Energy is our Gift

Our perception of our world is only a reflection of the self we have created out of thought. Perceiving through the eyes of the Divine comes from harmonious alignment with the core of beingness, not from anything outside of ourselves.

When we expect anyone or anything to behave according to our own will, we set conditions for our experience of Joy, thus setting ourselves up for disappointment.  But when we set the focus of our awareness upon that which we already enjoy, without attachment to how it may come or continue to come, the people and circumstance in our world receive an energetic invitation to shift into resonance with our new vibratory offering.

If they are prepared to shift their energy accordingly, our experience of them will change.   If they are not so prepared, they will fall away from our experience, making way for that which harmonizes with our energy of awareness.

However, when we are resistant to certain people, behavior or circumstance, we are resisting particular energetic patterns that reside within our Being.   By resisting any part of the self, our energy is given to reinforce the current that sustains what we are resisting; and we attract more material manifestations of it into our experience.

Acceptance is the key to allowing ourselves to perceive the reflection of our Joyful essence in this lifetime.   Only when Life is accepted in its fullness, does our individualized energy of awareness resound with the highest and deepest Joy/Peace/Love, thus allowing such Divine energy to be our gift for ourselves and for our world.

Speaking of giving, many times we give to “others” because we believe that someone needs our help, and/or we expect something in return.   Depending upon how much time, physical energy, money, fight, etc., we have given, we may create an esteemed self image in the world.

However, the belief that we are needed creates a feeling of obligation, while expecting something in return for our efforts creates attachment to outcomes. Both of these mental attitudes are dissonant to our Divine energy, which cannot be disturbed by anything in the material world.  That dissonance creates emotional disturbance which creates a disturbed perception of reality.

Giving that’s guided by disturbed feelings creates little or nothing of enduring value because it is our energy, not our action that determines the potency of our intent.   The energy that drives our efforts affects our shared reality in a way that cannot be quantified in the material world, and if our energy is disturbed we can only create more disturbance – even if we bring about measurable improvement on the physical/material level.

Conversely, when we direct our thoughts into vibratory harmony with our eternally Joyful essence, we glorify everything even if we do nothing at all. This is because our thoughts are always commanding creation, and when thinking arises from a vantage point that perceives what IS to be what is desired, reality unfolds in energetic harmony with our desires.

Accordingly, the most value anyone can bestow upon their world of form is the focusing of thought energy into harmony with Joy/Love/Peace. In this way, giving springs effortlessly from the abundance of the heart as we garner eternal blessings for our world.

Use what you perceive as the opposite of what you want to inspire your Divine creativity and bestow the gifts that endure forever.

Raise Your Vibration With Rose Essential Oil

You are the One directing your energy of awareness to sustain your mind created self in order to experience this time-space ‘reality’. However you are feeling now is the perfect culmination of all thought that has gone before, and while there is never anything ‘wrong’ with your feelings, it’s beneficial to have a little assistance from plant spirits in the form of essential oil for those times when you feel less than loving/loved.

Essential oil is the Life Force of the plant from which it has been extracted. Their molecules are nature’s messengers whose purpose it is to guide the individual toward creating heath, well-being, peace, abundance and remembrance that their Divine essence.

The Rose Essential Oil that is being offered for sale here is pure, natural, uncut and infused with Reiki. I chose this oil as my first product in the ‘Miracle Botanicals’ line in part because Rose Essential Oil has been shown to vibrate at 320 MHZ, while a healthy human body vibrates between 70-80 MHZ. In this way, Rose Essential Oil delivers a powerful invitation to raise one’s individualized vibration for expanded awareness, clear consciousness and to experience the feeling of Love.

The Rose also represents Divine Love, reminding human beings that no matter what, they are always Loved irrespective of where they have ever been or what they ever have done. To open your heart and invoke Divine Love in your Life, simply place one or two drops at your heart center (on the sternum between breast bones), gently rub in a circular motion, clockwise while consciously breathing for about 30 seconds.

This Rose Essential Oil also works great as a perfume oil, diffused in a room or blended with jojoba oil as a massage or beauty oil. It smells like fresh roses in full bloom!!

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Attracting Loving Relationships

Whatever relationship one develops with the world of form determines the relationships they attract in their experience.  Specifically, the culmination of all thought projected from the individual sense of self creates a unique vibratory pattern which attracts everything in one’s material reality, including all people and perceived behavior.

Because one can only attract experiences that are a vibrational match to their individual sense of self, focusing on experiences of unwanted people, circumstances, events or behavior around current or past romantic partners causes unhappy relationships to keep re-emerging in experience. As your thoughts align more with the perfect Love that you are, there is no longer a sense of “need” to fill a void in your life, and you naturally attract people who reflect a more fulfilled sense of self.

The first step to transforming one’s point of attraction, is asking the question: “what mental record have I been playing that has manifested unhappy relationships in my experience?”  From there, watch your thoughts and take note of the ones that come to mind regarding relationships, potential partners, and how you fit in with them – these thoughts represent your core beliefs aka self judgment.

Everything that you experience causes you to expand, and to the extent your state of mind is allowing that expansion, you are attracting what you desire.  It is only the filter of self made beliefs that cause Love’s expression to become distorted in perception, thereby evoking more emotionally charged thought which causes the attraction of painful relationships. When you become aware of your core beliefs, you can consciously and deliberately change your mental story to one that prepares you to experience a loving relationship with another person.

Your experience of undesirable relationships has caused you to know more clearly what you prefer, and by deliberately focusing your attention, you can allow the energy of Love to lead you through time and space to more joyful relationship experiences. Through realizing what relationship possibilities feel best from your individual perspective – with appreciation for those possibilities and every perceived demonstration of those possibilities, coupled with total acceptance of everyone exactly as they are – you prepare your individually focused energy to attract the Love partner of your dreams.

When your perception of anyone’s behavior causes you to feel uncomfortable emotion, instead of getting caught up in your own suffering, let your perception lead your awareness to expose the underlying judgments you hold for yourself. Once you see your self judgment with knowing that there is no truth to it, your awareness moves to dissolve it. From there, your experience of the people in your world shifts toward that which is more pleasing from your perspective.

As the mind comes more consistently under your conscious control, you decide how you will experience the expression of Love in the form other people. In fact, through attention, you can upgrade your internal dialog and create your true desires in every aspect of your Life experience.

Creating the people and relationships that you experience in no way harms any other person or denies their own power to create according to their desires.  Every person is creating exactly what they have projected for, and their experience of you is entirely a reflection of their own mental state – just as your experience of them is a reflection of your mental state.

For the ones who are already in a relationship, thought can be focused and beliefs dissolved to shift perception of the present situation, thus creating more enjoyment within that construct or allowing a smooth transition toward something new. If you also save communication and action until you are feeling appreciation for your experience of your partner, your words and deeds will naturally propel you in the direction of your true desires.

As you transcend mental patterns that no longer fit your definition of self, it’s possible that your energy may become inconsistent with that of your current partner; and if it’s not right for your partner to evolve into resonance with your energetic offering – your current relationship will dissolve.  If you simply allow and accept whatever the consequences of expressing more of ‘who you are’  – you allow for the attraction of someone who’s energy aligns with your new perspective.

Despite everything, remember to acknowledge and appreciate the perfect and fulfilled Love that you are, and allow whatever is no longer attuned to your vibratory offering to move easily out of your experience – making room for that which is a better reflection of what you are offering.

Government is a Reflection of Belief

I always appreciate hearing news about how our government is regulating this or that in order to impede our freedoms. It’s good to know when we have created something unwanted so that we may direct our thoughts into alignment with the solution.

Because the mind is rational and logical, our first reaction in response to what we perceive as governmental abuse is to project Fearful thoughts – thus creating the perception that there is a ‘need’ to fight, manipulate, win, hide and/or cheat. However, government, with it’s purpose of controlling the behavior of ‘bad’ people so that ‘good’ people can live freely is created and sustained by the energy of Fear; and only True Love can transform Fearful energy.

When thoughts about government feel disturbing, it indicates that those thoughts are fueling the energetic current that’s programmed to create more disturbing manifestations. Without the energetic support (fearful thought offerings) of the collective awareness, government could not even exist much less exercise control over people.

Likewise, when thoughts about other people feel disturbing, and it feels better to think about the prospect of government controlling them, individual responsibility is denied while government is afforded greater control over what is eternally free – Your Awareness.

You are not separate from government. It is exactly as you have created it based on all thought that you have offered from your individualized perspective in this lifetime and from every other perspective from which you have experienced Life since the beginning of time.

By simply noticing anything about government that feels disturbing, one gives their self the power to redirect thoughts from vibratory alignment with what’s considered to be the ‘problem’ to vibratory alignment with what’s considered to be the ‘solution’.

This is not to suggest that it would be beneficial to mask feelings of disturbance or to pretend that disturbing things are not in your perception.  It’s important to be present to your perception and feelings in order to recognize the resistance in you that is making you feel like a victim while projecting your victim consciousness onto government.

The more you practice being present, you are gradually shifting and expanding the focus of your individualized awareness, thus allowing the both your self and the collective Self to be more receptive to possibilities that lead to the heart’s desires. From there you have only to seize opportunities as they arise by followig the path of Joy toward all the newness that you have created in thought.

Mind the mind and allow your vision for your self and for the world to inform what you are offering in thought every day.

Dealing Consciously with a Suicidal Friend

You are not the cause of anyone’s suffering, but whenever you experience anyones suffering, it becomes your responsibility. Your friend is not the self image that you hold of them in your mind.

Each person is a vehicle transporting a powerful being though this time-space environment, and every being is another aspect of the real You. If you could see people as they really are, you would know that the self image is only a projection of the belief patterns currently being followed by the ego.

The real Self orchestrates everything in our experience for the refinement of our being. A suicide experience is the culmination of all thoughts projected by the various egos through which the being has expressed over many lifetimes.

Self limiting beliefs create patterns of energy in our vibration that resist our true essence. The trials and tribulations (such as suicidal tendencies) to which the ego is subjected are for the purpose of exposing those resistant patterns, which creates opportunity for deep healing.

When anyone feels sorry for another person, they join in the other person’s suffering. By joining in the suffering of another, we add energy to current of resistance, which can only serve to reinforce that which keeps them bound to illusion and dis-ease.
When dealing with a suicidal friend, look past the surface of personal pain, and offer comfort to the inner being by seeing them for how they truly are – powerful and pure! From that perspective, you are adding to the energetic current of healing and total well being, and any action you take, If you are so inspired, will be much more effective.

It takes courage to be compassionate. Gather your strength from within, and you will prevail.

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Lose (or Gain) Weight with Self Love

Diets are about struggle and deprivation.  We subscribe to them because we falsely believe that we must sacrifice in order to attain a healthy physique.

Whenever we resist anything, it manifests more in our experience. This means that as long as we are focused on losing weight, we are attracting weight gain.  We may be able to force our bodies into submission for a time (or even entire lifetimes), but struggle around weight and food will continue to be our experience unless we redirect the vibration that we are projecting.

In order to manifest our perfect body easily, it helps to visualize ourselves at our ideal weight, and feel the sensation of being there whenever thoughts about the body cross the mind. This releases tension around the subject of weight and transforms our normally self limiting beliefs about losing or gaining weight to beliefs that promote healthy weight.

Regularly releasing tension is essential for achieving optimal weight because thoughts about struggle or sacrifice create mental tension which causes us to hold on to excess emotional and physical baggage.  Many times, that baggage is manifested as the body’s holding of excess body weight.

However, in the case of those who have difficulty gaining weight – their emotional/physical baggage is such that it prevents the nervous system from transmitting the signals necessary for digestion and utilization of nutrients.  Some peoples’ emotional states swing so drastically that they shift between being overweight and underweight many times throughout their lives.

Unless we regularly practice releasing tension, weight issues continue to accumulate as we accumulate tension in response to our life experience.  This is why weight issues tend to be exacerbated as we age.

Any diet that feels like struggle is bound to create more struggle around the issue of weight. Only from the feeling of physical well being do we become a vibratory match for the our ideal, healthy weight and overall vitality.

When we already feel like we are at our ideal weight, our eating and activity habits naturally move into alignment with that feeling.  There is no deprivation here.  We simply eat what we like and engage in the physical activities we enjoy. But without the added feelings of guilt, resentment, etc., we want what feels good on every level – body, mind and being.

Use your mental energy to align yourself with the beautiful and carefree physique that has always been yours, and heal your weight issues with the power of Self Love.

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The Rhythm of Deliberate Creation

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The Universe is constantly expanding, undulating and flowing to the harmony of the countless rhythmic patterns that resist and attract one another as necessary to maintain the delicate balance that makes anything and everything possible.  Even that which appears to be chaos is in perfect harmonic accord with the whole of existence.

Universal intelligence is limitless possibilities existing as rhythmic vibratory patterns with the potential to manifest everything seen and unseen, known and unknown.  Conscious energy is the impulse that creates every action, and every action attracts a reaction – all of which occur in perfect harmony with the Universal flow.

In the material world, conscious energy expresses itself as thought, which is projected through the filter of mind and memory.  Our thought-based focus determines the rhythmic patterns we project through our material form, which in turn causes possibilities that harmonize with that rhythm to manifest.

Inner rhythm is the subtle voice of spirit, constantly calling us to become more that what we already know. To the extent that our thought-based energy is in harmony with our inner rhythm, we experience peace of mind.

Conversely, when our thoughts are rhythmically dissonant to our inner rhythm, we feel like something is out of order or in need of “fixing”.  While nothing can ever remove us from being within the harmonic flow of Universal order, to the extent that we believe thoughts of limitation, we experience complete chaos.

But there are no missteps, and nothing is ever out of order. Anything that we humans label as unwanted, bad or wrong is only based on our mental perception of the reality that consciousness has created, and which it continues to create based upon our perception from moment to moment.

Our power of deliberate creation is in our ability to recognize our inner rhythm and to choose the thoughts that harmonize with it. For whatever we seek to change or improve in our experience, we have only to focus on our new perspective with the belief that it is being created, and that belief attracts the possibilities that manifest accordingly.

Since having a life experience means we are constantly subject to sensory influences that cause the connection between the ego mind and our inner rhythm to become distorted or disconnected, it helps to employ a daily practice to develop and strengthen inner focus. Regular practice also creates a habit of mental discernment as to which thoughts support the direction of spirit as it expresses through inner rhythm.

Some effective tools for re-establishing and reinforcing mind/body connection and mental discernment are dance, art, music, martial arts, yoga (especially the practices Kundalini and Dahn), and meditation.

Clear your mind, find your rhythm and deliberately choose thoughts that resonate with possibilities that glorify yourself as an integral part of everything.

Behold Your Beauty

No matter where we are in the world, the beauty within is being projected for us and through us by the power of our thoughts. In fact, the profound beauty of creativity is the energetic force that causes every person, circumstance and material object to manifest in this material reality.

Although it’s not always readily apparent, all things seen and unseen are made possible through the beauty of Divine Love. Many times we cannot realize this beauty through the layers of mental conflict and struggle that have been manifest, but it’s always present – just waiting to be discovered.

Everything in existence is created and sustained by all conscious and subconscious thought that led to the present moment, and this moment is constantly being recreated through the energy of our thoughts.  Because humans are the embodiment of the creative force coupled with a materially receptive mind, the balance of what we focus upon always multiplies in our reality.

When in a mental state of sincere appreciation for the beauty in our experience, we offer a very powerful vibratory pattern which commands the Divine creative force to manifest more of what we consider beautiful. However, many times we do not allow ourselves to enjoy the beauty we have noticed because our focus is quickly drawn to what should be done, changed or fixed in some way.

Where our thoughts go, creation follows. And, when we make conscious decisions about the direction of our thoughts, we are deliberately commanding the power of creation.

But in order to make our thoughts our own, we must be aware of the thoughts being offered by mind – and consciously choose whether to follow any of them.  Many of us have been so conditioned to notice what we find wanting that we must access imagination to offer thoughts independent of what we are programmed to receive from mind.

The creative force is limitless possibilities. The more Joyfully we focus upon whatever we personally find beautiful, the more prominent beauty presents itself in our experience; and the more our ideas of beauty are created for the world.

Make your thoughts an offering that resonates with those possibilities that are the most beautiful from your point of view, and create a more beautiful reality now.

Joy Equals Success

In the illusion of separation we have developed the idea that we are in competition with each other, and that our success is measured by how well we achieve as compared with one another. In order to determine how we fit in with the world, we contrast things like our own wealth, level of education, status, rank, assets, age, beauty etc. against other people in our experience.

Following this mindset, we feel proud and happy when we perceive ourselves as winning or having gotten the upper hand against another person or group of people; while the perception that we have lost, are losing, or that we are “less than” anyone causes emotional discomfort and even pain. In business transactions, many of us feel gratified if we believe we have received the better end of a bargain – even if that means taking unfair advantage of another person.

Because we have lost sight of our true power, many of us seek to manipulate people or situations as necessary to avoid losing at all costs. But the more we strive to win, the more we create discord between our vibratory offering and the source of all blessings and abundance.

Specifically, while we may create the perception that we are winners because we have gained a material advantage, in this way we also deepen the mental conditioning that our value is dependent on our ability to be more, do more or get more than other people.  This validates our egocentric feeling of separation from everything else, which causes mental tension and fear around the possibility of losing.

Because we expend most of our mental energy on our endeavors to “get ahead”, our vibratory offering serves to disconnect us from the part of Self that is the source of total WellBeing. As we continue from the feeling of separation and fear, we tend to rely mostly upon our basic human will to compete as our life’s radar – which makes our sense of well being dependent on whether we win or lose.

When our feelings are dependent on how things turn out, we create conflict and dis-ease in our bodies and in the world.  The more we do to gain control over people and circumstances, the more illness we create for ourselves through our attachment to outcomes, and for the world by the way we project ourselves into it.

Even if we accumulate massive wealth or achieve the highest esteem amongst our colleagues, we cannot be fulfilled until we have attained Joy that is not dependent on circumstance or accomplishment.

As we seek the emotions of proud/happy/worthy through circumstance, we are only receptive to whatever keeps us alternating between these emotions and their opposites.  But when we seek the Self that is pure Joy, we begin to evolve to a level of awareness that allows our lives to flow more easily, peacefully and Joyfully.

Only our true Self knows what in the world will lead us to the peace of mind that comes from experiencing the Joy within ourselves. Everything we do with our bodies and minds is only for the material exercise through which we can find this treasure, and feeling attached to any of it can only detract from the Joyful experience we were born to create.

By shifting our focus from competition to compassion throughout our daily lives – even in business and interpersonal dealings, we gradually begin to open up to the possibilities that transcend the reasonable mind.  As we expand our receptivity, we can finally experience the Joy of Being – just as we are.

While our perception of peoples’ behavior and circumstance may shake that Joy temporarily, every experience leads to a deeper understanding of Self and to an expanded awareness of the Joy that is our essence.

We are neither winners nor losers, but each of us is the pure energy that creates our experience in this time-space reality. To the extent that we create Joy, we are experiencing truth – and that equals success.

Rewrite the Story of Your Life

We are always becoming according to the story we are telling about ourselves. Every thought pattern and string of words in conversation is a prayer for the type of information that we are being created to receive.

According to what we think we can be, do or have, every cell in the body and brain become receptive to the information in our environment that will prepare us to receive what we have projected for. Through focus upon what brings Joy to the heart and the feeling of Loving energy with heartfelt desire, the cells of the body move into energetic alignment with that desire.

Through being in alignment with Joy, we become receptive to the unlimited opportunities that can lead us to the manifestation of what we want.  But when we are focused on anything that evokes a feeling that is less than Joyful, we align ourselves with the possibilities that lead to manifestations we would perceive with a similar feeling.

When our perception of life circumstances causes our energetic offering to be less than Joyful, we can gently shift our energy back by dismissing circumstantial limitations and returning our focus to what we want.  Likewise, when our minds are involved in calculations about how we will accomplish things, we can gently remind ourselves that “how” is not our business.

Our actions only follow our energy, and every action is induced by our energy based upon the feelings that emanate from the story we tell about ourselves. To the extent that we have knowledge aka faith that every one of our desires is being honored by the Universe, our energy aligns with the information that leads us there.

However, since most of us tell a story that includes many reasons why we cannot create what we truly want, we mostly receive and act upon information that leads to confirmation of that story.

Similarly, when we try to use the mind to figure out how to get there or we try to manipulate outcomes in our favor, we make ourselves receptive to information that leads to a lot of hard work, manipulation and struggle. While this may lead to fulfillment of our desires, it is much more difficult and never leads to a lasting experience of Joy.

Moreover, since our desires are always changing, the vision gets lost in the details when we try to achieve from the level of mind.   In order to be the creators we were born to be, we have only to align our thoughts with what feels Joyful in the present moment, be alert to opportunities for action that feels Joyful, and have the courage to act on those opportunities.

Our bodies and minds are only tools for the creativity of spirit, so submit yourself to your higher power and prevail!!

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