Punishment from God

It’s a grave error to think that any happening of this world is punishment from God. God’s punishment is experienced as present moment suffering… And even this is not really punishment at all.

Suffering is God’s message that the mind…

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I’ve discovered that vanity has nothing to do with admiring my reflection, posing for photos, or adorning my body with lovely things.

For me, vanity is believing that other people should be more like me, as if there’s something wrong…

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Love Message: Government Reflects Collective Belief

Government, in its present form is necessary, otherwise it would not
be what IS.

The energy of fear projected from the vast majority of society
members perpetuates the ‘need’ for a system of rules, punishment and
dependency; but You alone…

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Daily Thought: Judge

You’re the judge. The belief that you have done something wrong creates punishment for your experience.

Thought Creates all Punishment and Blessings

Through our conditioning over many lifetimes, we have come to believe that by using the cleverness of the human mind we can avoid punishment. In fact, we have come up with rules and laws that are based on the belief that if we follow a certain code of conduct, we will not be punished.

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