One Life

Lifetimes, Past lives, separate lives, ancestral lives and future lives are all time-bound figments of the imagination. 
There is only one life being lived by consciousness/God through a multiplicity of self emanations that can be called souls. 
Like consciousness, souls…

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Addicted to Time

When we are no longer addicted to living in a time-based reality, all things that need to be done are done effortlessly - without hurry or worry - only Joy of Being. We're invited Now to return our attention to…

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It’s Only A Matter of Time

It's only a matter of time before ALL of your dreams, desires and hopes are made manifest. Breathe consciously and relax, so that you may allow more of them to happen during this lifetime.

Life: Slow Down

Using the very mechanics of our brains, we have the ability to both slow down our perception of time, and create a much more joyful life experience in the process.

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