Thank You!!

Thank You!!

The very foundation of discomfort, dis-ease and suffering is always an idea that anyOne or anyThing needs to do, be or have something other than what's real right now.
In truth, reality is exactly as it 'should' be, and when thoughts that contradict this truth are identified, they lose power over awareness and Love prevails within and without.

Thank you for being you, and showing up in the world just as you do.

Your expression (however that may appear) is exactly what is needed to activate and inspire the inner Guru.

In Love, Appreciation and Wonderment of all that you are.

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5 Responses to Thank You!!

  • Free says:

    Very true, Hope! Thanks for that very positive message! xo, Mom

  • Free says:

    Hope MY Darling! I can’t believe how amazing it is that I receive in my email a message from you, along with the info on the “prosperity formula”… While at this VERY MOMENT, I am letting its odor permeate my room, & my “ser”, as I have it in my “diffuser”. I put a few drops of it into purified water, & then with an unscented tea lite candle underneath, light it & the “prosperity formula” permeates my very habitation! Wonderful that it coincides with some big decision-making in my life that I’m embarking upon. Thanks so much, my dear adorable daughter! You have an amazing gift to the world & I hope so many will partake of it! xo, Mom

    • thewaytoTheWay says:

      Mahalo Mom for your wonderful way of supporting me. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Prosperity Formula. I know that it will facilitate valuable insights and impart valuable messages that will make your decisions decisionless.

  • Stewart says:

    This is really wonderful! Thank you, Hope, for spreading this message wide and far. May you be fully supported in all your efforts! Aloha, Stewart

    • thewaytoTheWay says:

      Mahalo Mr. Shaman of Pleasure! You are a wonderful inspiration in my life, and your kindness is much appreciated. I’s a pleasure to share with you!! <3

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