Earth Cannot be Owned

Earth cannot really be owned. Property title may create a very convincing illusion of ownership, but that illusion can only continue for as long as there is division in the mind. 

Moreover, the only kind of security that comes from…

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Ego is not Against Spirit

Ego is not against Spirit as in a battle between good and evil. Ego is the fictional creation of Spirit which allows for the perception of distinct forms – the foundation of experience in this material dimension.

Only through buying…

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Love Message: Endless Battles

All battles are created in the mind, and if you are taking your perceived battles to be real, more battles will keep coming for your experience.


Now’s the time to take responsibility for all that you perceive so that…

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Admission of Victory

Belief in thoughts of lack is an admission of defeat. Specifically, thought trained on scarcity confines your energy of awareness to a mental construct whereby perception of scarcity is amplified in your experience; and in every moment that you believe…

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Not by Works

Since most of us have been conditioned to project thought energy that reflects our beliefs in physical labor and/or mental manipulation as a means to create a life, we wind up working ourselves into mental and physical dis-ease in our endeavor to attain a fleeting sense of self worth.

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Daily Thought: Courage and Will

It takes courage and will to keep returning to the path of least resistance. Fear tempts everyOne to believe thoughts that create inner turmoil, but the one who consciously and deliberately determines the meaning of their thoughts allows the beliefs…

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Lose (or Gain) Weight with Self Love

Humans only use diets and nutrition regiments because we subscribe to the self-limiting belief that we must struggle or sacrifice in order to improve our physique. The truth is that these methods only create more struggle around the issue of weight.

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Life Force Energy is Creative Power

While we can create some of the “improvements” we seek while in a resistant vibratory pattern, ultimately our resistance to Life Force Energy is the cause of all manifestations of personal and worldly dis-ease - everything from stress and illness to world wars.

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Battle is Cancerous

I'm not going to suggest that anyone is at fault for having cancer. But it is we who hold the key to creating radiant health, deathly dis-ease and everything in between.

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Darkness in Balance

With respect to hidden emotions, darkness is anything that has not been observed by individual awareness. But since emotions are what inspire expansion and guide us toward it, just having life experiences creates more dark shadows to be illuminated by our presence.

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