Dismantling the System

One of the forces thDCIM101GOPROat’s set up in the mind to keep people in denial of God’s love and disconnected from one another is the perceived need to dismantle the powers and systems that seem to be running the world.

Thankfully, I’m aware that it’s not my business to dismantle anything unless I happen to be dismantling something at the time, and so this delusional force can have no power over my consciousness.

Thoughts about how systems will be dismantled, when it will happen, who will do it, and what will be the fallout is just more dancing with delusion from my perspective. I have observed that these ways of thinking are distractions….if I permit these kinds of thoughts to become relevant for me, I cannot also see the bigger picture as it relates to what’s happening in me and through me right now.

I’ve heard all the mental arguments about how frivolous it is to focus on right now when all these horrible things are happening in the world, but it’s been made abundantly clear to my mind that it’s the other way around…Frivolity is focusing on ignorance and thinking that ignorance can be dismantled through more ignorance.

In this way, I am not concerned with, nor do I have any opinion or idea about other people who seem set in their ways and unwilling to transcend that which holds them to the perception of lack and the need to blame. These people are not my job, but my reflection.

What do I do with all reflections of mine that appear to lack love? I observe what my mind is holding against them, and let it be.

In this way, my mind is free to creatively imagine and my body is free to express whatever brings joy to my heart…instead of being bound by perception of lack.

It’s so simple, it seems difficult, and that’s why the mind that worships its own intellectual prowess cannot fathom what’s really true.

Much love!

Attachment & Suffering

Attachment is created through Belief that anyOne’s Well Being depends on someBody, someThing or somePlace. This is effectively a Prayer for Suffering in that Reality evolves to Reveal the Consequences of the Thoughts we Take to be True.

If you’d like to Transmute your Prayers for Suffering into Prayers for Enjoyment, simply Notice what, where or whom you Think to be Needed for Well Being – take a Deep Breath, and Allow your Energy to be moved into Appreciation for your Present Experience of that person, place or thing.

This does Not Guarantee that Life will evolve according to what You Think you Want, but it DOES Guarantee more Experiences that Resonate with the feeling of Appreciation.

This World is formed and re-formed out of our Experiences of it. Allow This Breath to be an offering of Appreciation, and make your body/mind a Channel for Joyful Experiences.

Condemnation is Self Inflicted Suffering

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EveryOne who condemns is ‘right’ to do so, even though condemnation cannot lead in the direction of anything they want. Thoughts of condemnation are perfectly attuned with all thought that has gone before, and therefore it cannot be a mistake.

Ego is the thinking process that continually constructs the self image of all thought projected by awareness from a personal perspective. When one feels the perceived ‘need’ to condemn it’s an indication that self-judgment is being denied by the ego in order to maintain the illusion of separation.

The cumulation of denied judgment is known as the ‘shadow self’. In executing its program to keep the shadow self hidden from awareness, the ego employs mental calculations, labels and judgments to create the appearance as if something is, was or will be ‘wrong’. Every time the perceiver takes the appearance of ‘wrongness’ to be true, the shadow self is fed fearful thought-energy, thus creating the illusion that there is more and more ‘wrong’ in one’s life and in their world.

While condemning is very tempting because it creates a sense of self importance, it is also the cause of much personal suffering. Specifically, when one is expressing from a thought/feeling pattern of condemnation, their mental energy is projecting for a condemned world in need of a ‘righteous’ savior. This imaginary savior can be anyone from the perceiver’s own self image to the self images of political leaders or spiritual figures like Jesus Christ.

This form of mental energy validates the false sense of separation – the underlying cause of all suffering.  Even if suffering is not what’s consciously intended by condemnation, when individualized awareness enters a condemning state of mind, mental energy is being focused with feeling upon what has been rejected; and whatever one’s awareness is focused upon is being created for their experience.

Also, the more one follows thought into the feeling of condemnation, the more energy is supplied to cultivate their shadow self, which will eventually overpower their own “good” intentions.

After all, condemnation is really an expression of one’s own rejected tendencies and desires; and to the degree that anything is rejected, thoughts of condemnation arise as a reminder of what the perceiver has judged to be ‘wrong’. But what the perceiver rejects always threatens to take form in their world, and every time the perceiver believes their own condemnation to be the truth, their creative power is given to make what they have rejected more apparent in their world – thus creating a cycle of pain wherein the perceiver plays both the victim and the victimizer.

These patterns of pain can be diffused by anyone who is willing to take responsibility for that which disturbs them. In this way, one allows their awareness to be guided inward to observe of the self-judgment that is the true cause of their perceived ‘need’ to condemn anything.

By letting go of mental attachment to what’s ‘happening’ in perception and by focusing instead on the nature of creative energy being projected from one’s individualized awareness, they allow their energy to be transformed in a manner that heals perception.  Because the individual perceiver is intricately connected (such that there is no separation) from the One that is All, the perception of mass consciousness is also being affected through one’s practice of being aware of how their own thoughts and feelings create their perception of Life.

Condemnation is self inflicted suffering that can be healed through courage, acceptance and Love for All. By staying alert to the direction of one’s personal energy of awareness with willingness to see what creates the perception of disharmony, one allows upliftment of their energy, thus transforming the tendency to condemn into healing energy for their self and for the world.

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Daily Thought: Courage and Will

It takes courage and will to keep returning to the path of least resistance. Fear tempts everyOne to believe thoughts that create inner turmoil, but the one who consciously and deliberately determines the meaning of their thoughts allows the beliefs that create the ‘need’ for struggle to simply dissolve.

Attracting Loving Relationships

Whatever relationship one develops with the world of form determines the relationships they attract in their experience.  Specifically, the culmination of all thought projected from the individual sense of self creates a unique vibratory pattern which attracts everything in one’s material reality, including all people and perceived behavior.

Because one can only attract experiences that are a vibrational match to their individual sense of self, focusing on experiences of unwanted people, circumstances, events or behavior around current or past romantic partners causes unhappy relationships to keep re-emerging in experience. As your thoughts align more with the perfect Love that you are, there is no longer a sense of “need” to fill a void in your life, and you naturally attract people who reflect a more fulfilled sense of self.

The first step to transforming one’s point of attraction, is asking the question: “what mental record have I been playing that has manifested unhappy relationships in my experience?”  From there, watch your thoughts and take note of the ones that come to mind regarding relationships, potential partners, and how you fit in with them – these thoughts represent your core beliefs aka self judgment.

Everything that you experience causes you to expand, and to the extent your state of mind is allowing that expansion, you are attracting what you desire.  It is only the filter of self made beliefs that cause Love’s expression to become distorted in perception, thereby evoking more emotionally charged thought which causes the attraction of painful relationships. When you become aware of your core beliefs, you can consciously and deliberately change your mental story to one that prepares you to experience a loving relationship with another person.

Your experience of undesirable relationships has caused you to know more clearly what you prefer, and by deliberately focusing your attention, you can allow the energy of Love to lead you through time and space to more joyful relationship experiences. Through realizing what relationship possibilities feel best from your individual perspective – with appreciation for those possibilities and every perceived demonstration of those possibilities, coupled with total acceptance of everyone exactly as they are – you prepare your individually focused energy to attract the Love partner of your dreams.

When your perception of anyone’s behavior causes you to feel uncomfortable emotion, instead of getting caught up in your own suffering, let your perception lead your awareness to expose the underlying judgments you hold for yourself. Once you see your self judgment with knowing that there is no truth to it, your awareness moves to dissolve it. From there, your experience of the people in your world shifts toward that which is more pleasing from your perspective.

As the mind comes more consistently under your conscious control, you decide how you will experience the expression of Love in the form other people. In fact, through attention, you can upgrade your internal dialog and create your true desires in every aspect of your Life experience.

Creating the people and relationships that you experience in no way harms any other person or denies their own power to create according to their desires.  Every person is creating exactly what they have projected for, and their experience of you is entirely a reflection of their own mental state – just as your experience of them is a reflection of your mental state.

For the ones who are already in a relationship, thought can be focused and beliefs dissolved to shift perception of the present situation, thus creating more enjoyment within that construct or allowing a smooth transition toward something new. If you also save communication and action until you are feeling appreciation for your experience of your partner, your words and deeds will naturally propel you in the direction of your true desires.

As you transcend mental patterns that no longer fit your definition of self, it’s possible that your energy may become inconsistent with that of your current partner; and if it’s not right for your partner to evolve into resonance with your energetic offering – your current relationship will dissolve.  If you simply allow and accept whatever the consequences of expressing more of ‘who you are’  – you allow for the attraction of someone who’s energy aligns with your new perspective.

Despite everything, remember to acknowledge and appreciate the perfect and fulfilled Love that you are, and allow whatever is no longer attuned to your vibratory offering to move easily out of your experience – making room for that which is a better reflection of what you are offering.

Invocation of Presence

For the purpose of this article, “Presence” means conscious overview of the thoughts and feelings being entertained within your awareness. Your physical body can only be focused into a single location at any point in time, and when your Presence is focused there too, experiences are seamlessly digested and your perspective is advanced for the evolution of your world.

The only thing that prevents you from being fully Present is internal conflict which manifests as emotion. Emotion makes your thought based perceptions feel real, and the emotion you are feeling is an indication of how much Presence you are allowing around and between your thoughts.

Specifically, all thought is a patterned mental/emotional response, which leads deeper into unconsciousness in the absence of conscious overview (Presence). Presence directs your awareness toward those thought patterns that feel more closely attuned with your non-emotional yet eternally Joyful essence. In this regard, the closer your thoughts feel to contentment, the more presence you are allowing around thought – while less contentment means you are allowing less presence.

So the question then becomes “how can I feel contentment when I really hate what’s happening?” The answer to that question is Acceptance and Appreciation – which “happens” within the remembrance that everything happens for you.  That remembrance can be invoked by slow, deep breathing and the consistent allowance of silent space between thoughts.

It’s futile to resist thoughts that you think you should not be having, because it’s the having of those thoughts that inspires your creativity. Simply allowing Presence around and between thoughts leads your awareness to thought patterns that feel better, while resistance to your thoughts leads in the opposite direction.

Contentment is not a goal that you have to achieve, but the emotional direction in which Presence leads your thinking irrespective of circumstance.

All that you perceive is only a reflection of the feelings that you have allowed to take form through the focus of your thought, and your conscious aspect (Presence) feels like the ultimate bliss/pleasure/joy/comfort – transcending all emotion. Just by looking for things in your perception that please you, and/or imagining what would please you more, you are invoking Presence for the creation of more pleasure in your world.

Conversely, to the degree you are focused on things in your perception that evoke anger, worry, sorrow, desperation, etc. – you are resisting presence and relying instead upon Ego aka fear – which is only capable of offering thoughts that evoke more fearful feelings which are then reflected in your world.

The temptation to be driven by unconscious thought comes in the form of things and people (including yourself) that you don’t like, or want to change. Your perception of such things immediately decreases your happy feeling because it shifts more of your awareness away from the moment and into the fear-based Egoic mind.

This is not to say the Egoic mind is a bad thing, or that feeling uncomfortable emotion should be avoided. This is about being aware of how much Presence is being allowed at any given time so that you can navigate your awareness back into alignment with ‘who you are’ when you’re ready.

The more you practice allowing Presence, the easier it will come to you, and your world will evolve in a way that is ever more pleasing from your perspective. Amaze yourself by giving your awareness over to the only aspect of yourself that is capable of creating a world you might describe as “heaven”, and exalt your material aspect in this very moment in time.

The "Sword" of God

The material self is nothing but energy projecting form. That energy is the source of all awareness and the creator of every individual reality. Our true identity is the energy behind the projection of form, while the material body and personality represent that energy as it has been filtered by ego (individual sense of self) through the layers of mind.

Energy creates every individual form out of nothing but thought, and energy experiences this time-space reality through the individual’s awareness – even the blade of grass is a depiction of energy having an experience from that perspective. The creator aka God is not separate from any individual field of awareness (energy projecting a life form), so in essence every individual is God – both having a unique experience through their perception and projecting for the future with every thought.

Peace is the expression of Love, and Love is the essence of God. Biblical references to the sword of God are parables that point to the death and destruction humans create by continually following thoughts of dissatisfaction. These thoughts separate our awareness from the essence of God, and in Aramaic (the original language of the bible) that separation is the definition of “sin”. “Sinful” thoughts command the creative force to manifest every variation of what we perceive as punishment or dis-ease in the world.

All is created by God – thus all killing, starvation, cancer and other disturbances perceived in the world are also the action of God – which is always perfect based on all thought that has come before. In this regard, it’s the responsibility of every individual to keep imagining the reality that they desire and stay focused thereby in order to shift the energy of the creative force in the direction of the Soul’s desire to experience its true essence.

It takes great courage to project thoughts of peace in the midst of perceived chaos, but each of us embodies the source of all power; and as we become more expressive of that power, Peace and Love are created through the particulars of our lives – giving evidence that we are walking the path of the eternal Self – and no longer creating from mental limitation.

There is nothing to do but follow but the soul’s subtle guidance toward stillness – delivered through feeling – where individual awareness is merged with Godliness and eternal peace prevails. We are truly blessed!

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Every Emotion has Meaning

Every emotion is perfect based on all thought that has come before. Through emotional activity, we are being directed by consciousness as to how we can evolve our energetic expression to achieve a higher frequency.

When we experience an emotion that evokes our desire for change, that’s a wonderful thing because desire is the voice of our creative aspect summoning us to evolve our awareness and grow.  We accept that invitation by accepting ourselves fully, exactly as we are Now.

Only from the perspective of acceptance do we become receptive to thoughts that allow our evolution to be more in alignment with our specifications.

On the other hand, if we perceive ourselves to be in need of “improvement”, we make ourselves receptive to resistant thoughts which keep us stuck in what is already known about our present state of being. Any perceived need for improvement causes us to focus on what we WANT as being “better” than what IS, and that prevents us from evolving our present what IS to what can BE.

Specifically, until we can accept our present state of being, we remain focused on what IS, and whatever we focus upon grows in our experience.  But once we have fully accepted who and where we are NOW, our focus shifts toward that which allows us to become MORE.

For example, by deciding that some of our thoughts or emotions are “negative”, the mind perceives our state of being as something wrong that needs to be fixed.  Because this belief is so out of alignment with our true essence, it causes us to attract more thoughts that evoke negative emotion.

Feeling an uncomfortable emotion is an indication that we have forgotten ourselves and we are being summoned to return. Labeling, condemning or trying to change our emotions is not returning, but the offering of more thoughts based in delusion.

Delusion can only exist in darkness, and the moment it is exposed to the Light of awareness, delusion is dissolved thereby. However, the Light can never be attained from a place of delusion until it is allowed through the window of acceptance.

Acceptance is attained by releasing all effort and simply observing our emotion in mental silence. Through unattached observation of the ego as it deals with emotion, we can see through the layers of mind to expose the delusional beliefs that have been impeding our progression.

Through conscious observation, the beliefs that do not resonate with Truth are immediately resolved, along with their emotional charge.  However, because most of our beliefs are deeply ingrained habits in the mind to which we have become attuned, awareness must be a consistent practice in order to dissolve delusional beliefs as they re-emerge and to create new habits of belief in alignment with the true reality.

While no thought or emotion can be more perfect than another, we Do have the power to evolve our experience of NOW toward Blessings like we have never known before. Every emotion is an invitation to practice awareness and make it so.

Money is a Manifestation of Love

Many people mistakenly believe that money is a source of suffering. But in reality, there is no source of suffering. There is only perception of suffering to the extent that we do not allow our well being.

Nothing, except our thought energy, can detract from the Joyful perspective of source consciousness, which we were born to express.  Every human thought is source consciousness as it is filtered through beliefs held in the mind. Everything in our experience is a projection of our thought energy, and only through transforming our conscious and subconscious limiting beliefs can we achieve the results we desire.

The Joyful perspective of source consciousness belongs to everyone. It’s just a matter of focusing through the mind and not from it.

The practice of awareness in the present moment brings us closer to understanding truth that transcends material reality, and allows us to use our energy to bring blessings to the world.

In awareness, our perception of conflict is valuable because it is the energetic spark that inspires conscious creativity. However, if we find that anything in the world needs fixing, our mind is being controlled by our own egocentric sense of self importance, and creating energy that causes more manifestations of what we do not like.

No matter what form consciousness takes, if we depend on any circumstance for our sense of freedom and well being, we are creating emotional attachment. It is this attachment, not money or anything else, that is the root of all mental anguish.

Many well meaning people work very hard to change things they do not like about money, constantly battling greed, resentment, fear, and desperation. These people validate their ego by offering thoughts about how sorry they feel for the “victims” of our monetary system, and how they need to do something to help restrain the greedy people.

Any action steps taken from these mindsets emanate from emotion, and they provide comfort to the ego by creating a sense that the person is doing “good”. However, even if we achieve material results from our action, if that action emanated from a disturbing emotion, we have simply created more of the same energy we were aiming to abate.

Once we become aware of the mental concepts that create our dis-ease, we are prepared to create the total freedom and well being that is our birthright. But there is never any enduring value to action taken from within an emotional state.

Align your thoughts with Love around money and every other manifestation of conscious energy, and create more Joy in your experience through the power of Divine perspective.