Healthy Responsibility

Do not be fooled by any temporary state of health or disease that’s expressed through the body. 
Whether the phenomenal body appears vibrant and strong or sick and frail, you need not be proud or bothered. 
Body is of the world, and the world is only a dream. It says absolutely nothing about you. 
Any so called healer, family member or friend who pretends that you or they have personal power over your state of health or dis-ease is really ego looking for somewhere to place guilt. 
Bless the messenger, but Don’t fall for it! Any attempt to take personal responsibility for the body’s state of health or disease is arrogance, which ultimately glorifies guilt and multiplies suffering. 
Your only responsibility is for the choice you are given in this instant to worship the mind as the body’s saving grace, or to acknowledge the reality that’s aware of both mind and body. 
Thank you for the unchanging formlessness that you be! I love you!


Life is self sustainable and infinitely abundant. Your individual Life form is a conduit for Life’s expression, and as such you are inherently prosperous in this lifetime.


However, the ease of inherent prosperity can only be enjoyed by you to the extent you are not buying into thoughts that are resistant to Life.


Some examples of such resistance include but are not limited to ideas about: (a) what emotional sacrifices must be made Now in order to achieve prosperity later; (b) how some people must suffer in order for others to prosper; (c) how prosperity is only available to a privileged few; and (d) how the majority of people are held back by an unethical few.


These ideas and many others like them are deeply ingrained into the mass consciousness of modern society, thus making it extremely tempting to just go along with what the majority takes to be true instead of being an authentic expression of Divine Love – which is prosperous under any circumstance. Every time you feel the emotional sensation of Life-resistant thought while regarding that thought as true, you are making scarcity/struggle/suffering relatively true in your perception, and for the collective perception by energetic invitation.


However, if you are willing to cultivate the feeling of prosperity and surrender your concepts, you can break through the barriers of self limiting belief, allow abundance to be prevalent in your experience, and uplift the collective perception accordingly.


When you are feeling creative and free, you are allowing space for the abundant essence of Life to express prosperity from your vantage point. To cultivate this feeling, make it your intent to keep remembering that you are in relationship with and magnetically attracting all that is perceived in your inner (thoughts and feelings) and outer (what appears separate from you) world; and simply accept (keep relaxing self judgment) exactly what’s happening Now.


When you notice emotional constriction whereby the feeling of creativity and freedom seems out of reach, let that feeling speak its ‘truth’ to you, take slow-deep breaths and observe how those ‘truths’ are manifesting in your body as dis-ease. In this way, you allow conscious awareness of the story you are telling, what that story means from your point of view, and what memory/feeling/judgment is presently impressing the need to perpetuate that story upon your energy of awareness.


Through the consistent practice of cultivating the feeling of prosperity coupled with illuminating the mental/emotional impressions that are filtering your perception of Life, you are becoming ever more receptive to Life’s movement beyond memories, concepts and emotions – whereby your material awareness and the expansive abundance that is your true essence may alchemize to make prosperous expression what’s relatively true in your world.


Being prosperous uplifts the energy of All. To be prosperous is not only your right, but your responsibility. Get to know what’s been making prosperity seem elusive from your perspective, and allow the true You to seize the day!


Note: I have released an essential oil blend called ‘Prosperity Formula’. This formula consists of four pure essential oils in a synergistic blend that harnesses the power of plant spirits coupled with Reiki healing energy to gently remind your cellular system, brain and auric field that being prosperous is natural for you. The brochure for this formula can be found here: Prosperity-pdf, and this Divine blend may be purchased here: Prosperity Formula

Anxious Mind

Anxiety happens when you believe thoughts about needing to get something done before you can experience peace/freedom/love.

Even though the relief you feel after accomplishing something is gone just as soon as the mind hooks onto the next thing that needs doing, the mind always contends that a greater sense relief will come after you get more done. This is a programmed mental/emotional pattern ‘designed’ to maintain the sense of separation (fear), and give credence to ego (energy of fear).

You don’t have to buy in to this pattern of pain. You have the right and the responsibility to allow slow, deep breath and enjoy the moment to the best of your ability.

When you notice anxiety rising within you, it may help to remember this: To the extent that you are allowing peace/freedom/love from where you stand HereNow, more of that feeling is being created for your experience; and to the extent you believe that you must accomplish something before you can allow peace/freedom/love – more anxiety is being created for your experience.

There’s nothing else to do. Just noticing and breathing creates an opening for consciousness to transform your perception.

Daily Thought: Responsibility

You are never responsible for the pain, discomfort, or disappointment of another person. EveryOne creates their experience of the ‘other’ – you only play a part according to their judgments, preconceptions and beliefs.

To experience freedom and true love, forget how the ‘other’ feels about you and focus on how you feel about them.

Collective Consciousness

We are solely responsible for our own experience, but all thought being projected makes up the collective consciousness – and that dictates our shared reality. Our individual thoughts influence collective consciousness because we share one mind, and every thought projected attracts like thoughts.

The energy of our thoughts either deepens the grooves of current belief patterns or creates new ones. When we offer independent thought, we command creation for something new – but most of us offer thoughts that follow wherever collective consciousness is leading them.

When we take responsibility and forgive ourselves for the dissonant thoughts that have created anything unpleasant in our experience, we become more receptive to independent thought, and thereby improve our individual reality while redirecting collective consciousness to project for a more Joyful shared reality.

Our individual egos are not separate. As we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

Challenges are Opportunities

The Being is always learning, but the ego’s first instinct is to resist or reject the lesson. When we mentally fight against or struggle with our circumstances, we cannot learn the lesson, and therefore it must be repeated. This is how unhappy life patterns are created.

Specifically, every circumstance that evokes an uncomfortable or painful emotion is a manifestation of conscious or subconscious self limiting beliefs. Through our experience of that manifestation, we are given the opportunity to release tension and thereby heal dissonant patterns of belief.

Through the regular practice of conscious allowing, we learn to welcome normally fear-inducing circumstances as an opportunity to expand. When we exercise the mental perspective of total responsibility and self forgiveness, we release feelings of victimization, and therefore the possibilities for a solution flow easily into our experience.

Each person embodies the consciousness of the entire Universe – focused through a unique human body, brain and perspective. Nothing’s our fault, but everything is our responsibility. We always get what we need, and sometimes we need struggle to expose our beliefs in separation and limitation.

The more difficult the challenge, the sweeter the victory. It’s wonderful to be so Loved.