Punishment from God

It’s a grave error to think that any happening of this world is punishment from God. God’s punishment is experienced as present moment suffering… And even this is not really punishment at all.

Suffering is God’s message that the mind is focused on fearful things, and is being invited to repent or return to fearless appreciation for what is, what was and what is coming. To fear things of this world is to bring the wrath of suffering upon one self, but to surrender fear in the face of fearful things is to allow layers of pain and suffering to be washed away…and the original state of peace and harmony to be revealed.

So I beckon you in the words of Jesus the Christ to “Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand”. To repent is simply to stop chasing the mind’s intrigues and pay attention to what you feel.

Abundant blessings!


I’ve discovered that vanity has nothing to do with admiring my reflection, posing for photos, or adorning my body with lovely things.

For me, vanity is believing that other people should be more like me, as if there’s something wrong with the way they are.

When this energy arises in me (and it comes up often), I focus my mind on the sensations that are occurring in my body temple,,,because only here can I observe how I am immediately punished by permitting vain thought patterns to propagate in my mind.

Once I experience the effects of vanity, it dissipates, and I can allow people to have whatever experience they choose, without my interference.

What a blessing it is to know that everyone is exactly as they should be and that everything is transpiring in perfect order. This is true freedom.

Much appreciation!

Love Message: Government Reflects Collective Belief

Government, in its present form is necessary, otherwise it would not
be what IS.

The energy of fear projected from the vast majority of society
members perpetuates the ‘need’ for a system of rules, punishment and
dependency; but You alone have the power to allow freedom, peace and sustainability to project through your perception – thereby
transforming the quality of your life experience – and commanding
blessings for your world.

Thought Creates all Punishment and Blessings

The Being that transcends the human level of awareness includes all human consciousness, is not limited by any concept of mind, and it certainly does not punish any part of itself.   While there are many levels of consciousness in existence, every level is intricately connected to all others, and every conscious being is an integral part of the single Self that is existence.

In the same way that humans rely on cellular awareness for sensory feedback, the part of Self that is “above” human awareness, and even the great Being that is the whole of existence relies on the sensory feedback that humans transmit via our brain wave vibration.  Because humans sense the material world through the workings of mind, we apply thought to everything that we sense in our material reality.

Every human thought causes the brain to emanate specific vibratory patterns that inform the transcendent part of Self as to what is being asked for our material experience.  Whatever we focus upon is created for us by the part of our consciousness which cannot be experienced through our thought-based awareness.

Specifically, with every thought there is a focal point, and that point of focus is what we are requesting to experience more – whether we really want it or not.  Because our brains are programmed to receive information from the mind (see Mind: The False Master), we tend to unconsciously focus in a manner that requests the transcendent realm of Self to deliver what we might consider “punishment”.

Through our conditioning over many lifetimes, we have come to believe that by using the cleverness of the human mind we can avoid punishment.  In fact, we have come up with rules and laws that are based on the belief that if we follow a certain code of conduct, we will not be punished.

But in reality, we create our own punishment, not through our acts, but through our thoughts.  Only our thoughts, through brain wave vibration, have the power to command creation and draw like circumstances, people and events into our experience.

Fortunately we humans are able to receive messages from our non-human Self via emotion.  While we communicate messages with the unseen part of us via thought vibration, we receive messages from our higher consciousness in the form of emotion which can be felt in the body.

This makes it quite simple to determine whether our thoughts are asking for something pleasing because if we would not like what we are creating, we receive a message of discomfort in the form of feeling.  Because we continue having thoughts that evoke extreme emotion over time, we develop a “shadow self” which is the cause of physical and mental tension, discomfort, pain and disease.

The individual human shadow consists of memorized sensory stimuli which has a vibratory link to specific thought patterns in the mind.  Since every thought pattern evokes a specific emotional response, even if the present circumstance is in no way related, we may find ourselves in an emotional state.

The shadow causes our emotions to remain hidden within the layers of mind because we are not willing to look upon any part of Self that is viewed by the ego as detrimental to the self image.  Since we are largely identified with the mind, we tend to believe the validity of this egocentric fear, and we protect the self image instead of facing the feelings that keep creating our punishment.

But our self image is only the false sense of Self that has been created for presentation of Self, as it is individually focused, in the material world.  Emotions are in no way a representation of the true Self.  Unresolved emotion is simply baggage that the human aspect of Self accumulates from having a life experience, and by becoming aware of them – we can release them from our psyche.

In order to turn punishment into blessings, we must be alert to the messages being received via feeling, and to the simultaneous thought pattern that we are transmitting.  Once any feeling and associated thoughts have been identified, the emotion loses some or all of its vibratory charge in the present moment.

From there, we can redirect the thoughts around the subject point of focus to something that is more pleasing or less tense.  This is not lying to yourself because your reality is only a manifestation of what you believe, and changing your beliefs to create a Joyful feeling is the whole purpose of the human experience.

Provided that we practice awareness without judgment or any other thought that would evoke more uncomfortable emotion, over time we will expose and release more of the emotions that are hidden in our psyche.  Not only does this practice get easier with repetition, but over time the emotions become less powerful.

Make it a point to relax and be aware of yourself, breathe deeply and turn fear into inspiration so that you can keep releasing accumulated emotions and be the beneficiary of blessings today and every day.