Earth Day

I’ve been intuitively aware this whole lifetime that Mother Earth does not need my concern. Now I’m experientially aware that while all material forms, including human bodies are born out of Earth elements….every material form, including Earth herself is only a temporary reflection of the mind.

In this awareness it’s become plainly obvious that to demand clean air, clean water and/or clean food is to project discontent with what is…which causes Earth to reflect more dis-ease back to all of her inhabitants.

I realize that everything is changing according to what’s being received and offered in the mind, and that through my offering of contentment with what is, my natural preference for the best possible air/water/food quality is being offered without desire or resistance.

Because I know this deeply, I can’t help but be content with whatever form of air/water/food I’m presently receiving, while offering only compassion both for those who seek to rape the earth for profit, and for those who protest against them. For I can see that these are two sides of the same thread of misery.

May everyone come out of the sleep induced by self important fear, and realize that there is only Heaven here now.


I used to be somewhat of a hypochondriac…suffering over the physical pain, discomfort and bodily illnesses that I experienced.

I always found something in the physical world to blame for my perceived lack of health…whether that was imperfect food, air pollution or noise that would prevent me from getting restful sleep.

But since I gave up blame, I and my family have been experiencing more vibrant health, wellness and comfort in our bodies than ever before…despite the fact that we are direct neighbors to a power plant that seems to be the cause of health issues for many members of our community, and we frequently swim in ocean water that’s been reportedly tainted with radiation for years.

To me, this is a testament to the fact that when fear and worry associated with blame are released, the physical body becomes more receptive to the vital Life Force Energy that constantly creates and sustains all living organisms.

Blessed be!

Pollution Solution

Why is there toxic fumes in the air and pollution in the water? Because that’s what’s presently necessary to expose humanity’s belief in separation.

The beauty in these manifestations is the uncomfortable feelings being triggered by them. Said feelings are living proof that the pollution/toxicity is a Gift meant to help humanity manifest the Heaven on Earth that is our birthright.

The more we move toward trying to stop the pollution/toxicity, the more we are Given to try and clean up. But, as it’s recognized that the triggered feeling is the root cause of the perceived problem – those feelings can be embraced – and real changes can happen.