No Such Thing as Loss

There is truly no such thing as loss. What the mind thinks to be loss is really redirection of awareness toward the fulfillment of life’s only purpose – restoring the mind to innocence and joy.

If perceived loss is experienced with this perspective in mind, said redirection can occur with graceful ease, while simultaneously dissolving the mind’s habitual attraction toward making illusions of pain and suffering.

To me, all forms of loss are a welcome opportunity to live my purpose…which is to fully experience whatever emotional reaction arises in my body and let ancient fears be resolved toward love.

I don’t try to make loss for myself…indeed my thoughts and actions always lead toward that which the mind thinks will make me happy…I can’t help that. But by remaining open to anything, the mind automatically comes to understand with great clarity that expanding happiness for all beings is what really makes me happy.

I’m aware that I am the source of all happiness, and so nothing that arises in the world can convince me that I am happy or unhappy. Thus, I cannot be tricked into resisting the love and compassion that’s meant to be channeled through myself and into the life of this world.

This blessing is available to everyone, and everyone will eventually allow themselves to receive it. It’s only a matter of time.

Love & Blessings to all!

Friendship and Purpose

I know what it’s like to live under the impression that friendships need to be like business deals…to live with a mind that’s always scheming about how personal “connections” can serve the personal self.

In my experience, I was unable to give or receive very much love as long as my attention was distracted with striving for this delusional kind of “success”.

Sad, I know…but my happiness comes out of knowing that the purpose of sadness is transformation and expansion. Within this perspective and purpose, I live!


Peaceful Outcomes

While different personalities are praying/hoping/visualizing for different outcomes with respect to the lava flow near the town where I live….I can only imagine that whatever the outcome…everyone will be brought closer to sharing in this state of Peace that’s not dependent on any outcome.

This is because I’m aware that every happening has but one purpose…awakening the mind out of the dream of suffering. To invest energy in any other purpose is to pursue the dream and thus delay the inevitable.

I don’t mind what anyone chooses, but I’ll be here holding the space of sweet surrender for those who are inspired to join me.

In appreciation!

Illumination of Darkness

Darkness/Evil/Suffering simply dissolve when exposed to the Light/Magnificence/Joy that you are. What’s being pointed to here is not two opposites that exist in dualistic mind – The Light that I speak of is beyond the mind – It’s the same Light that gives life to the mind and projects through the mind as many individuals.

It’s only because the Soul (individually focused Light) has permitted itself to become entranced by Mind that Darkness is even possible. The experience of Darkness is what produces the raw material from which new desires are formed, but only in the moment the Soul’s emotion is aligned with the newly formed desires are those desired being made manifest.

In the remembrance that Light is the one true identity, the experience of Darkness is a welcome friend, because it is seen clearly that Darkness is just like material for Light to form something new through the Soul’s Creative and Ecstatic play. The only thing that causes anyOne to be consumed by Darkness (and thereby create even more experiences of Darkness) is Belief that Darkness is a real threat that must be destroyed, proven wrong or protested.

To allow your self to be delivered from the grips of Darkness, simply pay attention to said beliefs as they cross your awareness. Through your attention, belief in Darkness will lose power over your consciousness, your thoughts and emotions will move into alignment with your desires, and Light will always prevail in your body/mind and in your world.

You are the Light, and Darkness is your friend. Just for this moment, you’re invited to Live on Purpose.

Channeled Message: Primary Purpose

Your primary purpose is to experience and thereby create out of Love. Anytime you feel other than Loving/Loved, you are also unwittingly ‘choosing’ to believe judgment that does not serve your purpose.
Pay attention to your thoughts in these moments to expose your judgments and allow You to consciously decide whether they are still necessary.

Purposeful Change

Existence is energy in motion, constantly transmuting between form and formless. Change is the Universal constant that keeps expanding existence toward infinity.

Consciousness is the creative force that makes change possible. For without creative consciousness, there could be no perspective for change.

All living things are the extension of creative consciousness made manifest to benefit existence through individually focused perspectives in an environment of contrast. Planet Earth and all of its inhabitant life forms are vehicles for experiences that inspire the creativity that leads to the continual expansion of the Universe.

As individuals, we sense what is in our reality, and that causes us to project our preferences for change into the Universe. Those preferences are immediately created as energetic possibilities for our soul – which changes and expands the Universe.

While every preference confers a benefit to the Universe that is immediate and eternal, a preference only manifests in our individual experience when the energy of our beliefs becomes a vibratory match to it. By changing our beliefs accordingly, our material self expands toward the new possibilities we have created.

If our beliefs do not change, we energetically bind ourselves to the situations and circumstances that have already been created in our experience. In this way, we resist becoming unified with the possibilities we have created for what we would perceive as improvement.

Resistance to change doesn’t prevent us from being a benefit to existence because we continue projecting preferences for change until physical death.  But resistance does cause us to experience less Joy because our lives exist in a constant flow of energy, and when our energy is stagnant dis-ease becomes our experience.

Because it is the nature of the human ego to resist change within ourselves, we naturally seek happiness by changing and/or condemning the outside world. As we follow the nature of ego, we develop greater fear of true change because ego perceives inward change as death to itself.

Through resistance to change, we develop an egocentric sense of self importance and false pride, from which we employ hard work and dedication to manage worldly changes. In doing so, we manipulate people and situations to benefit our individual self (or our cause) as if we were disconnected from the balance of creation.

But outward changes in and of themselves only validate our egocentric fear of death, which causes us to worship the cleverness of mind as the creative master of our lives.  Since we are truly spiritual beings, we can never be fulfilled by outward achievements, and chasing them only leads to feelings of desperation and despair.

However, through inner focus coupled with the courage to harmonize with our preferences despite all external circumstances, outward change happens as the effortless manifestation of what we are becoming.  Moreover, when those changes are received with appreciation and humility, they glorify the core of our Being – which is the only part of ourselves that endures forever.

We are only capable of creating our reality from a self-centered perspective, and when we allow the energy of our beliefs to change with the constant development of our preferences, we cultivate our own peace of mind.  As we experience inner peace, we heal conflict and dis-ease in ourselves and in the world to which we are intricately connected.

That which we practice being is what we are becoming. When we practice being unified with our preferences, in appreciation of all that is, the things we achieve are simply the Joyful expression of what we are becoming.

There is nothing to do but relax into being the real You. Be the change you wish for the world and keep becoming toward the purpose of your inner Truth.

Don't Sacrifice Your Soul

Every person has a purpose or a niche to fill in this time-space reality. Many people hear their soul calling them toward their purpose, but convince themselves that they must sacrifice their soul’s purpose in order to make another person’s dream happen.

While the ego can convince us that this type of sacrifice is for Love, it really comes from an egocentric sense of self importance. As if the other person or people may not be able to realize their dreams without the generous sacrifice of our own soul.

When we are well centered in Self, we can see clearly where our destiny lies and go there. The soul’s call is subtle and always feels Joyful. With careful attention to how we feel and the thoughts that brought us there, we can begin to step in the direction of our purpose.