Thought Creates all Punishment and Blessings

The Being that transcends the human level of awareness includes all human consciousness, is not limited by any concept of mind, and it certainly does not punish any part of itself.   While there are many levels of consciousness in existence, every level is intricately connected to all others, and every conscious being is an integral part of the single Self that is existence.

In the same way that humans rely on cellular awareness for sensory feedback, the part of Self that is “above” human awareness, and even the great Being that is the whole of existence relies on the sensory feedback that humans transmit via our brain wave vibration.  Because humans sense the material world through the workings of mind, we apply thought to everything that we sense in our material reality.

Every human thought causes the brain to emanate specific vibratory patterns that inform the transcendent part of Self as to what is being asked for our material experience.  Whatever we focus upon is created for us by the part of our consciousness which cannot be experienced through our thought-based awareness.

Specifically, with every thought there is a focal point, and that point of focus is what we are requesting to experience more – whether we really want it or not.  Because our brains are programmed to receive information from the mind (see Mind: The False Master), we tend to unconsciously focus in a manner that requests the transcendent realm of Self to deliver what we might consider “punishment”.

Through our conditioning over many lifetimes, we have come to believe that by using the cleverness of the human mind we can avoid punishment.  In fact, we have come up with rules and laws that are based on the belief that if we follow a certain code of conduct, we will not be punished.

But in reality, we create our own punishment, not through our acts, but through our thoughts.  Only our thoughts, through brain wave vibration, have the power to command creation and draw like circumstances, people and events into our experience.

Fortunately we humans are able to receive messages from our non-human Self via emotion.  While we communicate messages with the unseen part of us via thought vibration, we receive messages from our higher consciousness in the form of emotion which can be felt in the body.

This makes it quite simple to determine whether our thoughts are asking for something pleasing because if we would not like what we are creating, we receive a message of discomfort in the form of feeling.  Because we continue having thoughts that evoke extreme emotion over time, we develop a “shadow self” which is the cause of physical and mental tension, discomfort, pain and disease.

The individual human shadow consists of memorized sensory stimuli which has a vibratory link to specific thought patterns in the mind.  Since every thought pattern evokes a specific emotional response, even if the present circumstance is in no way related, we may find ourselves in an emotional state.

The shadow causes our emotions to remain hidden within the layers of mind because we are not willing to look upon any part of Self that is viewed by the ego as detrimental to the self image.  Since we are largely identified with the mind, we tend to believe the validity of this egocentric fear, and we protect the self image instead of facing the feelings that keep creating our punishment.

But our self image is only the false sense of Self that has been created for presentation of Self, as it is individually focused, in the material world.  Emotions are in no way a representation of the true Self.  Unresolved emotion is simply baggage that the human aspect of Self accumulates from having a life experience, and by becoming aware of them – we can release them from our psyche.

In order to turn punishment into blessings, we must be alert to the messages being received via feeling, and to the simultaneous thought pattern that we are transmitting.  Once any feeling and associated thoughts have been identified, the emotion loses some or all of its vibratory charge in the present moment.

From there, we can redirect the thoughts around the subject point of focus to something that is more pleasing or less tense.  This is not lying to yourself because your reality is only a manifestation of what you believe, and changing your beliefs to create a Joyful feeling is the whole purpose of the human experience.

Provided that we practice awareness without judgment or any other thought that would evoke more uncomfortable emotion, over time we will expose and release more of the emotions that are hidden in our psyche.  Not only does this practice get easier with repetition, but over time the emotions become less powerful.

Make it a point to relax and be aware of yourself, breathe deeply and turn fear into inspiration so that you can keep releasing accumulated emotions and be the beneficiary of blessings today and every day.

Love and Hate

True Unconditional Love contains no opposite, and views everything as perfect given all thought that came before. Humans have been given a unique vantage point whereby we are commanding creation with the thought-based feelings we choose to follow.

Emotional love and hate are two opposites of the same energetic pattern. While both are emotional responses to life circumstances, one creates a happy feeling in the body and mind, while the other causes discomfort or pain in the body and mind.

These emotions attract one another along with their corresponding circumstances, and unless we find balance and Joy, our emotional extremes amplify as they continue to create more conflict for ourselves.

Mental and physical conflict is the cause of all dis-ease and deprivation because like attracts like and draws onto itself.  It is a fundamental law of the Universe.

Many of us believe that in order to effectuate positive change in the world, we must hate that which has already been created in order to motivate our will.

But our will only follows our energy, and hateful energy can never heal because it is not a vibratory match to healing energy. When we are in the emotion of hate without self-awareness, we labor in vain as we unconsciously create more of what we are hating.

Likewise, when in the emotion of love, we tend to attach ourselves to whatever we are loving, which creates resistance to its opposite.  That resistant energy is what keeps our emotions and life circumstances directed away from our true desires.

Notwithstanding the consequences, there is no benefit to condemning our own hateful or resistant feelings. Every feeling is instructional as to how resonant or dissonant our egocentric mind is in relation to our true essence. From there, we choose whether to continue with ill feelings (including self-judgment) and create more of the same, or return to Unconditional Love and knowledge that our deepest desires are being fulfilled right now.

When we perceive the world through Unconditional Love, we are creating our reality according to the part of Self that endures forever – and that benefits everything.

In appreciation of all things that have already been created, our desires command the blessings that can transform our world.  Let your sword and shield be Unconditional Love and heal the world by your very presence in it.

Heaven is Here and Now

What we call Karma is either an exact match to the thoughts we have projected in this or past lives; or events in accordance with the life script we chose for ourselves before physical birth in this lifetime. Karma can be improved through appreciation despite ANY circumstances – and our lives can unfold according to the specifications of our real Self aka God.

Jesus was an example of the astonishing power of “God” that is available to every human in equal measure. Heaven is here and we are in it – that’s why Jesus spoke with urgency saying things like “Heaven is in your midst” and “The Kingdom of God is at hand”.

Most people believe that Heaven is in another space and time because the conditional mind cannot comprehend that which is not already known. It’s a leap of faith to step out of the known and into the field of unlimited possibilities, but that’s the domain of God and the more direct route to Heaven.

As soon as we are willing to wake up in this time-space reality and realize who we are, we will begin creating peace and abundance for every creature through the Unconditional Love that is the source of our Being. Of course, no one can experience Heaven while they still believe that some of their fellow humans are going to Hell, or that they are inferior to anyone or anything.

Smile and be thankful that you have been given this experience to help you reevaluate and refine the thought offering (prayer) that you are projecting in every moment.

I am the Infinite I AM

I AM is nothing and everything. It does not exist, and it is existence itself.  It has no beginning and no end.  It is the balance from which all extremes are born, and it is also the extremes.

Everything in existence is I AM – the infinite consciousness – the all-knowing awareness that witnesses everything, including every human life experience through our individual senses. Separation from one another and from I AM is the great illusion that makes the human experience possible.

I AM creates and sustains separate human forms and egos to experience the contrast of life through infinitely diverse fields of awareness.  And for all the diversity of awareness, the silent witness of every human experience is the infinitely evolving and expansive, I AM.

While the world we know as our reality is constantly being created by I AM, every creation also merges with I AM.  As the created and the creator are seamlessly unified, everything already created continues to create as I AM – as each one draws from its source of pure Love that transcends mind.

Humans command the creative aspect of I AM with every thought

All human creativity also originates in the all-knowing aspect of I AM that is pure Love, and humans command the creative aspect of I AM through the filters of memory, mind and separate ego.  As such, the Divine creative energy of I AM is converted according to each individual perspective.

In this way, humans have the unique ability to specifically create through individual points of view.  The extent to which each human creation represents its source of pure Love depends on the resonance of our thoughts to the part of us that is the all-knowing aspect of I AM.

In other words, the less our thoughts are filtered through the memory of separation, the more we will manifest the reality that we really want.  This is where most of us are misled by organized religion, politics, parents and/or society in general.

Humans create struggle and suffering when we perpetuate thoughts that we are detached from or unworthy of I AM. For the most part, we are conditioned to believe we are somehow bad, sinful or shameful – and for those of us who buy into these beliefs, our perspective is very dissonant to the all-knowing aspect of I AM, and we create conflict in our minds just as we project conflict into the world.

The more we shift our thoughts toward the reality that each of us, like everything else, is the embodiment of I AM, the more our life experiences will reflect this truth.  When we mind our minds and choose our thoughts in alignment with the infinite aspect of I AM, we command the creation of Love, Joy and Peace through us and for us into the life of the world.

Let’s remember I AM and begin creating that now.

Perfect is Not Necessarily Desireable

Everything is always the perfect manifestation of our focus up to this point in time. Of course perfection does not mean everything is to our liking.
When we experience something that causes us to want improvement, that is a wonderful thing because a shift in our focus brings that improvement into reality. On the other hand, by focusing on what does not please us, we create more undesirable reality.

Economically, if we decide that the whole system or certain sectors are crashing, no matter how hard we work, we create that reality. Conversely, if we focus on a strong and stable economy, we create that reality – with seemingly little effort.

In relationships, if we mostly focus on the things that need to be “fixed” about a person – our reality will include more things about people that we feel the need to fix.

While no reality can be more perfect than another, we do have the power to create that perfection into alignment with our desires. When we practice with belief in the power of joyful focus, our actions naturally bring about a more desirable reality.

Conscious Resistance – Our Path to Peace and Freedom

Pretty PathEmotional resistance is the catalyst for expansion.  In order to form a perspective for improvement of any kind, it’s necessary to first experience feelings that are less than joyful, also known as emotional resistance, around a particular subject matter.

Our predominant thoughts – around any subject we focus upon – emit a vibratory pattern which either attracts or repels every possibility experienced in our reality.  While emotional resistance around a controlling or oppressive force is necessary to create our perspective and the possibility for improvement, we perpetuate that which receives most of our attention – especially when that attention is accompanied by powerful feeling.

Peaceful awareness of the source of our “dis-ease”, focus on our perspective for well being, and willingness to take action if so inspired easily brings about the improvements we seek.

By becoming aware and spreading awareness about how we are creating and sustaining powerfully oppressive forces in our reality, we begin to give ourselves the power to easily defeat those forces.   While it’s true that we cannot “save” anyone from their individual lack of awareness without exercising control, we can present information which will be available if and when they choose to seek it.

Once we have individual awareness, we can begin to focus on the improvements we seek in order to develop our belief in an improved reality.  With belief comes joyful expectation, and our perspective for peace and freedom becomes powerful enough to endure even the most convincing physical evidence to the contrary.

True belief coupled with joy in the possibilities we have created, inspires action which produces a special form of resistance which weakens the forces of the egoic state of mind that currently prevails in our government.  Just as eating optimal nutrients resists decay in the body by promoting physical health, so too does peaceful assertion of individual rights resist controlling or oppressive governmental forces by promoting freedom.

Conversely, repetitive focus on the current state of government – which originally caused our perspective for improvement – prolongs and intensifies our emotional resistance.  Instead of diminishing the forces that perpetuate our current reality, emotional resistance works to strengthen those forces.

This is true because the vibratory pattern we offer through emotional resistance harmonizes with whatever is the subject of our negative focus, thereby attracting more of it into our experience.  Just as we cannot expect to create physical health by focusing on illness in our bodies, we cannot expect to create peace by focusing on control and oppression in our government.

For this reason, feeling good about what we predominantly focus upon benefits us more than anything else.  Until we can feel joyful about a particular subject matter, our most effective efforts are those which seek to improve our own vibratory offering.

Releasing Struggle

Adversity will always exist for the continuous expansion of our being.  We cannot change this reality, nor do we want to.   For without adversity, there would be no reason for our existence in this experience we call life.

Struggle means to employ strenuous or violent efforts in response to adversity; and it is experienced when we use will to control the outcome of a situation or circumstance.

During a challenging experience or uneasy thought pattern, it is human nature to feel fear, stress, dread, etc. Many of us believe that our own struggle is necessary in order to conquer a situation or achieve a goal; and we balk at the idea that life is supposed to be easy.

In reality, struggle is an emotion which interferes with problem solving skills, burdens our bodies and minds, and attracts more situations that gave birth to that feeling.

When we attach ourselves to expected outcomes in order to justify our efforts, or we imagine possible scenarios, we create struggle within ourselves because we have no real control over the outcome of anything.  The feeling of struggle distracts our focus, and often causes the most efficient solutions to be overlooked.

Moreover, the laws of the universe are straightforward and do not deviate – like attracts like.  This means that by struggling through any situation or toward any goal, we are attracting more situations that give rise to struggle.

Likewise, if we offer a calm, confident, trusting and optimistic vibration during a challenge or test, we are more open to a solution, we feel better, and we attract better experiences into our awareness.   The more often we seek joy in the moment, the more opportunity for joy we will create.

We have the power to release struggle by tuning our feelings to the vibration of that which we want.

Letting it Go:

Releasing struggle begins with evaluation and acceptance of our current emotional set point – noticing the state of our emotions while staying calm and comfortable with what feelings we have.  There is no need to judge our emotions as being good or bad, they are simply an indicator of where we are, like a road sign letting us know how far off we are from our ideal point of focus.

The most effective method to assess and transform our emotions is through deep breathing.  This is because every feeling is attached to a specific breath pattern. The further our current emotion is from our alignment with joy, the shallower our breathing becomes.  This also works the other way around, meaning that when we slow and deepen our breath, we improve our emotion.

Through focused attention and deep breath, we can offer a thought and/or decide to engage in an activity that makes us feel a little bit better than our current emotion.  We don’t have to make huge emotional leaps; it only takes small emotional shifts to gradually raise our vibration.

When we consistently aim to squeeze as much joy out of every moment, we consistently think and act toward that directive.   If we make it a priority to follow our joy as much as possible, struggle will fall away as old baggage which we no longer require.

The more often we can be present in our experiences with a calm mind and deep breath, the more struggle can be replaced with emotions that more accurately reflect our real selves.