Healthy Responsibility

Do not be fooled by any temporary state of health or disease that's expressed through the body. 
Whether the phenomenal body appears vibrant and strong or sick and frail, you need not be proud or bothered. 
Body is of the…

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I cannot bring myself to make fault for anyone who lacks accountability in my perception. Indeed, that would make myself a servant to illusions of fault and thereby unaccountable to the state of innocence that I know to be true.


Life is self sustainable and infinitely abundant. Your individual Life form is a conduit for Life's expression, and as such you are inherently prosperous in this lifetime.


However, the ease of inherent prosperity can only be enjoyed by you…

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Anxious Mind

Anxiety happens when you believe thoughts about needing to get something done before you can experience peace/freedom/love.

Even though the relief you feel after accomplishing something is gone just as soon as the mind hooks onto the next thing that…

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Daily Thought: Responsibility

You are never responsible for the pain, discomfort, or disappointment of another person. EveryOne creates their experience of the 'other' - you only play a part according to their judgments, preconceptions and beliefs.

To experience freedom and true love, forget…

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Collective Consciousness

We are solely responsible for our own experience, but all thought being projected makes up the collective consciousness - and that dictates our shared reality. Our individual thoughts influence collective consciousness because we share one mind, and every thought projected…

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Challenges are Opportunities

The Being is always learning, but the ego's first instinct is to resist or reject the lesson. When we mentally fight against or struggle with our circumstances, we cannot learn the lesson, and therefore it must be repeated. This is…

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