I don’t need to get any pleasure out of my experiences.

My only responsibility is to allow the pleasure of being who I am to flow into them.

Enjoyment Eases Suffering

Laughing BuddhaUnwillingness to allow pleasure/joy/comfort/luxury for your self does nothing but create more suffering for your inner/outer world.

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Mind and Personal Will

Mind and personal will are not only necessary components for creating in this material environment – they are also your tools for creating an ever expanding experience of peace and pleasure.

Feeling the need to do away with the mind…

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Ego is not Against Spirit

Ego is not against Spirit as in a battle between good and evil. Ego is the fictional creation of Spirit which allows for the perception of distinct forms – the foundation of experience in this material dimension.

Only through buying…

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Unreasonable Pleasure

Your capacity for experiential pleasure is unlimited. To the extent you are open to the gifts that Life is presenting to you Now, you are allowing ecstasy beyond words to be expressed through your individualized being.

This is not to…

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Daily Thought: People Pleaser

You aren’t capable of pleasing people. EveryOne’s experience of pleasure is created from within. When you try to please them, your energy is given to reinforce the root of all frustration – belief that pleasure comes from ‘out there’.