Forgiveness of Guilt

You have done nothing to cause the situation you find yourself in. In fact, the idea that you do anything at all is a total lie.  
When the idea is beLIEved it leads to alternating feelings of pride and shame…which are both equally rooted in guilty programming. 
On the surface, people do things that bring about certain results, but you are not a person. The person is like a character that’s occurring to you in a dream. 
You have absolutely no control over what the person does, how the person behaves, what ailments befall the person etc. 
What you do have is a choice whether to worship the witnessing presence within you or to worship illusions. You are always worshipping one or the other, but never both in the same instance. 
Most human beings are committed to worshipping illusions, but that’s only because they are afraid of losing what they’ve made themselves and the world out to be. 
It’s up to you to hold your ground and not get sucked in to the illusions held so tightly by worldly humans. Don’t worry if you fall under the spell of mental programming either. 
No matter what, You have the choice to return to the state of grace again and again. It’s so simple…just pay attention to the presence that’s witnessing the dream of you and your imagined world. 
Naturally feelings of pride and shame will come to have no meaning for you…and without guilty feelings dictating your behavior, an opening is created whereby the mind-body becomes the vehicle for loving kindness to be shared in the dream world. 
This is true service, very much unlike the ideas the guilty mind makes up about worldly duties it has to perform. 
Forgiveness of guilty dreams and all of their manifestations can ONLY happen through focused commitment to the witnessing principal that’s truly who you are. 
Thank you for being the answer to a world made of guilty dreams! I love you!

Creative Direction

Because the totality of ‘what IS’ evolves according to the movement of collective thought – whatever you perceive is your offering or ‘service’ to All. Your doing is only secondary – it’s a more reactionary thing – something you can’t help – it just emerges out of perception (which is the culmination of all experience up to the present moment).

Take a look at what you’re against, what you want to eliminate, what you are afraid of, etc.. These are the things the unconscious mind is amplifying in your perception.

No need to judge ‘negative’ thought, as that only adds frustrated feeling thoughts to your energy of awareness. Instead you’re invited to notice that whatever evoked the ‘negative’ thought has also caused you to imagine its opposite.

Now, you can relax and allow the movement of thought to lead your awareness toward the more uplifting feeling you have created in imagination; or you can make excuses as to why the more dense feeling thoughts (which you have also created in imagination) require your attention. Either way, You alone make the choice.

Even by just recognizing without judgment that a choice is being made, your energy of awareness is uplifted and emotional extremes are diffused. As you continue to so recognize, you will invariably become more aware of the choice that supports and uplifts your energy – until eventually there will be no need to choose.

In this way, the mind remains a tool for ‘feeling neutral’ calculations and storage of data, but creative direction is given over to the authority of the heart.