Diet of Awareness

The idea that we need to follow any set of rules, exclude certain foods or eat things we don’t like in order to attain a certain weight creates a battle between us and our bodies.  The human body is made up of approximately 75 to 100 trillion cells, and each one of them has a purpose which is to maintain balance of the organism.

In this way, each person knows down to the cellular level which foods are perfect for them at any given time.  However, most of us are addicted to thoughts that create strong emotions aka stress, and through those emotions, we crave foods that harm our health.

Uncomfortable or stressful emotions are a major strain on the body.  When the mind is stressed, it causes the glands to excrete excess hormones, which puts the body in a toxic state.  Hormonal toxicity blocks physical and energetic passageways which are the conduits for our intercellular communication and delivery of vital nutrients to all areas of the body.

When in an emotional state, I have found it helpful to eat raw meat or eggs with raw fat such as butter.  Raw meat and fat are easily digested and integrated by the body, and leave little or no toxic residue.   Moreover, while raw meat helps the body to build strength in order to better handle stress, raw eggs and animal fat help to eliminate toxins from the body.

However, when our emotions are in balance, there is no need to think about which foods are most suitable for us because we desire that which supports optimal health on all levels – body, mind and being.  Emotional balance is the cure for excess weight and all physical illness.

Through awareness we can achieve and maintain this balance.  Please see the articles on this website, and specifically those linked below to discover how to harness the power within to create your radiant body.

Headache Relief

HeadacheEach of the methods listed below addresses physical and/or energetic blockages which are the real cause of headaches.  Try them, and see how they work for you!

1.  Drinking naturally sparkling (no CO2 added) mineral water with lime juice and 1 tbl of unheated honey supplies the necessary enzymes, hydration, oxygen and alkalizing minerals to help your body eliminate the physical and energetic blockages that can cause headache.  Also, be mindful of any food cravings, and eat the fresh, raw version of those foods.

2. Lie in a comfortable position and practice long deep breathing with focus on the breath until a very calm feeling comes over you.  Then allow any thoughts that spontaneously come to mind and be present with them, just noticing what feelings come up.  With each thought and feeling, gently remind yourself that all is well, and that you are free to release all tension around the thoughts that evoke any feeling of tension.

3.  While sitting in a comfortable position, breathe with normal but somewhat forceful breath – in while bringing your shoulders up like shrugging, and out while letting your shoulders come down – Repeat 20-30 times.  This can readjust the bones in the neck and head.

4.  Accupressure is another method used to release blocked energy and restore balance to the body: With the middle or index finger and thumb of one hand, apply pressure to the area between the thumb and index finger of the other hand (see illustration).  Apply various amounts of pressure to different points in this area until the pain is reduced to a more comfortable level.  Using the same amount of pressure – use small, gentle circular movements on that point for 1-2 minutes, then release the pressure gradually.

When experiencing a headache that is the result of detoxification (such as after alcohol), supplying the body with drugs (including headache medicine) or toxic food/drink can alleviate the symptoms quickly.  While this is great for temporarily getting back in the swing of things, this also creates more toxicity which may create more unhealthful symptoms in the future, and is thus not recommended for optimum health.