Interpretating Unpleasant Dreams

Dreams are the manifestation of the emotions we predominantly hold in our vibration, and if we find our dreams to be unpleasant, we can improve them and improve our lives.

It’s not necessary to interpret our dreams, but interpretation is a natural side effect when we release the emotions that cause unpleasant dreams.  This can mean anything that feels a little uncomfortable to full-blown nightmare scary.  Unpleasant dreams are not random occurrences.  They are clues that we are carrying extra baggage that’s ready to be released.

This method is very effective, relaxing, has no unpleasant side effects, and is completely free!

Start with this meditation to clear your mind: breathe in for 5 seconds, hold the breath for 5 seconds, then breathe out for 5 seconds – all breathing through the nose.  Repeat this about 5 times, then return your breath to normal.

Think about the events of your dream as if they are real, and feel what emotions they evoke within you.  When you can feel the emotion in your body, breathe deeply and hold it for about 10 seconds while paying attention to the feeling.  Then release the breath with the intent of  releasing the emotion with it.

It’s also beneficial to put forth an intention to have lucid dreams, so that the plot can be re-directed to produce a pleasant result.

If you’re experiencing frequent nightmares, especially if accompanied with screaming and/or sweating, there is a good chance that you may be suffering from hypoglycemia.  Having a raw fat with protein food before bed, like a raw milkshake (raw eggs, milk, cream, unheated honey) can reduce or eliminate sugar spikes which result in unhealthily low blood sugar during the night.  Also, cutting down on starchy foods and eliminating processed grains all together will encourage balanced blood sugar levels without medication.

My Family's Experience with The Primal Diet

Johnson Family - August 2009

I started the Primal Diet by Aajonus Vanderplanitz about 5-1/2 years ago.  I practiced it religiously for about 8 months, until I found an always-evolving variation that works very well for me.

Most of the food that I eat is still raw, and the majority of my calories still come from raw animal fat, but my diet has evolved to be more instinctual.   I eat less protein, and add things that I like such as homemade chocolate and sprouted nut butters.  Some days I eat more food and some days I eat less.  I also go through periods of eating a lot of the same type of food, and then find that those foods don’t appeal to me for awhile.

I enjoy a healthy, youthful body, boundless energy, joyful being and abundant creativity.

I ate a lot of raw food (including eggs, chicken and fish) and an abundance of raw fat while pregnant with my one year old – and had a drug free, painless birth.  Of course I also practiced Hypnobabies which is a technique for relaxing the mind.

My one year old eats plenty of raw food including breast milk, and has never had anything more than very mild (hardly noticeable) detoxification.  Signs of diaper rash have also been very mild, short lived and cleared naturally – without any creams or medications.

I offer my kids raw food including milk, kefir, ice cream (eggs, cream, milk & honey), chicken, beef, fish, and homemade chocolate and sprouted nut butters.  Sometimes they eat it and other times they refuse.

I don’t force this diet on my kids.  They learn from my and my husband’s example, and by what feels good to them through trial and error – just like we did.

However, when my 7 year old was only a year old, he was sickly because I followed conventional protocol for birthing, immunizations and medication.  From the time he was 2 until about 5 he ate an almost all raw diet and has stayed away from doctors – which has healed him.

My 17 year old daughter knows from experience that raw food is ideal for promoting fitness and health, but at this time she chooses a mostly conventional diet and some of the “normal” health issues that accompany it.  Should she ever decide to regain optimal health, she has the tools necessary to achieve it.

My husband eats a lot of raw food, but tends to eat cooked foods a bit more than I do.  He is strong, healthy, youthful and energetic.  He is also much calmer and even tempered – which is great for our relationship!!

Raw Butter for Weight Loss and Excellent Health

Butter CurlsButter has gotten a bad rap in the media for being high in cholesterol, but we have not been educated on the fact that natural cholesterol is essential for maintaining intestinal health, for development and detoxification of the brain and nervous system, and for overall bodily function.

Now that we have largely omitted butter from our diets in favor of low fat and fake fat foods, we are lacking the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in butter which have been protecting us against heart disease, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, thyroid health, digestion and weight gain.  It’s no wonder that we are so profoundly plagued with these illnesses.

In addition to the omission of this naturally healthy food, many of us are substituting it with margarine or other manufactured spreads.  These products contain toxic cancer-inducing solvents, dangerous trans fat, free radicals, bleach, artificial colors and flavors and/or synthetic vitamins.

When we are healthy, maintaining healthy weight is easy and joyful.  By substituting wholesome butter for unhealthy food in an attempt to lose weight, we hinder our own progress.  Specifically, the toxic substances in margarine or other low calorie or reduced fat spreads actually cause us to gain weight because our bodies are being inundated with substances that are difficult to eliminate.

Moreover, when we eat real butter, we feel satisfied and we are not left with a feeling of deprivation.  The feeling of wanting more causes our bodies to hold on to unwanted weight or makes it hard work to lose weight and keep it off.

While butter in any form is much healthier than any margarine or other manufactured spread, butter is best when it is unpasteurized and from animals that graze on green grass.

Pasteurized (cooked) butter contains irritants in the form of dead bacteria and digestive enzymes which are no longer active – both of which benefit the body when not killed. Raw butter also contains fatty acids which support a healthy immune system, boost metabolism and are anti-microbial, while heated fats often become trapped in the body and store as cellulite.

Butter from grass-fed cows also contains both Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and the perfect balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acid ratio, which are protective against disease and assist the body to build muscle and burn unnecessary body fat.

Supermarket butter is pasteurized and from factory farms where the cows are fed grain and/or corn.  If it does not say 100% grass-fed on the label, it’s most likely grain or corn fed.  Also, toxic chemicals to which animals are exposed are more concentrated in the fat.  For that reason it is important to avoid products from animals treated with antibiotics or hormones.

Here is how the purchase the best butter available to you from most healthful to least healthful:

  • Raw (unpasteurized) butter from grass-fed animals – raised without antibiotics or hormones
  • Raw (unpasteurized) butter from grain/corn fed animals – raised without antibiotics or hormones
  • Raw (unpasteurized) butter from grass-fed animals – raised with antibiotics and/or hormones
  • Raw (unpasteurized) butter from grain/corn fed animals raised with antibiotics and/or hormones
  • Pasteurized butter from grass-fed animals raised without antibiotics and/or hormones
  • Pasteurized butted from grain/corn fed animals raised without antibiotics and/or hormones
  • Pasteurized butter from grass-fed animals raised with antibiotics and/or hormones
  • Pasteurized butter from grain/corn fed animals raised with antibiotics and/or hormones

It’s never recommended under any circumstance to use margarine or artificial spread for the reasons stated above.

Instinctual Eating

I can tell which foods are good for my body  by imagining how they are going to feel both during and after I eat them.  I want to predominantly enjoy foods that evoke feelings of calm and rejuvenation in my body and in my mind.

By following my likes instead of my dislikes and by giving into my cravings instead of ignoring them, I create a very positive relationship with food while also creating a more positive and joyful experience for myself and for the people I affect.

I am naturally attracted to whole food in its raw form, and I eat or drink as much as I need to feel satiated.  I tend to focus more on one to three foods during any given time-frame, lasting from hours to several months.

For example – some days I could require a lot of raw milk, and then go for weeks without it.  I could go several months eating 1-2 avocados per day, then have no desire for them for the next several months; I tend to eat extra fruit in the summertime; sometimes I eat a lot of soaked and dehydrated nuts; and when I was pregnant, I did not want chocolate much at all (which is not like me).

By choosing from primarily fresh, raw food and paying attention to my cravings and desires, I am instinctively giving my body and brain the nutrients necessary to achieve radiant health.

The Dinner Table

This is a photo of our Sunday night dinner.  It consists of fresh wild salmon with brown seaweed and ginger, a fresh seasonal fruit salad and fresh strawberries – all from our local Farmers Market!


We eat the fattiest cuts of salmon we can find because we love the high concentration of Omega 3’s for brain and body balance.  We also add cold pressed sesame oil and sprouted sesame seeds to the seaweed for added taste, fat and nutrients.  Seaweed is great for hair and overall bodily support.  The ginger is fermented and adds great flavor – it is also a wonderful digestive aid.   I also added a tall glass of whole raw milk from grass-fed cows for even more good fats, nutrients, and friendly bacteria for seamless digestion and assimilation of everything.

The fruit is the sweet part of the meal.  It is pesticide free and grown without the use of chemical fertilizers.  It is all local and in season for optimal taste and nutritional value!

Nutrition for Radiant Health

Nutrition is a very important component of our health. Every nutrient, anti-nutrient and toxic substance has an effect on the body, and that determines our health, beauty, energy levels and vitality.

Eating natural foods in a form that is easily recognized, absorbed, assimilated, utilized and eliminated supports the radiant body for a lifetime.


Uncooked fat which has not been heated above 118° Fahrenheit is extremely healthy and beneficial to our bodies.

That’s right! The most feared nutrient in America is actually the most important one for beauty, vibrant health, fitness, weight loss, brain function, toxin elimination, mood elevation, a feeling of satiety and more. It has been disparaged by the media and through education as something that makes us gain weight, and thus should be consumed in very limited quantities.

Fat goes with everything, and it’s a good idea to eat raw fat with everything. Below are some examples of good quality fat:

All Raw:

– Butter, cream, whole milk

– Fatty wild salmon or yellow tail

– Cold pressed coconut, olive or nut oils

– Avocado

– Coconut

– Cacao Butter

Unprocessed foods:

Consider buying as few foods from boxes or cans as possible. Eat whole unprocessed and preferably uncooked food – this means fruit, vegetable juice, meat, dairy, eggs, fish and oils.

Since conventional animal products and produce have been seriously degraded by current farming standards, it’s very important to adhere to the following:

  1. Beef, red meat and dairy products should be organic and from 100% grass-fed animals.
    1. Organic means the animal was given no hormones or antibiotics, and only ate chemical-free food.
    2. 100% grass-fed preserves the proper Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio making beef and other red meat a very healthy food.
    3. Dairy products only have health benefits when raw (not pasteurized and not homogenized).
      1. i.      Pasteurized means heated to kill the bacteria. When you have healthy cows, the milk only contains beneficial bacteria which are great for digestion; and enzymes which are catalysts for every bodily process. When dairy is heated, dead bacteria and enzymes remain which cause allergies and illness.
      2. ii.      Homogenization is used to crush the fat molecules in milk so that the fat does not rise to the top. This changes the molecules to a form that is harmful to the body.
  2. Chicken and eggs from animals that were free to graze on grass and bugs, and were fed the least amount of soy possible. Not only is soy an unhealthy food for people, but it also negatively affects the Omega profile and taste while it increases toxicity in chicken and eggs.
  3. Fish should be fresh and wild – with the exception of muscles like oyster and clam, farmed fish is given substandard feed which negatively affects the nutritional content.  Most fish is contaminated with mercury.  So it is of utmost importance to eat fish raw so that the mercury can be easily excreted from the body.  If it is eaten with plenty of raw fat, or fatty fish is eaten, raw fish can chelate mercury previously stored in the body.
  4. Fruit should be fresh and organic or preferably biodynamic so that the body does not have to process the toxic residue from chemical fertilizers or sprays.
  5. Vegetable nutrients are encased within cellulose which cannot be easily accessed by the action of the human digestive tract.  However, the nutrients are very much available when vegetables are juiced but not pasteurized.  Alternatively, vegetables can be eaten lightly steamed.

Follow your instincts – when choosing from whole foods as described above, eat as much as desired while paying attention to how the food makes you feel – using trial and error to get the proper balance.

Processed Food:

Nuts, seeds, whole grains and legumes aka beans have to go through a process of soaking and sprouting in order to be digestible. Specifically, these foods naturally contain enzyme inhibitors which impede digestion, and phytic acid which also blocks the absorption of many minerals in the intestines.

Eating the non-soaked and sprouted version of these foods leads to mineral deficiencies, bone loss, and suppressed thyroid function.

Once sprouted, nuts and seeds can be made into butter or dehydrated so that they are crispy. Grains and legumes can be further processed by cooking.

Grain is a sugar spiking, mucous-forming food with few available nutrients. If making grain a staple food for budgetary reasons, in addition to soaking/sprouting, it is beneficial to combine slow-cooked homemade broth with every meal.


Our bodies need as much water as we desire. While water is essential for radiant health, too much water bloats the cells and puts extra stress on the kidneys. Fresh, raw food contains a high water content which is easily processed for efficient hydration. Thus, supplemental water may not be necessary unless we are subject to very hot weather or we engage in strenuous exercise.

The quality of water is far more important than the amount because whatever is not absorbed by the cells puts stress on the system that counteracts the hydration benefit. Water is most beneficial to the body when it’s free of harmful chemicals, it contains a natural balance of minerals and the molecules are small enough to be absorbed by the cells.

The best water contains little or no contaminants from pollution and has been filtered through the Earth. When water filters through the earth, it picks up a vibration that can synchronize the rhythm of the body to its ideal frequency.

Next to fresh unheated vegetable juice, good water is the healthiest drink choice. Herbal tea is beneficial in moderation. However, caffeine dehydrates the body and taxes organs and glands, thus it’s best to steer clear of coffee and other stimulants as much as possible.

A wonderful tonic that can increase energy consists of still mineral water with 2 TBL apple cider vinegar, juice of a lime and a tablespoon of unheated honey. This may create a mild nauseas feeling at first, while the body is eliminating large amounts of surface toxins. But, this is an amazing energy drink that enhances vitality more and more over time.

Soda is just a concoction of chemicals which are very damaging to the body. A healthy alternative is naturally sparkling (no co2 added) mineral water (Gerolsteiner or Perrier), and a less healthy alternative is natural soda that is made with mineral water and honey or stevia (Dr. Tima).

Artificial sweeteners such as Equal or Splenda are neurotoxins and should not be consumed by anyone under any circumstance.