Space of Emptiness

Conflict between people arises from a perception of an individual self that’s separate from others.

But truly, there is no individual self and there are no others.

There is only imagination arising in the space of emptiness.

The only thing keeping the illusion of conflict alive is fear of emptiness and the desire to be an object in the imagination.

Who’s willing to see that they are nothing in the imagination, but they are the source of all things imagined?

That one experiences joy and harmony in meeting all of the various forms of Self.

Blessings have been sent with the assistance of Galbanum, Cistus and Frankincense Rivae.

Choiceless Relating

People come together for a single purpose, and when their interacting is not necessary, they are drawn apart.

Choiceless relating is the reality, but Ego makes stories about these movements, none of which are true…

…as if i chose to allow so and so into my life because…or i broke our relationship off because…or why don’t they want to see me anymore?

The more ego is permitted to pretend like it can choose with whom i relate, the more unhappy interactions becomes necessary.

Of course, as ego chatter is seen as false, Self Love and Self Respect become the attractive forces in the psyche, and as such the apparent person is naturally drawn toward those who adore, appreciate and care for them.

Blessings are being sent with the assistance of Galbanum and Cape Chamomile.

Personal Perceptions

The way you seem to feel about people is only a projection of what the thoughts that occupy your mind feel like. 
Every perception of people is manifested by consciousness/God for the sole purpose of delivering your mind back to You. 
You will know when your mind has returned to its Home in You when only loving kindness can be perceived in the other people who grace your senses with their apparent comings and goings. 
When anything short of loving kindness is perceived, know that you have Free Will to look through the eyes of spirit and not your body’s senses. 
You alone have the Choice to allow the message of the unloving reflection to penetrate your mind and unlock the chains upon your heart. 
All you have to do is SEE that perception is really a feeling and allow whatever feeling arises to be felt even as your frightened mind races to project its ill feelings upon other people. 
Through feeling the sensation of mental projection, your mind becomes less frightened and more trusting of You. 
..,,Because every time a fearful/hateful/spiteful perception is sensed in Light of Truth, the mind can recognize it as nothing but an illusion it made about itself. 
In time, the people that surround you will seem to care for you, love you, and treat you with the respect and kindness that’s worthy of You. Indeed, such is the projection of a mind that’s been made invulnerable to worldly ways of relating. 
With your loving guidance, every unhappy perception can lead to awakening the mind’s senses to the loving light of awareness that shines through everybody. 
Thank you for being the all-loving light of awareness! I love you!

Not Meant to Be

No one has a choice in whether they want to spend time with you. 
If they don’t want to be with you, they are not meant to be with you. 
Now it’s your choice to either protect your mind from thoughts that want to know why they don’t want you, or permit your mind to chase after painful situations. 
May all beings be comforted by the all-loving light of Awareness. 

Sight of what’s Real

Whether people take me to be a goddess or an asshole makes no difference to me. It’s all thought. 
What matters to me is that my mind never loses sight of the formless radiance that shines through all people and everything seen and unseen. 
The sight of what’s Real is what I would share with my brothers and sisters, not some aggrandized view of myself as an individual amongst individuals. 
Let there be unbounded happiness and freedom for all beings! Amen!

False Curiosity

False curiosity is expressed as a personal attack in the form of a question. 
Example: “Why do you always need to be right?”
You do not have to answer these so called “questions”. A conclusion has already been made in the mind of the questioner and a direct answer would only be defensive of the Self who needs no defense. 
In response to a person trying to attack the Self like that, all you need to do is Love the Self…guard your words to be sure that whatever you speak is what you would be happy to hear…and Love you will share. (Hey, that rhymed!)
Just because someone asks a question doesn’t mean you are obligated to answer. 
Let them keep their opinion of you. Even if it seems bitter, that opinion is medicine for the mind. 
Thank you for needing no defense! I love you!

Mean People

Confusion and fear is what makes people talk mean to you and point out deficiencies that they think they see in you. 
When a mind takes personhood to be a reality, the affected person can’t help but take things personal and make personal attacks. 
But whatever they say about you is really not one bit personal. It’s just patterns of painful beLIEFs being played out. 
Acknowledge what’s really going on, and instead of taking it personal, you will naturally show them what it means to love one another. 
If you take mean behavior personal, it validates the belief that people are separate from their source, and multiplies illusions of fear and confusion in the collective mind. 
Bless those who seem to hate you. Everything is playing out for purpose of total illumination of the mind and liberation for all beings. 
Every eye will see! 
Thank you for being the clarity that can penetrate through all matters of fear and confusion! I love you!

Aligned with Love

Suffering mind moves to nit pick people, disparage them and see them being corrected or punished for their words and actions. 
But whatever is done in the mind is done to the sense of self only…indeed the body burden associated with dualistic thoughts can be noticed immediately if there’s willingness to notice. 
If willingness is present, just notice, don’t use the mind to try and stop dualistic thoughts because mind is not capable of changing its own thinking. 
Just notice, don’t try and use the mind to forgive because forgiveness comes not from imagination but from revelation of truth.
Just notice the body burden as it is and the associated thoughts as they are, until it’s recognized that the noticing itself comes from a position of deep relaxation.
Once this recognition occurs, dualistic thinking loses its luster, and thoughts are spontaneously aligned with love. 
Thank you! I love you!

Embracing People’s Opinions

Not wanting to be affected by other people’s opinions, the confused mind withholds love from anybody who seems to threaten its self identity. 
It relates from a desire to have its cravings fulfilled and leaves broken-hearted people in its tracks. 
But being affected by other people’s opinions is only a problem when there is confusion about who/what is being affected, and for what purpose….
While the mind identifies itself as an individual amongst other individuals, naturally it experiences resistance to being affected negatively by the opinions of people and craving for being affected positively by the opinions of people. 
But the purpose of being affected by opinions at all is to help the mind recognize that the individual person is really an extension of awareness witnessing an individual perspective through the currents of consciousness; and that ALL apparently individual persons are extensions of the same witnessing principal. 
Unwillingness to feel the effects of being a separate individual is what makes the mind withhold loving kindness from other people…which is really an attempt to make its individual self comfortable within it’s own separate illusion. 
But through focusing attention on that which is aware of other people’s opinions, the mind is turned toward embracing the opinions of other people and appreciating them for the the gifts of awareness that they bring. 
Naturally, the mind begins to express more loving kindness toward people, and if attentions remains focused on awareness, it becomes impossible to make illusions of suffering for anybody. 
You are all that is! Don’t be fooled by the illusion that people are either for or against you. 
No matter what appears on the surface, every interaction is between perspectives in consciousness, offering one another gifts of awareness.
Thank you for sharing your gifts! I love you!

Devoted Men

It’s obvious what makes women attract experiences of men who treat them like objects. 

Anyone who pretends to want bodies to be other than they are, do other than they do, or have other than they have cannot help but attract potential partners that reflect the same.
Whether the pretense is about her kids, other people’s kids, the media, people in her community, business and political figures, her lover, animals and insects, her neighbors, and even herself…its within the power of each woman to recognize what is really keeping her from being seen, appreciated and adored as she is. 
By viewing the world through the lens of an individual subject, every body is made into an object, and one is bound to attract others who reflect their world views. 
If this subtle play of consciousness isn’t recognized for what it is, the men who show up to play their part are blamed for being confused assholes, and the cycle repeats itself again and again until the lesson is learned. 
As lessons are learned, relationships naturally evolve or dissolve …thus making way for new paradigms that have been become possible through learning. Learning is not’s an automatic process that occurs when the attention isn’t fixed on self concepts. 
Bless the men who’s role it is to treat women like objects…they are the greatest lessons. And appreciate the men who’s role it is to serve women with loving devotion …they are the reward for lessons learned.