Earth Cannot be Owned

Earth cannot really be owned. Property title may create a very convincing illusion of ownership, but that illusion can only continue for as long as there is division in the mind. 

Moreover, the only kind of security that comes from personal ownership of property is a false sense of security in worldly things. 
In reality, all struggle comes from thinking that separation is real, and no matter how much is done to get security and avoid struggle, life will continue to being whatever is necessary to reveal that separation is an illusion. 
The more there is willingness to have everything come and go exactly as it does, the more ease and grace is allowed to be experienced and shared with all beings. 
Love and abundant blessings!


Ego is not Against Spirit

Ego is not against Spirit as in a battle between good and evil. Ego is the fictional creation of Spirit which allows for the perception of distinct forms – the foundation of experience in this material dimension.

Only through buying into Ego’s assertion that thoughts are true does one resist Spirit’s directive to uplift and expand energy of awareness. This ‘buying in’ is ignorance – not right nor wrong – just a mindset that generates the experience of struggle.

There is nothing to do but remember the Truth that there is no truth to any thought. From there, Spirit is allowed to uplift energy of awareness to lighter frequencies of mind – and infinitely more expansive Joy/Peace/Love/Pleasure may be experienced thereby.

Admission of Victory

Belief in thoughts of lack is an admission of defeat. Specifically, thought trained on scarcity confines your energy of awareness to a mental construct whereby perception of scarcity is amplified in your experience; and in every moment that you believe such thoughts, you are being led by the mind toward the experience of physical ‘proof’ that there is not enough (money, time, love, talent, knowledge, etc) for fulfillment of your desires.

You are an inherently victorious being, for which everything you believe becomes truth within your perception of this creative environment – while no belief can ever define or identify you. Indeed, all desires projected out of your energy of awareness are being fulfilled right now – as modified to accommodate the beliefs you hold in contradiction to those desires.

All struggle, suffering and feelings of defeat are manifestations of existential ignorance, brought about by belief in that which is energetically dissonant to the essence of ‘who you are’. However, in the moment your energy of awareness returns to focus on the Truth that underlies all ‘truths’ made out of belief, ignorance is immediately absolved along with perceptions and feelings of ignorance.

Getting to know the voice of scarcity by its feeling and associated breath pattern will give you conscious overview of lackful thoughts as they are playing in your awareness. In this way, space is being allowed by you, within which you may consciously discern which thoughts are true for you.

Through attention, it eventually becomes obvious that the only thing to admit is victory because that is closest to the Truth of who you are.

Not by Works

Because the majority of humans identify with a false sense of self, most of us sacrifice Being in favor of doing.

We have conditioned ourselves to believe that hard work and struggle is the way to create a meaningful life. In accordance with those beliefs, we sacrifice our health, happiness and peace of mind to meet the expectations for ‘success’ and ‘service’ created in the mind.

But our real power is our creativity, not physical or mental prowess. Our human abilities to calculate and act are only tools for the maneuvering of form toward that which has already been created in thought. To the extent calculation and/or action is substituted for creativity, humanity creates their own suffering.

Since most of us have been conditioned to project thought energy that reflects our beliefs in physical labor and/or mental manipulation as a means to create a life, we wind up working ourselves into mental and physical dis-ease in our endeavor to attain a fleeting sense of self worth. Fear and fatigue permeate the being when awareness is focused in a competitive state of mind because awareness is the conduit for source energy, and the more awareness is mired with belief created out of judgment that separation is real, the more the conduit to the Breath of Life is constricted.

When we work ourselves into what feels like bondage, it’s because our energy of awareness has been constricted and thus we are not allowing the essence of freedom/clarity/peace to penetrate perception – it’s like having our back to the sun and believing the shadow we cast to be the only reality. This limited vision causes many people to eventually resign their self to a life of mental, physical and spiritual dissatisfaction because they can see no other way.

In a state of delusion, the mind presents thoughts that point out all the circumstantial difficulties between what we are and what we wish we could be, while condemning people whom we perceive as greedy, selfish, unfair, spoiled or abusive. Then we may endeavor to work feverishly toward what we think we deserve and/or use mental manipulation to control people or situations.

Any ‘success’ while in a state of delusion creates difficulty in the attainment and the journey to that attainment is fraught with feelings of guilt, greed, deprivation and resentment which do not naturally subside after ‘success’ is declared. In an effort to feel better, many ‘successful’ people create a ‘charitable’ self image by giving money to causes or offering service to help the so-called less fortunate. However, since a delusional person’s ‘charity’ is only an extension of the same ignorance that led to the benefactor’s dis-ease (ie: fearful beliefs are taken as true), even in their effort to be helpful, one only creates more dis-ease.

The truth is that every single person on Earth is born into this material environment as powerful creators, not by our own works but through honoring all desires, devotion to the truth of ‘who we are’, and willingness to take inspired and detached action when opportunity to share our unique gifts is presented. This means that if action cannot be offered as a labor of love (without expectation), rest and rejuvenation are in order until inspiration returns.

Through the persistent surrendering of perception to thoughts that align with the soul, especially in moments of delusion (fearful beliefs are taken to be true), one allows perception to be inspired, and the action steps which facilitate the ‘evidence’ of that inspiration become obvious and feel Joyful.

Until we are able to sacrifice the egocentric need for self meaning, we cannot fully experience the blessings and beauty that we have come forth to create. By releasing the idea that we have to do anything at all, we re-learn to enjoy being in the present moment without worry or despair; and Life is allowed to flow in a manner that commands peace of mind and manifestations of like kind.

Be true to the Real You and let your presence be a testament to the Love that you are.

Daily Thought: Courage and Will

It takes courage and will to keep returning to the path of least resistance. Fear tempts everyOne to believe thoughts that create inner turmoil, but the one who consciously and deliberately determines the meaning of their thoughts allows the beliefs that create the ‘need’ for struggle to simply dissolve.

Lose (or Gain) Weight with Self Love

Diets are about struggle and deprivation.  We subscribe to them because we falsely believe that we must sacrifice in order to attain a healthy physique.

Whenever we resist anything, it manifests more in our experience. This means that as long as we are focused on losing weight, we are attracting weight gain.  We may be able to force our bodies into submission for a time (or even entire lifetimes), but struggle around weight and food will continue to be our experience unless we redirect the vibration that we are projecting.

In order to manifest our perfect body easily, it helps to visualize ourselves at our ideal weight, and feel the sensation of being there whenever thoughts about the body cross the mind. This releases tension around the subject of weight and transforms our normally self limiting beliefs about losing or gaining weight to beliefs that promote healthy weight.

Regularly releasing tension is essential for achieving optimal weight because thoughts about struggle or sacrifice create mental tension which causes us to hold on to excess emotional and physical baggage.  Many times, that baggage is manifested as the body’s holding of excess body weight.

However, in the case of those who have difficulty gaining weight – their emotional/physical baggage is such that it prevents the nervous system from transmitting the signals necessary for digestion and utilization of nutrients.  Some peoples’ emotional states swing so drastically that they shift between being overweight and underweight many times throughout their lives.

Unless we regularly practice releasing tension, weight issues continue to accumulate as we accumulate tension in response to our life experience.  This is why weight issues tend to be exacerbated as we age.

Any diet that feels like struggle is bound to create more struggle around the issue of weight. Only from the feeling of physical well being do we become a vibratory match for the our ideal, healthy weight and overall vitality.

When we already feel like we are at our ideal weight, our eating and activity habits naturally move into alignment with that feeling.  There is no deprivation here.  We simply eat what we like and engage in the physical activities we enjoy. But without the added feelings of guilt, resentment, etc., we want what feels good on every level – body, mind and being.

Use your mental energy to align yourself with the beautiful and carefree physique that has always been yours, and heal your weight issues with the power of Self Love.

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Life Force Energy is Creative Power

The same conscious energy that makes anything and everything possible is individually and simultaneously focused through everything and everyone that manifests in the physical world. What looks solid to the eye is actually energetic Light bodies through which conscious Life Force Energy is being projected.

The conscious energy that creates and sustains all Life causes everything in the material world to be made manifest for our experience through individual awareness. Humans have a unique creative vantage point in that the Life Force Energy is filtered through our individual mental patterns, and we are thereby able to specifically direct that energy to create our wishes, desires and dreams.

But because we have largely forgotten the source of our awareness, we are convinced that people, situations and things in our experience need to be changed. The belief that we must change anything causes us to focus on what we want changed, use mental cleverness to figure out how to effectuate the change, and employ our Will to create it.

While this method may produce some of intended results, those results do not come without struggle. Specifically, if during the process of attaining what we want, our thought vibration is resistant to the Living Energy that is the source of our Being, our experience is struggle.

Life Force Energy flows through us in specific vibratory rhythm, and to the degree that we project thoughts of ego dependency (need, manipulation, competition, etc.), our human vibratory rhythm becomes dissonant to Life Force Energy. Any dissonance to Life Force Energy is resistant to the very source of our human existence, and that resistance depletes our human energy – causing stress, lethargy, depression and anxiety.

While we can create some of the “improvements” we seek while in a resistant vibratory pattern, ultimately our resistance to Life Force Energy is the cause of all manifestations of personal and worldly dis-ease – everything from stress and illness to world wars.

When we believe that the cleverness of mind is the path to attain anything we seek, we feel an egocentric sense of self importance as our thoughts project the belief that we are nobly sacrificing our experience of Joy in the present moment to create a more desirable future. But when we sacrifice Joy in any moment we are sacrificing the flow of Life Force Energy through our material form.

In doing so, we not only sacrifice the energy necessary for creativity, play and Joyful expression, we sacrifice our real power to create what we want.

Conversely, when we accept and appreciate all things just as they are, and we allow ourselves to delight in the most Joyful possibilities we can imagine, we are allowing Life Force Energy to flow in exactly the way it was meant to. As we allow the gentle yet fierce flow of uninhibited Life Force Energy to be projected through our material form, we give more energy to ourselves while our wishes, dreams and desires are created for us in the unseen world.

In the flow of Life Force Energy, and through our willingness to take the first step as a leap of faith, the next steps in the progression toward our desires become obvious as we move Joyfully through time and space toward their manifestation.

Every moment is leading to the next, and we create our experience Joyful by laying the energetic foundation for Love, Joy and Peace. That energetic foundation is created by our thought projection, and it glorifies us to the degree that we have been allowing Life Force energy to be expressed unfettered by mental struggle.

Life Force Energy is our power to experience Joy in our lives, create what we want, and experience the deep peace that is our birthright. Start releasing the mental burden of needing to change anything, so that you may become the conduit for Joyful creation in this lifetime.

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Battle is Cancerous

Cancer is just one manifestation of mental dis-ease. The idea that anything needs to be fought and conquered causes conflict in the mind which creates more of what we are fighting against.

I know it can be difficult to watch someone experiencing physical and mental anguish due to dis-ease, and I’m not going to suggest that anyone is at fault for having cancer. But it is we who hold the key to creating radiant health, deathly dis-ease and everything in between.

Dedicating our energy to focus on cancer awareness brings more feelings of fear and helplessness which serve to perpetuate the dis-ease. In addition, many people feel guilt if they choose not to give money or otherwise participate in this battle.

Uncomfortable and painful emotions are the cause of all dis-ease.  Can we ask any louder for the Universe to create more cancer?

There is no empty space, and nothing can happen in the material world without thoughts that create it. This is scientifically proven, but the medical paradigm will lose a lot of money once it becomes common knowledge.

A toxic chemical environment (within and without the body) is the manifestation of all thoughts that created it. Even babies are susceptible to cancer because the energetic environment on Earth is polluted with conflict.

Our greatest gift is our energy. See people healthy, whole and Joyful. Feel the power of this perspective through your heart center, and heal the world by your very presence in it.

The Light of Awareness is the ONLY real source of whole health. But focusing on anything that creates ill feelings is not of the Light.

True compassion is the courage to see things as they have been created while sending forth energy that matches how they truly are in the non-physical realm of pure Light energy. The Light is pure Unconditional Love, which knows no dis-ease of any kind.

Feel the feeling of whole, radiant health and know that you have the power to create it. When that feeling emanates from us in its purest form, dis-ease is dissolved by our presence in the world.

I will be focusing on abundant health for you and every other member of our planet (and for Earth itself) in this and every month. Of course, I Love and appreciate you no matter what you choose to focus upon, but I would be delighted if you would join me!

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Darkness in Balance

Darkness only exists where light is not present. Light illuminates everything that it touches, and eliminates darkness by its very presence – without fight or struggle.

With respect to hidden emotions, darkness is anything that has not been observed by individual awareness. But since emotions are what inspire expansion and guide us toward it, just having life experiences creates more dark shadows to be illuminated by our presence.

In the perspective of Yin Yang (balance), when we are not present in our lives, the shadows of darkness proliferate and create imbalance. But there is no danger of too much Light because new shadows are constantly being created as a necessary component of the ever-expansive nature of the Universe.

Enjoy the darkness. It gives meaning to the Light.