How to Pray

A prayer for anything of this world is really an exercise in vanity. 
Prayer always works too, although not always in the way it’s expected…
Vain perceptions are added onto the one who prays for things of this world, which leaves the confused mind unsatisfied and always hungry for more. 
The one who knows the mind also knows all desires that arise in the mind, and provides exactly what’s needed for the mind to grow in love, peace and compassion. Thus is the Divine Will for humanity. 
A prayer for worldly outcomes is really a confused attempt to deny Divine Will, and get what seems to be wanted in confusion instead. 
The prayer of vanity is also necessary for the mind that’s unprepared to recognize that personhood is an illusion, and that only Divine Will is of any value. 
In fact for the ignorant, vain prayer helps to release some suffering. But for the one who understands the value of Divine Will, such a defiant prayer causes suffering to multiply. 
If you are open to the kind of prayer that asks for Full release from resistance to Divine Will and suffering, only pray for the mind’s judgments to be forgiven. 
Ask and it will be given…
Notice that confused mind repeatedly asks for a better illusion while denying the hearts true desire…which is to be released from the dominion of confused mind and All of its illusions. 
True prayer is worshipping the one who knows your mind with all your heart, and without ceasing…despite temptations in the form of wants, needs and desires that arise in the mind. 
True prayer leads to realization of the perfect peace and infinite freedom that you already are…and along the way love flourishes and the heart bubbles with joy. 
Thank you for being the answer to every prayer. I love you!

How to Pray

I don’t pray for worldly things or special circumstances. To me that’s just plain vanity.

I’m no longer under the impression that I know what in the world is necessary or right for me. So instead of praying for anything in particular, the prayer I offer is reverent attention to whatever arises through the particulars of life.

For instance, when I perceive illness in my body I don’t pray for better health. Instead, I use the power of reverent attention to fully experience physical dis-ease and whatever else is coming up in the moment.

I experience illness only until I can imagine (image-in) vibrant health, then vibrant health becomes my experience…even before this body shows evidence of healing.

Likewise, when I perceive conflict in a relatio
nship between myself and another person, I don’t pray for them or me to be different. I reverently experience this form of dis-ease until I can imagine loving connection between us.

Praying in this way has become natural for me because my mind is aware that recognizing ignorance as such is what’s needed to give up mental images that deny vibrant health and healthy relationships….not praying for a different experience.

Yes, I have felt anxiety about needing things to be different so that I could get back to work, chores, or just being happy again. But I have discovered that there is nothing more productive than praying in this way.

Indeed, praying in the true way has made me so sensitive to the habitual mental tendency to regard ignorance as truth that I cannot participate in the insanity anymore.

No matter what happens, my point of view remains within awareness of truth, and so through the life I live, the mind is being restored to its original state of vibrance, innocence and peace.

Abundant Blessings!