Your Will is The Will of God

Your will is the will of God, indeed your consciousness is God. While you can only know egoic will while entranced within the mind, you can intuit the Will of God through conscious overview of thinking and feeling.

The ego (energy of fear) is asserting authority of mind over your energy of awareness whenever you think or speak the words ‘I have to’, ‘I need to’, or ‘I must’.

There’s no-thing that needs to be done. Really! The breath of life sustains your being, and the movement of thought determines your state of being – out of which action emerges.

It’s up to you and only You to allow your energy of awareness to be attuned to your will (God’s will) by staying focused on the Truth of who you are, no matter what you think is expected of you.

You are invited to recognize the words of egoic will, along with the associated feeling response, let go of the idea that anything needs to be done, and notice the shift in feeling.
That shift is your energy of awareness being lifted out of mental construct.

From this lighter, more sensory perspective, you can perceive which movement serves you (God) instead of egoic mind.  Even if you do nothing physically, you are always directing the movement of thought, and with conscious attention to that movement, much progress can be made whether or not any physical movement is involved.

Movement that is true to the One who knows what glorifies All is a pleasurable experience, totally detached from any outcome or personal attainment. This delivers your energy of awareness to the flow of abundance and grace, where you may remain focused as long as you stay alert and keep choosing the direction of thought that’s ‘right’ for you.

Daily Thought: Courage and Will

It takes courage and will to keep returning to the path of least resistance. Fear tempts everyOne to believe thoughts that create inner turmoil, but the one who consciously and deliberately determines the meaning of their thoughts allows the beliefs that create the ‘need’ for struggle to simply dissolve.