths, and allow the spirit…

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The End is Without End

Overwhelment and frustration are forms of attachment to desire, whereby you have become identified with the mind's calculation about what end must be attained before you can relax. However, desire never ceases, and new 'ends' are constantly being calculated according to the new desires that spring forth from your individualized point of view. 

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Love Message: True

Whatever you say truthfully is true in your perception, and every time you affirm your truth, you energetically ask for ‘evidence’ of it. Pay attention to the words you speak, and let feeling inform the movement of thought toward that…

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