Religious Fanaticism vs Aversion

Religious fanaticism and religious aversion are two sides of the same thread of conflict. I’m aware of this because I have experience in playing both sides in this lifetime.

But I have found there is no trace of conflict in the silent space that exists before the mind moves to imagine who God is, and what God wants.

And…I’m positive that this place of eternal peace is available to anyone who is willing to surrender thinking about God to feeling the I Am presence that moves and breathes the physical body.

Feeling is what’s really true…the rest is only a dream. This is ultimate ecstasy. You’re welcome to join me if you like.

In Joy!

As you Measure the World

Watch how you measure other people. This is how you are causing your own self to be measured in the mind of God.

When you’re ready to surrender the burden of self concepts to God’s holy judgment, you will have to go through the suffering you have made for yourself…but the gift of Eternal Life is well worth the sacrifice.


Teachings of Jesus

Jesus the Christ gave his whole life to helping others accept the Christ within themselves. For this he was crucified, and still so many of his so called followers continue to crucify his teachings.

Anyone who lives the teachings of the gospel is an immediate threat to the fearful mind. And those who take Jesus as their savior with a fearful mind can only speak the gospel while being a living testament to misery…and in many cases physical violence as well.

But notwithstanding his many wayward followers, I have found that the gospel of Jesus the Christ provides valuable insights to becoming a living testament of God’s love.

There are many other paths that lead to the same result, and they all require one thing…embodiment of the teachings.

What do I mean by embodiment? To take the teachings inside, and work sincerely with the sensations in the body.

This is starkly different from the common way one walks a spiritual path…which is to try to convert other people to their belief systems, while condemning the unbelievers.

Whatever path or paths you choose, you have my blessing and I accept you into the Kingdom of Heaven exactly as you are…even if your path is one of judgment and misery for the time being.

Indeed, I’m aware that you have never left this place of Peace…And if you are not aware of this, it only means you have been led astray by the intrigues of the mind.

Are you ready to return? If so, all you have to do is 1: take in the teachings that resonate with you…2: pay close attention to the sensations in your body…3: see if you can allow yourself, everybody else and all things of this world to be as they are.

Be willing to fail in all three of these areas many times as your mind returns Home. Just be encouraged to keep going. I promise you, the reward is well worth the effort.

With much Aloha!

The "Sword" of God

The material self is nothing but energy projecting form. That energy is the source of all awareness and the creator of every individual reality. Our true identity is the energy behind the projection of form, while the material body and personality represent that energy as it has been filtered by ego (individual sense of self) through the layers of mind.

Energy creates every individual form out of nothing but thought, and energy experiences this time-space reality through the individual’s awareness – even the blade of grass is a depiction of energy having an experience from that perspective. The creator aka God is not separate from any individual field of awareness (energy projecting a life form), so in essence every individual is God – both having a unique experience through their perception and projecting for the future with every thought.

Peace is the expression of Love, and Love is the essence of God. Biblical references to the sword of God are parables that point to the death and destruction humans create by continually following thoughts of dissatisfaction. These thoughts separate our awareness from the essence of God, and in Aramaic (the original language of the bible) that separation is the definition of “sin”. “Sinful” thoughts command the creative force to manifest every variation of what we perceive as punishment or dis-ease in the world.

All is created by God – thus all killing, starvation, cancer and other disturbances perceived in the world are also the action of God – which is always perfect based on all thought that has come before. In this regard, it’s the responsibility of every individual to keep imagining the reality that they desire and stay focused thereby in order to shift the energy of the creative force in the direction of the Soul’s desire to experience its true essence.

It takes great courage to project thoughts of peace in the midst of perceived chaos, but each of us embodies the source of all power; and as we become more expressive of that power, Peace and Love are created through the particulars of our lives – giving evidence that we are walking the path of the eternal Self – and no longer creating from mental limitation.

There is nothing to do but follow but the soul’s subtle guidance toward stillness – delivered through feeling – where individual awareness is merged with Godliness and eternal peace prevails. We are truly blessed!

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Christ is a Level of Awareness

Jesus was a human who became a Christ because he attained unification with the center (aka God), and therefore he was a knower of all information. This level of awareness is attainable by every human – no one is more special than another.

To live in eternity means to experience life without limits. When we are fully present in the moment of now, without attachment to the past or future, we are living in eternity.

Our individual beings are personalities of the one we call God, and through our experience of eternal life, we create “heaven”.

There is no limit to the Universe or to what we can create. Be true to You and be the conduit for Divine grace.

Love and Divine Blessings to All!

God – Here and Now

It’s absolutely true that the essence of God does not change, but the experience on Earth most certainly does depending on where we are situated in time and space.

Those changes are effectuated by God in direct response to that which we are projecting for. Many of us rely on religious texts written thousands of years ago, translated from different languages, and modified for our experience of God.

But the Divine can only ever be experienced in the here and now. For us humans, that means direct connection to our core consciousness – where the Word of God is ever present.

Let The Christ Live!

We are that to which we pray. Every thought is a prayer. Every feeling is a request we make unto the Universe that is within us.

Our bodies and egos will die, but the Self that is our true identity is eternal. While we’re here on the physical plane, we have a choice to live as the God in us, or as an unconscious doer of habits.

For those of us who’s awareness has not yet evolved enough to grasp this understanding, following a belief system that requires God to be “out there” can lead us on a path of enlightenment – but egocentric self-importance usually gets in the way.

I see most religious people comparing themselves to God, judging themselves as powerless and sinful – like unworthy beggars for God’s mercy. In this way, they unconsciously make judgment their most common prayer.

Jesus said “judge not lest you be judged”. By judging ourselves as “less than” God, we become fearful of the power within, and instead of being Alive through our lives, we live from the habits of humanity that have been conditioned into the subconscious mind over time.

Many people call themselves disciples of Jesus, but they do not know him because their experience of Christ is only from the mind’s interpretation of the books that were written about him. Christ is a level of consciousness that can only be attained by letting go of the limitations that having a life experience has caused us to believe.

Satan is not a person, but a personification of ego that follows mind and not spirit. We cannot serve two masters. Either we identify with the mind or with the Being we were born to express.

Wisdom of this world is foolishness with God! When the mind is disconnected from God, the ego is led to believe that we can find God by studying things that are of this world.

But God is not found in the material world, and we are not material beings. Our souls are intricately connected and completely unified with the one and only great Being that is existence itself.

We are here to be ourselves! We can make up whatever we want to “believe in”, but if we want to create our lives in glory to God, we will strive to live first and foremost from the fullest expression of the Being within.

In separation, the mind cannot know God, and thus mind becomes the leader of the ego – like the blind leading the blind.  This causes the mind to seek comfort from the material world because it can only identify itself as disconnected from the All.

But each of us is really Alone in that our experience of the world is of our own creation.  Specifically, the cells of our physical bodies are transmitters of the One great Being as a projection of a particular field of awareness (soul) into the life of the world.

Our minds filter that projection with every thought.  The more we align our thoughts with the knowledge of the source within us, the more fully we are expressing the only enduring aspect of ourselves.

Only by seeking the treasure at the core of ourselves can the mind come to know God. When the two become one, we glorify God by using the gift of this life experience to create the Heaven that is our birthright.

When the ego is unified with the Being through unconditional Love, we can come to realize the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus spoke about.

By giving ourselves the eyes to see who we really are, the ego can be married with God and they become One. In this way God is truly glorified because we allow God’s presence in the material world through our physical form.

As we peel away judgment and limitations from the mind, we continue to experience the Light of Christ radiating through us into our lives. And, we recognize it within everyone – no matter how much control they have given over to their minds and egos.

The inner Light does not emanate from the mind, the ego or any part of the material self.  It is the expression that flowers from our allowing the source within us to be preeminent.

When we consistently redirect our thoughts into alignment with our unlimited aspect, the ego becomes a clearer channel for expression of the Christ within. Mind your mind, and let the Christ Live!!

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SELF Directed (Like Jesus)

Many humans regard God as a person because they cannot perceive beyond the limitations of mind.

A person is a vehicle for spirit to have a physical experience in a material world. God is existence itself, and is thus every person and everything in existence – not to be reduced to a person, people or specific spiritual entities.

God created the material world and everything in it order to experience different aspects of its Self for the purpose of creating harmony within the illusion of separation – thereby expanding God’s energy into infinity. Humans are the leading edge of God’s creation because the mind allows us to very specifically create our reality while directing energy to our source.

Many organized religions tend to view humans as only carnal and separate from God, which provides mental comfort while perpetuating the perceived need for the religious organization itself. But in reality humans are infused with God, and we have the choice in any moment to align our awareness with the Godly perspective of unity or with the mental perspective of separation.

In raising our consciousness, it’s the ego (or self image) that is given over in service to God, but the root of the human or the Self is the treasure to be attained by our awareness. To declare independence from God is to become dependent on our will and people or things in the world. This is NOT what being Self directed is about.

Specifically, our will, our minds and our bodies are tools for the soul to refine itself to a higher vibratory frequency.  These material aspects glorify God when we direct them from the pure Love perspective of the energy that creates them.

Every person has full access to the power of God in equal measure. The separation we see is due to perception through the prism of mind, which causes people to believe that God is “out there” instead if “in here”.

We are not even separate from one another. We are one, and we are God.

From the standpoint of individuality, made possible by our minds in this time-space experience, God is seated at the center of each person.  Jesus understood this and did his best to deliver the message to people who could not understand.

To this day, most people read Jesus’ words through the construct of mind, which causes them to completely miss the message. Jesus was a person who aligned the energy of his material awareness with that of the Divine Self.

Christ consciousness is an energetic resonance that is already part of everyone.  It constantly calls us to align with it, and we can commune with that energy by consistently aligning our thoughts with our deepest truths.

We are here to be Self centered with the understanding that our highest Self is existence, and that we are focused through a unique, individual mind and body.  Seeking mental comfort from the perspective of subjection (perceiving God as ruling from outside of Self) separates us from Jesus, God, Allah or whatever name we prefer to attach to that which is nameless.

It is our thoughts and feelings that create in this reality, and once we understand how to direct them from the perspective of Self instead of mind, we can realize what Jesus meant by the “Kingdom of Heaven”.

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Eve and the Snake

The story of Eve and the snake have a much deeper meaning than the interpretations espoused by religions rooted in duality.

Sin is nothing more than separation from God. There is separation aka sin when we believe any self-limiting thought.

The snake symbolizes the subconscious mind which repeats the mantra that our ego can create a better existence by acquiring the knowledge of good and evil, and thereby exerting control over the material world. Once Eve tasted this knowledge, all of the limitations of the material world were “known” to her.

Eve immediately noticed that she was naked and she became afraid of being perceived as such in the eyes of God. Adam and Eve were no longer suitable inhabitants for the Garden of Eden because they were now identified as their egos, and the ego cannot conceive such a reality. God banished them as a natural reaction to the thoughts they were projecting – it was not a punishment.

What Eve didn’t realize was that she was always welcome back into the garden if she would only repent (return to her real Self – not identified as ego). We have this power too!

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