Forgiveness of Guilt

You have done nothing to cause the situation you find yourself in. In fact, the idea that you do anything at all is a total lie.  
When the idea is beLIEved it leads to alternating feelings of pride and…

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Releasing Shame

Shame is just an expression of belief, and when the underlying belief is recognized as untruth - there is nothing in your energy of awareness for shame to adhere to. Whether the shame you feel is for your self, or you are projecting shame onto others, the cause and the solution are the same.

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There's nothing to be embarrassed about. Embarrassment no-thing but a case of mis-identification that keeps energy of awareness bound to a mental loop between self control and self shame.


In reality, everything you do and say through your personality…

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Condemnation is Self Inflicted Suffering

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EveryOne who condemns is 'right' to do so, even though condemnation cannot lead in the direction of anything they want. Thoughts of condemnation are perfectly attuned…

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