Mind and Personal Will

Mind and personal will are not only necessary components for creating in this material environment – they are also your tools for creating an ever expanding experience of peace and pleasure.

Feeling the need to do away with the mind or personal will is just another exercise in division, which reinforces the separate self and leads deeper into mental delusion.

The key is appreciating and releasing thoughts as they stream through your awareness; and honoring your personal will while surrendering it to ‘what is’.

You are always directing the mind in accordance with how thoughts feel to you. Be Will-ing to experience peace and pleasure from your perspective HereNow, and direct the mind unto infinity thereby.

Ego is not Against Spirit

Ego is not against Spirit as in a battle between good and evil. Ego is the fictional creation of Spirit which allows for the perception of distinct forms – the foundation of experience in this material dimension.

Only through buying into Ego’s assertion that thoughts are true does one resist Spirit’s directive to uplift and expand energy of awareness. This ‘buying in’ is ignorance – not right nor wrong – just a mindset that generates the experience of struggle.

There is nothing to do but remember the Truth that there is no truth to any thought. From there, Spirit is allowed to uplift energy of awareness to lighter frequencies of mind – and infinitely more expansive Joy/Peace/Love/Pleasure may be experienced thereby.

Unreasonable Pleasure

Your capacity for experiential pleasure is unlimited. To the extent you are open to the gifts that Life is presenting to you Now, you are allowing ecstasy beyond words to be expressed through your individualized being.

This is not to say that anyone should chase pleasurable experience. Indeed, all perception is patterned with feeling, and to the extent one tries to create pleasurable feeling, its opposite is activated within their energy of awareness – and addiction is manifested thereby.

Every thought that crosses your awareness is a demonstration of egoic gripping to pleasurable experience and resistance to painful experience.  Your belief in the truth of thoughts is all that keeps tension between the polarities for you, and makes them real in your perception.

Pleasure, experienced in the present moment, immediately becomes an experience of memory when thoughts about sustaining, recreating or protecting the experience of pleasure are believed. Accordingly, pleasurable experience tends to be elusive and short lived.

Pure consciousness is the source of limitless pleasure from which all feeling is created according to thought. While superficial pleasure (the opposite of pain) is based on circumstance that evokes an elated feeling, the deeper, limitless pleasure is a resonant yet subtle rhythm which can be attuned to at any time, under any circumstance.

By noticing what is being thought and the feeling and breath pattern that come with the thought, then deepening the breath without judgment, you are allowing pure consciousness (the source of pleasure) to penetrate through mental patterns as they cloud your awareness.  As pure consciousness is permitted access through the layers of mind, core belief in the separate self (which is the only barrier to one’s capacity for pleasure) is exposed.

In this way, consciousness is allowed to gently detach your energy of awareness from identification with thought, and the polarities of mind are diffused thereby. From a truly detached point of view, all thoughts and associated feelings are not only a pleasure to observe, but they provide the necessary direction whereby the movement of awareness may be given to allow new openings for greater depths of experiential pleasure.

The window of opportunity to allow conscious access to your thoughts and feelings is always in the present moment, whether you are thinking about past or future is irrelevant – all thought happens in the present. You deserve to experience levels of pleasure that surpass all mental reason and understanding, and focused attention can lead you there.