Enjoyment Eases Suffering

Laughing BuddhaUnwillingness to allow pleasure/joy/comfort/luxury for your self does nothing but create more suffering for your inner/outer world.

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Love Message: Peaceful Warrior

Being a peaceful warrior is not about reflecting back to 'others' that which you have taken personally.  It's about disregarding all mental 'reason' to make the 'other' wrong, and instead courageously observing the denied self beliefs that have just been…

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Daily Thought: Love

Nobody can give you love. Your experience of love coming from 'others' is only a reflection of how much love you are allowing. Appreciation for the part the 'other' plays, no matter how they behave, allows more love to come into your experience.

The Mirror

Your world is a presentation composed of people, things, circumstances and events that mirror what ego keeps hidden from awareness.

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