Heart Centered

Physically, the enti10616501_10201675380245211_6629618540848116166_nre human body is an extension of the heart, so to be fully in the heart is synonymous with being fully embodied. But before full embodiment can happen, one must be willing to experience every sensation exactly as it is….without desire to change it, deny it, blame something for it, or create a different sensation.

At the Awakening Retreat coming up in October, we will cultivate this willingness and practice techniques to expand awareness of subtle physical sensations….which is the way to full embodiment, purposeful living and the end of suffering. Please visit www.awakening-retreat.com for details.

Allowing Peace

My heart goes out to all of those who instead of loving their neighbors as themselves, cannot help but judge their neighbors in an attempt to avoid feeling the judgment they have made for themselves.

This can only multiply the force of evil spirits in the mind, and thus plant the seeds of more and more suffering.

It’s so simple to allow Peace in the moment judgment raises it’s sinful voice. But most humans have not yet learned how to make that shift of perspective.

This is only because most humans are still operating under the belief that their own concepts are God’s voice, while denying the messages coming through the body that God created as a home for those concepts.

I can help with this. I am designing a weeklong retreat to share with people how to hear and live according to God’s guidance, and to follow His voice to ultimate freedom.

The retreat is scheduled for October 2nd – 9th at Kalani Honua Retreat Center here on Big Island.

Prices start at only $1,395, and this includes 3 great meals daily, lodging and all retreat activities.

Please message me for details, or visit www.awakening-retreat.com


The Way to Peace

wisdom, retreat, peace, enlightenment“For he that hath, to him shall be given: and he that hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he hath.” ~ Jesus, the Christ

Everyone can be one who “has”, and I know the way because I’ve lived it. If you are ready to receive this wisdom, come retreat with me for a week…it’s not only a blissful and rejuvenating experience in and of itself, but those who show up with an open heart will realize expanded peace and happiness…plus they’ll discover the way to keep expanding peace and happiness over time until they are fully liberated from all misery.

I’ve never been clearer about the path to total enlightenment, and my whole being is ready to share with you. If this resonates, please go to www.awakening-retreat.com to reserve you spot, or contact me directly at hope@thewaytotheway.com.