The Blessings of Criticism!

The need to criticize anyOne is a projection of the belief that you are not good enough. Likewise, taking another person’s criticism of you personally, it’s a reflection of the same belief.

While you are already as Divine as you’re ever going to get, (and there’s nothing you can do in this or any lifetime to change your true identity), you can never live up to an idea of how any person thinks you should be.

This is because thought cannot create the experience of wholeness. It’s only capable of creating elusive stories of wholeness that evoke criticism.

So, the next time you find your self projecting or defending against criticism, you’re invited to illuminate the core issue by noticing the mental story about who you are and how you’re meant to be. This noticing can dismantle the false sense of self and and allow you to create more harmony in all of your relationships.

What a blessing criticism is. Bring it on!!

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