Space of Emptiness

Conflict between people arises from a perception of an individual self that’s separate from others.

But truly, there is no individual self and there are no others.

There is only imagination arising in the space of emptiness.

The only thing keeping the illusion of conflict alive is fear of emptiness and the desire to be an object in the imagination.

Who’s willing to see that they are nothing in the imagination, but they are the source of all things imagined?

That one experiences joy and harmony in meeting all of the various forms of Self.

Blessings have been sent with the assistance of Galbanum, Cistus and Frankincense Rivae.

Personal Perceptions

The way you seem to feel about people is only a projection of what the thoughts that occupy your mind feel like. 
Every perception of people is manifested by consciousness/God for the sole purpose of delivering your mind back to You. 
You will know when your mind has returned to its Home in You when only loving kindness can be perceived in the other people who grace your senses with their apparent comings and goings. 
When anything short of loving kindness is perceived, know that you have Free Will to look through the eyes of spirit and not your body’s senses. 
You alone have the Choice to allow the message of the unloving reflection to penetrate your mind and unlock the chains upon your heart. 
All you have to do is SEE that perception is really a feeling and allow whatever feeling arises to be felt even as your frightened mind races to project its ill feelings upon other people. 
Through feeling the sensation of mental projection, your mind becomes less frightened and more trusting of You. 
..,,Because every time a fearful/hateful/spiteful perception is sensed in Light of Truth, the mind can recognize it as nothing but an illusion it made about itself. 
In time, the people that surround you will seem to care for you, love you, and treat you with the respect and kindness that’s worthy of You. Indeed, such is the projection of a mind that’s been made invulnerable to worldly ways of relating. 
With your loving guidance, every unhappy perception can lead to awakening the mind’s senses to the loving light of awareness that shines through everybody. 
Thank you for being the all-loving light of awareness! I love you!

True Perception

My perception can never be wrong.

It’s custom-made just for me…and when I’m not trying to deny my perception or change it…I can also perceive possibilities for self expression that inspire more pleasure and joy for myself and for this world.

For instance, if I’m perceiving people to be disrespectful, rude or disparaging to me or other people, I don’t have to try and change my perception or theirs. I can watch my perception and wait until I can perceive how to express myself in a manner that leads me to perceive more respect, kindness and upliftment in the moment.

My expression could be anything from removing myself from a situation or relationship, giving someone a big hug, or speaking up for what’s right for me. There’s no right or wrong here as every situation is unique.

I just keep following the guidance within and life constantly brings more pleasure and joy for me to experience and share.

Much love!


Mind-Made Compassion: Focusing on Your Suffering is Causing me to Suffer, so I’m going to Help You Out – in order to Make both of us Feel Better.

Divine Compassion: This Feeling Sensation is Embraced within the Recognition that Every Perception of Suffering is Illusion; AND I’m HereNow in Joyful Service to All.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Mind-Made Compassion. This is what all Good People do. It’s just that there’s another dimension of Compassion that’s Truly Therapeutic because it Doesn’t FEED energy into the mind-made Illusion of Suffering.  How to be Shifted? Remember to stay Alert and Watch as the Mind Automatically offers Commentary that gives Credence to Suffering; and Notice how it Feels when you believe that Commentary.

Keep it up, and your Individual Path to Divine Compassion will be revealed.  If you Forget to Remember, that’s OK – another Opportunity is Coming up. Allow Forgiveness for what has gone before to stay prepared in the Present Moment.

Seeing Only Love

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EveryOne is pure Love and desirous of experiencing mutually Loving interaction with You. However, the mind can only create perception of ‘others’ according to the cumulative of that which has already been considered from your perspective and taken to be true.


In this way, you can’t really harm or offend anyOne; and you are in no real danger of being harmed or offended by anyOne. Nevertheless, individualized forms of awareness (people) may make themselves feel harmed or offended by their perception of you; and likewise you may feel harmed or offended by your perception of them.


However, every expression emerges from the One that is only Love, and what’s perceived is just a story made up in the mind.


To the extent you are afraid that your behavior may harm or offend anyOne (or that their behavior may harm or offend you), your pure essence (Love) is being distorted by mental concepts – which creates the feeling of confinement and emotional dis-ease – and is expressed in the material world as such.


The energetic connection between people who have shared relations is such that when thoughts of the ‘other’ cross your awareness, the emotional energy that you project is a force that not only affects your life experience, but it influences the ‘other’ to see their self from the same emotional point of view – especially as it relates to their interactions with you.


Make it your intent to recognize that, despite what you perceive, the ‘other’ can only Love you to the best of their ability according to what you are allowing; and that your only offering is Love. If you are uncomfortable or afraid of anyOne, make physical space, and as thoughts of them arise in your awareness, be receptive to seeing them in the mind’s eye as only Loving – whatever mental imagery feels Loving from your unique perspective.


In this way, you are using your energetic connection with individual forms to transcend layers of mind, while vibrationally inviting them to do the same – thus allowing for the experience of Loving relations to expand in your perception and in the perception of everyOne within your sphere of influence.

Love Message: Motion

This too shall pass! Everything perceived is in motion, constantly manifesting according to the conscious response given to what’s being perceived Now.

To have your truest desires made manifest, let every concern go, take slow-deep breaths, and allow the spirit that burns within to direct the movement of consciousness (the One Force that creates all worlds) through your individualized perspective.

Love Message: True

Whatever you say truthfully is true in your perception, and every time you affirm your truth, you energetically ask for ‘evidence’ of it. Pay attention to the words you speak, and let feeling inform the movement of thought toward that which allows more Peace to prevail in your awareness.