Opposed in Thought, Created in Form

It’s all made of thought.  Nothing can manifest without having been repeatedly represented in thought.

For or against makes no difference.  It’s what one thinks ABOUT that has creative power in this time-space reality. In this way, the most fervent opponent of war supports war just as much or more than the most fervent proponent of war.

All thought is projected through the thinking process known as Ego, ‘whose’ existential foundation is the energy of separation aka fear. Everything perceived contains its opposite, and Ego uses mental calculations to position the self on whatever side least contradicts one’s own held judgment.

As such, egoic mind constantly grips to thought that says the perceiver must mentally choose one side over the other to validate their identity, and the emotion attached to those thoughts can make the perceived need to choose very convincing.

However, because the foundation of ego is belief in separation (which is illusion), ego cannot calculate the truth that no matter what position is taken, it’s opposite is also resisted. In that resistance, one unwittingly gives their energy of awareness to create more of what they do not want.

Nevertheless, one can only be convinced to take up sides while they are believing in duality – which is ignorance because in reality nothing is separate. Fortunately, even the most profound ignorance is immediately transformed to infinite wisdom in the moment one allows stillness of thought – not because anything was done, but because all sides have been recognized as equally Divine expressions, and thus the perceived need to choose one over the other becomes irrelevant.

Peace is HereNow! Have a taste for yourself in the silence between thought, and infuse your heart, mind, life and world with the Peaceful presence that knows no adversary.



An End to War

Wanna rid the world of war? Yeah! Who doesn’t?

Do you know anyone who ENJOYS war? Well, perhaps there may be a few, but they are very, very rare.

Anyway, my point is that the reason we are living in this reality is for the experience of our true Self. More specifically, the essence of our Being is energetically expressed through minds and bodies, so that we may experience a conscious field of awareness in this material environment.

No field of awareness is separate from the one Divine being which is the Universe aka God aka Source, and when we experience that awareness through our bodies and minds, we open ourselves to all information and emanate peace from our very presence in the world.

If each of us consciously allowed the expression of our true essence, there would be no need for war because there would be no extreme conflict. This is because conflict can only be created when our true nature is shrouded by fear, worry, anxiety, dread and/or any other emotion that causes any vibration that is dissonant to that of the Divine.

This is an enlightening realization because it means that we have the power to create peace in our own homes, in our neighborhoods, in our communities, and even in our world.

We can consciously choose to emanate more of our essence by staying aware of how we are feeling and consistently choosing thoughts that raise our vibration – or feel better from our individual perspective.  Through practice, our vibrational set point will continue to rise, and we will experience more peace of mind as we evolve the world toward the peaceful existence that is our birthright.