Self Doubt is a Trick!

Self doubt is a trick! 
No one is capable of doubting who they really are. 
It’s only illusions that can and must be subject to doubt. 
Like all delusional thoughts…
Self doubt is meant to distract attention away from the fact that the self in question never really existed. 
Thank you for being undoubtable! I love you!

I Am

I am the reality before the illusion. It is within my light that this thought form can sense itself as an individual with the ability to share this message. . 

Like all people, she is made of thought patterns that have been changing and shifting in the mind since long before she apparently arrived on this planet. She is the filter through which my light projects everything she perceives.   

Thoughts of self doubt are not relevant for her because she recognizes that herself and her life are a temporary extension of Me. Yet she acknowledges sensations of self doubt when they arise, and she bears witness as my light burns away mistaken thought patterns that make self doubt seem possible for anyone. 

Manifestations don’t matter to her. She depends only upon Me in all circumstances, and she doesn’t pretend to need anything from this illusory world. 

She is exuberant and free because she’s not capable of holding any cares, worries, doubt, hatred or fear.

She is the seed of a world that’s been longed for since the beginning of time…a harmonious realm where all beings know Me and all beings are happy and free. 

Her human body will perish, but her thoughts of Me will remain in the mind until everyone who seems to be lost has found their way Home.


Transcending Polaraties

Self confidence and self doubt are two polarities of the same delusional thought pattern. You can’t be in the energy of one polarity without attracting the other.

To transcend this play of opposites and the roller coaster emotions that make it feel so real – remember to remember that the individual self is not your true identity – and that your Worth is exponentially greater than anything you can imagine.

In this way, you can discover what movement aligns with that which you truly Desire right here and now.